Adeenas Gluten Free Rosemary Teff Dinner Roll Recipe


When it comes to gluten-free bread, I am difficult to please. After growing up on packaged Ener-g foods bread, I now can’t stand the stuff. Pamela’s bread mix makes me shudder, Bob’s Red Mill Hearty bread mix confuses my palate, and Kinnikinnick packaged, sliced bread just doesn’t do much for me. What I like best is a soft, warm loaf of bread fresh from the oven or bread machine, baked from one of the lovely recipes in “The Gluten-free Gourmet Bakes Bread.” Or, if I want to be really decadent, I’ll make Bette Hagman’s recipe for french bread from “More From the Gluten-Free Gourmet” for a dinner party. I don’t know how she makes white rice flour and tapioca starch taste SO GOOD, but it’s amazing, and that recipe has converted more than one glutenoid to having a favorable opinion of gluten-free breads. Actually, I can’t make enough of it, as a moderate party of glutenoids tears through a loaf before I can say, “Would you like some basil dipping oil with that?” So, I have my favorite recipes well established, and although I’ve flirted with recipes by Carol Fenster or gluten-free bread recipes found online, I always end up coming back to Bette. However, I had to add one more to my favorite bread recipes of all times when I discovered Adeena’s recipe for Gluten-free dinner rolls below. This recipe was added to the SillyYaks Yahoo group files in 2005 and everyone who tried it seemed to like it, so I was inspired to try it, especially when another member suggested adding a little teff flour and making it as rolls, rather than just bread. As I mixed up the dough I started to have a good feeling- after years of GF baking you can tell when a dough is going to be nice to work with and this stuff was gloriously elastic. I pulled out a glob to make into a roll and I was thrilled with how workable and easy-to-handle the dough was. I baked it up and had lovely, hearty brown gluten-free dinner rolls to enjoy with our dinner. I’ve made them many times over the years, and even served them at a Bay Area Celiac group get-together with very positive response. I wanted to post them here, but first asked Adeena’s permission, which she kindly granted. I’d been reading about some interesting baking techniques lately, so I decided to see what would happen if I tried them out- I was hoping for a hard, crunchy exterior with the same soft, tender interior that I’d been enjoying. Happily, the ol’ ice-cubes-in-the-oven technique, combined with a higher temperature for the first few minutes, did seem to create a crunchier crust, and brushing the rolls with egg wash, while not entirely necessary, gave them an attractive, glossy sheen. [Note: I also tried brushing them with milk, but found that egg wash created the best texture. See thumbnail photo below (#3) to see difference between egg brushed and milk brushed gloss.] Onion, rosemary, gourmet salt, and fresh thyme added another dimension to this tasty recipe, but you can experiment with your favorite seasonings to come up with a customized roll. I also tried sundried tomatoes in some of the rolls, but found that I preferred them without. This really is a great bread recipe. I’ve enjoyed them so much over the years I really wanted to share them with you. So thank you, Adeena, and thank you, M, for the brilliant idea to add teff and to bake these as rolls. Who knew gluten-free baking could be so much fun?

If you try this recipe, tell me what modifications you make and how they turned out! Also, do you have a favorite GF bread or roll recipe? Tell me about it in the comments!

Jill Elise of Hey that Tastes Good made Brilliant Herbed and apricot cardamom versions using sorghum. Oh Jill, won’t you share some???

freshrolls.jpg rolls3.jpg rollsnight.jpg

Adeenas Gluten-Free Hearty Rosemary-Thyme Dinner Roll Recipe
3 eggs – use Extra Large!
1/4 cup oil
1/4 cup sugar
1 1/4 cups milk
1 tsp. salt
1 TBSP xanthan gum
1/3 cup potato starch (NOT flour)
1 cup white rice flour
1 cup brown rice flour
1 cup tapioca starch
1/3 c. GF teff or buckwheat flour (M’s modification)
1 TBSP active dry yeast
1 tsp. apple cider vinegar

For rosemary thyme variation, mix chopped fresh thyme and rosemary, and dried onion flakes with a dash of olive oil and reserve.

