A Quick Bite- Brown Rice Pita Chips

Sometimes all you need is a quick, easy bite to eat. Today I was thinking about those Trader Joe’s brown rice tortillas in my refrigerator that failed to be successful burrito wraps, and decided to rethink their function. If they aren’t good when they are soft (rubbery) and malleable (like tofu jerky), maybe they would be good when crispy. So, I sprayed a baking sheet with nonstick olive oil and broiled two tortillas on one side, then turned them over and basted one with some leftover garlic spinach pesto from last night and basted the other with Trader Joe’s Tomato chutney, putting them back into the broiler until crispy and golden. The results? A very tasty and flavorful flatbread that felt like a meal, albeit a small one. So, if you’ve got some of those wretched things or other undesirable GF tortillas lurking in your fridge, why not try them as a crispy flatbread?


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5 Responses to “A Quick Bite- Brown Rice Pita Chips”

  1. I buy the food for life brown rice tortillas (I’m not only celiac, I can’t eat corn, either!). The best way to eat them? As quesadillas! I bought a $20 quesadilla maker and we eat quesadillas as quick, filling supper 2-3 times a week. I use fat-free refried pinto beans mixed with medium heat salsa, spread it on the inside, bake up, and dip in sour cream (or just eat plain like I do!). They’re awesome. A cheese quesadilla with the rice tortillas is the closest I’ve come to grilled cheese in years. :)

  2. That sounds good, Jo! Have you tried homemade GF bread? I make grilled cheese (GF)sandwiches all the time, and they are yummy!
    -Sea :)

  3. [...] 29. Brown Rice Tortilla Wraps- Food for Life Brown Rice Tortillas do the trick as long as I microwave the tortilla until warm. Here is my recipe for Turkey Pesto wraps. If you just don’t like them, try Book of Yum’s brilliant trick of broiling GF tortillas with pesto. [...]

  4. The Trader Joe’s gf brown rice wraps also make FABULOUS thin crust pizzas. Sometimes I use two of them with a thin layer of cheese in between to keep them together, then add toppings and throw ‘em in the oven. They are amazing and crispy. I too make quesadillas with them and they are super yummy.

  5. I belong to a food buyers club , so I bought a whole case of Food for Life Brown Rice Tortillas, I too am gluten free and corn free. I even have a friend, who has restaurant who was going to check with a friend as they had also bought a case, to see what they found that worked. She found out that they quit buying them. I was so glad to find some things to do with them.

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