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collaborators for the Book of Yum include your blogger Seamaiden, who has been Gluten Free from the age of three, and the DH, who isn’t gluten free but is happy to support anything that results
in more yummy food. We are located in the Bay Area, but have ties to Seattle, Boulder, Portland and Chiba City, Japan. Sea is a doctoral student and culinary goddess, while DH works for a tech company.Two fur children reside with us- they support the Book of Yum but think we ought to have more feline oriented recipes.

The name for the Book of Yum Site came from a booklet of recipes we compiled for some friends many years ago. We liked the name so much that we published a small “Book of Yum” recipe booklet at our wedding for our guests. It included our favorite recipes, such as Ann’s Spinach
Pie, Southern Fried Tofu, our famous grilled tofu, and our Portabella Mushroom stuffed Acorn Squash. When Sea decided to start her own Gluten Free Blog, it seemed only appropriate to call the site the Book of Yum.

Our Book of Yum blog takes a bold international approach to Gluten Free living and cooking. Our approach to food is Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and International, and every recipe posted must qualify as yummy. This is not average or normal food- our goal is to create delicious, gourmet food that would make any foodie happy, whether they are gluten free or not. All recipes are subject to serious critique by both the vegetarian inclined, Gluten free Sea and the gluten consuming,
omnivorous DH. Yup, trying these recipes out is a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. The kitties of the household, Ra and Neko, are largely responsible for providing purr support, and sitting on Sea’s lap as she researches blog entries.

While she doesn’t have any intolerances outside of gluten intolerance, Sea likes to experiment with vegan gluten free recipes and the occasional gluten free raw foods recipe. She appreciates the creativity that both of these culinary styles bring to the kitchen, and also thinks that these cuisines have a lot to offer those with multiple intolerences like dairy and eggs. However, her favorite type of cuisine is definitely global, and she loves sharing naturally gluten free international
recipes with the Gluten Free community. You can expect to see many recipes from Southern India, Mexico, and the Mediterranean, as well as rice based recipes from Japan and China. We lived in Japan for two years, so have a special fondness for Gluten Free Japanese food.Sea often attempts to make Japanese specialties Gluten Free so that she and other Gluten Free folks can more fully experience Japanese food culture. (Gluten Free Okonomiyaki DEFINITELY rates a yum!)

Any recipes posted are either fully original recipes or modified versions of cookbook recipes not geared towards the gluten free reader, and the original author will be credited in this case. Sea doesn’t post recipes from Gluten Free cookbooks in order to support Gluten Free Cookbook authors, but will review Gluten Free Cookbooks AND gluten free recipes in order to help you choose the best Gluten Free cookbooks for your collection. Cookbooks are the best resource any Gluten Free chef can have- so we hope to introduce you to some cookbooks that you might not have otherwise encountered, and ultimately help you expand your cookbook library.

This site has a lot of Gluten Free vegetarian recipes and photos of our Gluten Free meals, but we also review a variety of Gluten Free resources. We frequently go on reconnaissance missions to find the best Gluten Free stores, Gluten Free restaurants, Gluten Free Bakeries, or restaurants with good Gluten Free menus. Whenever we go on a trip, you can bet that we’ll report back to you on any Gluten Free restaurants or bakeries that we find! (Recent trips included Portland, India, and Austria, all with fantastic Gluten-Free options!) We also review specialty Gluten Free products like Gluten Free Veggie Burgers and show you how to make things from scratch like Gluten Free Beer, Gluten Free Cheese (handy that it’s naturally GF), and Gluten Free Tofu (ditto, haha). You never know what we’ll get into our head to try next, so stay tuned…

We love comments, so welcome to the site and feel free to say hi!

      -SEA and the DH

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The Book of Yum Purr Support Squad

Ra -dreaming of the perfect catnip truffle

Neko- dreaming up a smoked salmon appetizer