If desired, minced sundried tomatoes, to taste

Garnish: More fresh, chopped rosemary (or dried), fresh thyme, chopped, black or kosher/gourmet salt (large crystals are key), dried onion flakes, and anything else you feel like.

Preheat Oven to 380 degrees.* Note: I actually started these at a higher temperature, more like 450, and then turned the temperature down, in the attempt to get a crunchier crust. Try experimenting with the temperature and see what you like. I’ll be trying different things the next time I make this recipe. :)

Beat eggs in heavy duty mixer and then add oil, vinegar, and sugar, combining. Add dry ingredients. Warm milk in the microwave (or on the stove) and add to the bowl, gently folding it into the flour. Add your rosemary thyme mix. Turn on motor, let ingredients combine thoroughly then turn power to medium and leave for 4 minutes while it stirs. If you want sun dried tomatoes, add for the last minute or so of mixing.

Spray baking pan (cookie sheet type) with nonstick cooking spray and/or line with parchment paper.

Flour your hands with gluten free rice flour and grab a ball of dough from the mixing bowl. Gently shape it into a roll. Place it on the prepared cookie sheet. Make another roll, continuing until all dough has been used for rolls. (This part is fun!)

Brush with whisked egg. Sprinkle with garnish (fresh herbs, salt, onion), poppy seeds or sesame seeds if desired.

Let it rise in a warm place until doubled.(*edited)

Five minutes before you put the rolls in the oven, put ice cubes (in a pan) in the bottom rack of your oven and let them evaporate into steam. Open oven, put in your rack of rolls and let bake for 20-25 minutes. (Halfway through baking time, you may wish to turn over your rolls for even browning.)

Alternatively, place a pan w/ 1/4 to 1/2 inch of boiling water on the lowest rack in the oven 5 minutes before you put the bread in and leave in there until bread is done.

These two baking methods should result in a crunchier outer crust.

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67 Responses to “Adeenas Gluten Free Rosemary Teff Dinner Roll Recipe”

  1. Wow, I can’t wait to hit the health food store to get a few of those missing ingredients! I too am hard to please when it comes to GF bread — the packaged stuff just doesn’t do it for me.
    I will keep you posted on the results. Thanks for another amazing recipe!!!

  2. That is by far the best looking loaf (or rolls) of gluten free bread I have seen! I will give these a try in the near future. By the way, I forgot to weigh in during the last month regarding your blog, but I really like all your postings, variety is the spice of life and that is what I strive for too. Ok, if I have to admit something, the international dishes are my favorite and that is what I love to cook every night. Congrats on one year! I didn’t even realize that I started reading your blog as soon as you began, I thought you had been blogging for years.
    Now we need to work on GF potstickers! Oh, my GF poptarts (from months ago)did not work out at all, so we are back to square one with those.

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  4. Hurray! A new twist on an old favourite. Those buns look amazing! :D Now I’ll have to get out my rosemary and thyme and give them a try. Lately I’ve been subbing ground flax for the eggs, and honey for the sugar for a Honey-Flax bread. It’s awesome!

    I still haven’t tried the teff mod, but I’ve got teff on my list for this week, so hopefully I’ll find some and give it a whirl. A friend of mine has tried teff and said it makes it taste more like a wheat bread.

    Queen of a GF household

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  6. Donna Spencer Says:

    This recipe looks really good. I made Bette’s Millet Bread Recipe again last night and added two tablespoons of Hazelnut Flour and the Almond Extract and it’s very tasty. I seldom eat sandwiches any more, but had to have one after I tasted this bread. I agree about Pamela’s Bread Mix. I don’t like it at all. See, I told you we have the same taste!! When you comment on something like that, it’s usually how I feel. Have you tried the Cravings Place All Purpose Pancake & Waffle Mix? I usually mix my own, but this is now my favorite mix. They call for water in the recipe and to add your own fruit etc.. So, I add 2/3 cup buttermilk; 2 T honey; 2 tsp oil; 1 egg; and two mashed bananas. Today instead of the buttermilk I used egg nog to use it up and it was wonderful! This is an Oregon Company so I would think you would be able to find it in the Bay Area. The creator went to the Culinary Institute in New York and her products are vegan, lactose and casein free. She also doesn’t use sugar in many of her packages so you can substitute whatever kind you use.

  7. Beautiful!

  8. Nice use of teff flour *and* rosemary. I just had some of my teff/Pamela’s pancakes on Friday, but this makes me crave it again. It’s so nutritious!

  9. Hi Jess, Hope you enjoy the recipe! Teff is a great flour- I really enjoy the “whole grain” flavor and nutrition it brings to recipes.

    Hey Ginger, Glad to see you!!! No worries, there will be plenty of international dishes in the future- I love them too much to ever change that! :D Mmm, potstickers- I need to go back to my experiments on them… Have you tried chebe as GF poptarts? I haven’t, exactly, but I’ve heard some people have had good success.

    Hey Adeena, I’m just glad I finally managed to post this… I had meant to post the regular version months ago but other posts kept getting in the way. Now I’m glad I waited, so that I could put a fresh herb spin on it.. and try out some new baking techniques! I should really start baking whole loaves again- lately I’ve been in such a Muffin/biscuit mood that I haven’t been doing anything else, with occasional forays into rolls. ;) I’ll have to try your flax honey version, sounds yummy! I love the rolls so much I’ve never tried the recipe as a bread, can you believe it??? Thanks again for the fabulous inspiration!

    Hi Donna, That millet bread really is wonderful! I have suspicions that millet doesn’t agree with me- but I really enjoyed that bread again so I may have to try it again. :) I haven’t tried Cravings Place anything… I’ll have to try it! Thanks for the recommendation. I love the idea of using eggnog for the liquid, although I’m not sure I can buy it here anymore. Ever try eggnog in Oregon Chai? It’s really yummy!!! Have a great day.

    Hi CeliacChick, Why thank you! I was pretty happy when they came out of the oven, I have to admit.

    Hi ~M, Teff is a lovely flour- I need to try it in more things. Also interesting in injera, but I think I like it combined with other things. It’s one of those flours that makes me feel GOOD after I eat it….

    Thanks for all the comments!

  10. Still Learning GF Says:

    I don’t seem to find the temperature of the oven for this recipe. Please help me out!

  11. ooo, those look amazing! Time to update my flours and try something new! thank you for such great inspiration!

  12. Hi SLGF, I hadn’t put the temperature because I’ve been experimenting with that… But I’ve added it now, with notes about my experiments.

    Hi Gaile, Thanks! Enjoy. :)

  13. I made these tonight and they came out really well! I made a half recipe (12 rolls) — I let them rise about 30 minutes before baking. I also used Expandex (modified tapioca) instead of about 1/4 of the tapioca flour (2 tablespoons out of 1/2 cup). The rolls had a great texture and a really subtle taste — not too “whole grainy”. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. Oh my goodness!! Yummy yay! Thank you for posting this. I have had so many failures the last few weeks, and this is the first bun recipe that worked for me. I love the texture and the taste. My non-gf parents couldn’t tell their were gf. I’m at a high altitude and I added about an extra 1/3 cup of white rice flour, and used lots of rice flour when making the balls of dough. I also made small rolls out of the batch (25) and they cooked up great!

  15. I just used these rolls tonight as rolls for “sliders” (mini hamburgers). They worked out really well — they didn’t fall apart at all. Also, I used a batch of rolls that I had made a couple of weeks ago and frozen — I defrosted and reheated, and they stayed together perfectly well for the “sliders”. Thanks again for a great recipe.

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  18. So happy right now after eating one of these right out of the oven!! This was my first savory bread experiment without using a mix and now I want to bake all night! I substituted flax for the eggs and 1/2 quinoa and 1/2 millet flours to replace the brown rice flour that I didn’t have (I was convinced it would be a horrible mistake, but no!) My gluten-loving friends liked them as well. Thank you!

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  20. I’m anxious to your recipe but you don’t mention allowing them to rise, is that a given?

  21. I tried these this weekend (well sort of – I didn’t have all the right ingredients). My first go at gluten free baking and we were really happy. I posted it on my blog – even made crostini. Great recipe – thanks for sharing :-)

  22. Hi John, Yes, you want to let the rolls rise for 30-50 minutes, or until doubled in size. (Time difference is between rapid rise or regular yeast.)

    Hi Nancy, Great! I’m glad they turned out well. I enjoyed your blog- I’ll definitely be back.


  23. So despite the 105 degree heat today I made this recipe again – this time with your modifications. I added golden raisins and walnuts to one loaf – it was amazing. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe. We love it :-)

  24. I made these rolls a second time, making them slightly bigger for hamburgers. I increased the amount of liquid to 1-1/2 cups (half milk, half yogurt), used buckwheat flour instead of teff, and sorghum flour instead of the white rice flour. These are actually the best rolls/bread I’ve made — I think I’ll keep increasing the liquid as the climate here is quite dry. Once it cools down a little I’ll try them again. Thanks for all your recipes!

  25. Nancy- Yum, sounds great!

    Hi Kirsten,
    Wonderful! I’m so glad you’re having success playing with the recipe. I like to use yogurt for part of the milk in recipes sometimes too. And I love the buckwheat flour idea, so I’ll have to try your variation sometime. (Maybe sans sorghum ’cause rice seems to agree with me better.) So happy to hear about your yummy bread. Have a great day!


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  27. Hi… I’m new to GF baking. My sister has severe Celiac and can only use rice and corn as her base. She would love to have pizza and bread so my goals are to find and perfect recipes for her (I’m retired, she’s still working). Can someone lead me to the french bread recipe that was mentioned in the article. I want to surprise her with it this week.
    ps… how do I join this group

  28. Thanks for this recipe. I made these for a GF holiday dinner for my support group and everyone loved them. It’s a keeper! One of the easiest and best I’ve tried.

  29. Anita Winder Says:

    This recipe sounds wonderful, and I would like to try it. My daughter has a sugar sensitivity but does will with honey and maple syrup. Has anyone tried this recipe with an alternative sweetener?

  30. Wait, really? Why haven’t I seen this recipe before? I am so making some variation on these for dinner tonight.

  31. Sue Henry.. In answer to your question. A french bread recipe is located …

  32. Hi Sue Henry, Sorry about the delay in answer. The french bread mentioned was in a cookbook by Bette Hagman called “More from the Gluten Free Gourmet”. You can find it in a library or quite reasonably on Amazon. Hope this helps! I highly recommend it. A french bread pan (the kind with holes) will improve texture greatly, and you do NOT need to line it with anything- just spray with nonstick cooking spray and sprinkle with cornmeal. Also, I wasn’t sure what you meant by severe Celiac- reactions can vary between those with Celiac but everyone must strictly follow a gluten-free diet. Does she have intolerances to other gluten-free flours as well? All the flours in this bread are gluten-free…

    Hope this helps! BTW, what group did you want to join?

  33. Hi Pam, Great! Glad you enjoyed it!

    Hi Anita, I haven’t tried it with an alternative sweetener, but I’m sure it would work following typical substitution rules between sugar and honey etc. You also might try finding maple syrup sugar- the dry version of maple syrup. It’s pricey but should yield a good texture in baked goods.

    Hi Jill, Glad you found it and I love your variations on the recipe.


  34. Anita – this roll dough makes great cinnamon rolls if you leave out the herbs and roll them up with cinnamon and sugar. You have to work with small batches of dough and put the resulting rolls in to paper lined muffin pans, but it is worth the work – absolutely great cinnamon rolls are possible -see the description of how it worked at We had not had a cinnamon roll in 5 years, but now we are looking forward to more of them!

  35. These rolls are delicious!! Mine were a little too wet, so I put them in a muffin pan to cook. What should I decrease or increase so I can form them and not have to use a muffin pan? My non-gf husband ate 2 of them and said they were very good. The next day my daughter and I used a few of the rolls to make tuna sandwiches. I was in heaven.

  36. I had trouble getting these to rise – any suggestions for GF bread making?

  37. Hi Sue- It may depend on your climate, although I was baking in a somewhat humid climate myself. I would decrease the liquid slightly and not be shy about using flour for your hands and on the dough when you shape it.

    Hi Sarah- The recipe should rise nicely, although it is possible it doesn’t rise as much as a typical gluten bread. However, you should end up with a nice, somewhat spongy texture after baking. Otherwise, I suspect the problem may be with the yeast- old yeast can sometimes not rise properly, or with the temperature. If you find a recipe hasn’t risen nicely in the time alotted, you can always let it rise for a longer time. I often put the pan on top of my pre-heating oven and let the warmth rise and assist with the rising process. Liquid that is too hot can also kill yeast, so temperature of the ingredients is another thing to keep an eye on. Hope this helps!


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  40. Does anyone know how many buns this makes and hom many calories per bun??

  41. I made these tonight for a neighborhood progressive dinner. Fabulous! I thought they were wonderful and my neighbors couldn’t stop talking about them…or eating them for that matter. I think some of the guys had atleast 4! I was hoping to have more left over…but one more sacrifice for putting a good word out about GF baked goods.

    I couldn’t get nice little balls using flour so I wet my hands a bit instead and that worked for me. Any sense of how that impacts things? It seemed to work out fine but I don’t know enough to know how both flouring your hands (thus getting extra flour on the dough) or wetting your hands (and getting extra water on the dough) can work.

    Anyway, thanks again for posting this. I was thrilled at the texture, the density, the flavor. Everything was excellent.

  42. Hi, made this recipe last year and recommended it then. Now I’m working on it for this year. Can’t wait to modify it to see if it makes a great orange roll. Happy Holidays… early.

  43. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had success making the dough for the rolls in a breadmaker.

  44. I just tried these for my Thanksgiving meal and they did not turn out AT ALL. I don’t know what I did wrong, but the dough was sticky and wet and I could not possibly shape them with my hands, so I spooned them out onto the baking sheets. They did not rise at all before I put them in the oven. The ice did not melt in my oven in 5 minutes like the recipe says. I’ve baked lots of gluten free bread before and never had a disaster like this one. I’m so disappointed, because the pictures looked SO GOOD.

  45. These rolls are fabulous! The first time I made them, I accidentally omitted the potato starch. They came out more like scones than dinner rolls, but they were delicious.

    The second time, I made the recipe correctly, and they turned out perfect! I found that dropping spoonfuls of the dough into a bowl of brown rice flour and coating the outside made them easier to form into rolls.

    Also, I strongly recommend topping with coarse salt. The dough is neither sweet nor salty, so the topping gives a little extra flavor.

    These rolls are better than most wheat flour rolls I’ve tasted.

  46. Thanks for the recipe! My husband and his side of the family are celiacs (and my 4 year old son just started a gf diet also!), and I am always looking for new bread recipes. These were awesome, although I have to admit that I did not have any teff flour or brown rice flour (I only had potato starch, tapioca starch, and white rice flour in my pantry.) This is my new favorite roll recipe, and I will change it up each time with different herbs/garlic/onion/etc. Thanks so much!

  47. I was really excited about this recipe. they look fabulous. Even though they tasted grate they turned out like extremely dense biscuits. any idea what I did wrong? I did let them rise. They came out ok then they reduced as they sat. any help would be nice thanks!

  48. Hi,

    I made this bread tonight and my son who is very picky about his food liked it. That is very encouraging. This is the first gluten free bread that I made that I truly like. The others I tolerate but this one I can use for making a sandwich as well as a dinner roll. I stopped eating bread since my son and I learned we were reacting to wheat and dairy. I have made many other GF bread recipes and this is the first one that has passed my family’s test and we all enjoyed it. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I did make two changes. Since we are dairy free I used SoDelicious’ coconut milk creamer in place of the milk and I also used amaranth flour in place of the teff. I will have to make it again when I purchase some teff.

    Not only was the flavor just exceptional but the texture was just perfect. It was not as gritty as some of the other GF bread recipes. I will definitely have to use it to make my cinnamon rolls and other bread recipe.

    Thanks again…Happy New Year 2010!


  49. Can you substitute something else for xanthan gum? The smell makes me barf and the root of xanth-meaning death-in Greek creeps me out.

  50. Tiffony Schindler Says:

    Attempting to make these now and the dough seems a little wet. I did sub Millet for the Brown Rice Flour, maybe that’s it? I put it in the fridge to chill and will try again in 30 minutes. Hope it’s not a wasted effort.

  51. Tiffony Schindler Says:

    Update. I used a large spoon to drop them until the sheet. I left them to double but they didn’t that I could tell. I figured, what the heck and put them in the oven (ice cubes left in for the steam). They rose in the oven and now I can’t keep my 3.5year old away from them.

    Thank you!

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  54. I have a relative who has celiacs although not as bad as some. He has had the GF bread from stores and hated it. They brought home some baked goods one time and when I tryed them I had to spit it back out assuming it was a weird spice, but realized after someone made them gluten free for him. Either way that was the most horrible thing, it tasted like oily soap, I had to keep rinsing my mouth. So tonight I tryed this recipe for the rolls. All things considered I think they are pretty good. However, I am out of practice of baking but it seems to me arent you supposed to let the yeast sit in liquid a few minutes before adding it to the mixing bowl? the recipe didnt say, so i just added it with the dry ingredients. My rolls never ‘doubled in size’ i dont thing they changed a bit, so the end product was a bit doughy. Perhaps I could have baked a few minutes longer. I will play around with the recipe if my relative will eat them regular. But my dough never did rise even though I let it sit maybe an hour. They were nicely browned (i used the ice cubes in a tray suggestion) All in all a wonderful first try at GF baking. Thanks for this recipe. Diana

  55. Hi, Sea. I made this recipe into two loaves yesterday, and the taste is wonderful. However, the dough was a good deal softer than any I’ve tried before, and when set to rise, it spread, rather than rising. I followed the recipe religiously, sans herbs, since I wanted a “plain” bread, except subbing corn starch for the potato (I was out) and don’t know what I did wrong but for that. Taste wise, well, it tastes like wheat bread. It’s divine, and I’d have no trouble at all serving this to non-gf family and friends. Thank you!

  56. [...] three or more eggs.  Usually, the egg substitution process stops working well after two eggs.  On Book of Yum’s recipe for Adeena’s (three-egg) herbed rolls, however, I found in the comments that Adeena had written she lately had been successfully making [...]

  57. Linda Geraghty Says:

    Stupid question, but I am a novice at making GF bread from scratch. Just tried this recipe, and am concerned I added ingredients in wrong order. Do I mix the eggs, oil, vinegar, sugar, THEN mix all of the dry ingredients separately, and add them to the egg mixture (when I did this, it seemed like too much dry compared to wet – bogging down mixer), THEN add the milk to all of that? I read where you say to gently folkd milk into the flour, and am wondering if the milk goes into the flour mixture, and then it all gets added at the same time to egg mixture. Help!
    Thanks for your help! Love your website!

  58. Hi Linda,
    Don’t turn on your mixer after you put in the (unmixed) dry ingredients on top of the (mixed) liquid ingredients. (If you want you can mix the dry ingredients together in a separate bowl first, but it isn’t necessary.) Wait to fold in the milk into the dry ingredients on top of the egg mixture and THEN turn on the mixer. It is a pretty sturdy recipe and honestly it doesn’t matter too much. Hope this helps!


  59. I made these rolls for supper tonight, and my hubby RAVED over them. He said they were the best rolls he’d had since he went on a GF/CF diet 14 years ago. I used rice milk since he’s allergic to dairy, and I used amaranth flour instead of the teff (he’s allergic to teff as well). We had to force ourselves to stop eating rolls after inhaling the first two so we could actually eat the rest of the meal! SOOOOO good!!!

    Oh and Linda, I mis-read the directions at first and accidentally mixed in the dry ingredients (unmixed in a separate bowl) to the egg/sugar/vinegar/oil mixture before adding the warm milk. It still turned out beautifully, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about messing up the mixing order. I’ve made a note on my recipe to mix the egg mixture, dump in the dry ingredients, fold in the milk, THEN turn on the mixer, so at least next time I’ll be following the instructions correctly. Hope that helps. :)

  60. That bread looks awfully good!

  61. I am on a detox program and new to this way of cooking. I can’t have wheat, corn,and sugar products. How can I make this recipe work for me? I love breads. And have been trying to find a good bread recipe.

  62. I made these rolls for the first time last night and they came out very well, even though I had to make some modifications out of necessity. This recipe calls for 3 different kinds of flour (white rice flour, brown rice flour, and “teff or buckwheat flour”). Since I didn’t have the latter two I just substituted the same white rice flour for them. (I used our regular home ground white rice flour, not the sweet rice flour I’ve been experimenting with lately). Other things I did differently: I didn’t do the extra seasonings in the mix, just a little on top of some of them. My vinegar is just white vinegar, not “apple cider” vinegar. The biggest difference though was in the mixing time. It’s a VERY stiff, sticky batter and my mixer was in danger of burning out, so I did only minimal final mixing — not anywhere near 4 minutes! Despite all of this, the rolls were really good, and I will definately be making these again. One last thought though: This recipe makes alot of rolls (about 24), so I expect I may only make half recipes sometimes — though it was nice to be able to share them with the non-GF people at dinner and still have leftovers to send home with my GF daughter.(And it was especially nice not needing to make something else for the non-GF people!) If it weren’t for the fact that GF ingredients are more expensive and harder to come by, I would do it that way all the time.

  63. [...] recipe is loosely based on two recipes: Adeena’s Hearty Dinner Rolls (which I found on the Book of Yum blog) and Pizza Crust by glutenfreesoxfan (which I posted earlier [...]

  64. I spent a lot to get all the ingredients for these rolls. All my other attempts at GF rolls have been disasters, so I only made half the recipe. That way I figured I would not be throwing out so much of the expensive ingredients when they tasted awful. I followed it exactly, using the ingredients listed, except for the herbs. I wanted plain rolls I could put jam on if they were awful.
    The “dough” was batter. I added some more of the rice flours and not much change. I had added at least half a cup and worried I would screw everthing up if I kept going so I attempted to make the rolls and had a big gooey mess on my hands, literally. If someone can clear this issue up for me that would be great. I proceeded trying flour on my hands, then oil, then water. Water worked the best but I still had to stop and scrub my hands between each roll. They did rise a tiny bit but not close to doubling. Baked them with the water in the pan on bottom shelf at 380 for 20 min. They are tasty so I will try again – maybe. I got 11 rolls out of half the recipe. My issues are: How to stiffen up the batter to make it a dough; and how to get them to rise. Looking forward to any direction here.

  65. [...] brownie bites (she is a bit of a gluten free brownie monster!)  And, also I have got to make Adeenas Gluten Free Rosemary Teff Dinner Rolls.  They are delicious!  It might sound like a lot, BUT I break my preparation down over a few days, [...]

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