Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger Roundup Thanksgiving Edition with Recipes

This beautiful gluten-free cinnamon roll photo is brought to us by Emily at Gluten Free Expedition, following Ellen’s recipe.

This edition of Adopt a gluten-free Blogger was a marvelous success thanks to record levels of participation! Many thanks to all who participated. If somehow your entry didn’t make it onto the list, please email me at seamaiden399[at]gmail[dot]com with your URL, the URL of the recipe you tried, and your picture of the recipe right away and I’ll add you immediately!

In a posting snafu, somehow Maureen’s gorgeous adoption of Sophie from Flour Arrangements didn’t make it into the roundup the first time around. Oh dear! It was a real shame, too, because her Cranberry Orange Carrot Cupcakes with Gingerbread Frosting were absolutely adorable.

Sophie’s Gluten-Free Cranberry Carrot Cupcakes with Gingerbread Frosting Recipe

Kelly of the Spunky Coconut (what a great title!) chose a holiday recipe from Jeena at Jeenas Kitchen for a Christmas Cake similar to fruitcake. When she made Christmas Cake it went over very well with her whole family. Doesn’t it look absolutely delicious?

Christmas Cake Recipe

I adopted Kate of Gluten-Free Gobsmacked in order to finally make her exquisite recipe for gluten-free croissants. I made the delicious, buttery, flakey dough and watched my DH gobble it up- this would be perfect for a Thanksgiving treat, or a Christmas morning breakfast.

Gluten-Free Croissant Recipe

Heather at Life, Gluten Free (formerly Mama & Baby: Gluten Free) adopted Vittoria from Deliciously Gluten free and made her unique carrot cake! Rhubarb was not in season, so she used 1/2 cup of carrot and 1/2 cup of celery in addition to the recommended amounts of carrot and celery. Sounds healthy but looks uber-decadent. My kind of dessert!

Carrot Cake Recipe

Emily at Gluten Free Expedition wanted to make something fora post-Holiday vacation morning, and so she adopted Ellen of I Am Gluten Free and made her delicious Cinnamon Rolls and made us all crave them.
Gluten-Free Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Tovah of Gluten-Free Bay adopted Karina the Gluten Free Goddess and made her exquisite Pumpkin Chai Bread with Cranberries. According to Tovah, this bread has a really nice texture with little bursts of tart cranberry flavor. It is lightly sweet which is great for those of us who don’t have huge sweet tooths or are trying to cut back on sugar. Whole grain, a subtle chai flavor- mmm. Who could resist?
Gluten-Free Pumpkin Chai Bread with Cranberry Recipe

For this edition, Shao Ling Gluten-Free adopted Jill at Hey! This Tastes Good and made her tasty Gingerbread Cake. According to Kerrie, the cake tasted like the holidays – spicy, yet sweet. It was also the perfect complement to their Turkey dinner. Sounds perfect!
Gluten-free Gingerbread Cake Recipe

Sarina of Trinigourmet adopted Wheatless Bay and made her recipe for Opor Ayam, a traditional dish of celebration at Eid ul-Fitr, the end of Ramadan, in Java (and Malaysia). As Eid is a national holiday in Trinidad, it was a fitting holiday dish for Trinigourmet.
Javanese Coconut Chicken Curry Recipe

Rachel, The Crispy Cook, adopted Gluten Free South Africa and made her unique Panforte Recipe. As Rachel tells us, Panforte is a classic Italian dessert studded with lots of fruits and nuts, somewhat like a fruitcake, only without candied fruit. This panforte version is more spicy from the ginger and makes a sophisticated sweet treat or energy bar.
Gluten-Free Panforte Recipe

The creative Manda of Asparagus Thin kindly adopted ME and made my recipe for Coconut Saffron Lentil Dahl to pair with her own recipe for Sweet Potato Pumpkin Pulao. She proclaimed them the most complimentary dishes ever, something I was very happy to hear. Instead of making saffron coconut ‘cream’, Manda put the coconut milk into the dahl as it cooked along with the saffron. It looked and sounded absolutely lovely, and I’m so honored that she chose a recipe I’d been experimenting with for adoption.
Coconut Saffron Lentil Dal Recipe

Last but not least, Dana of Gluten-Free in Cleveland adopted Maureen of Hold the Gluten and made her skillet cornbread with some minor modifications. It was delicious, even for her gluten eating family, and was pronounced “bangin” by her brother who is usually skeptical of gluten-free food.

Gluten-Free Cornbread Recipe

Thanks to all who participated in this month’s special edition of “adopt-a-gluten-free blogger.” I hope to see you participating in this month’s edition… more information coming soon!

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  1. Once again, a lovely spread, Sea, for your Adopt a GF Blogger roundup. It seems we all had a bit of sweet tooth this time around!

  2. I love these Adopt-a-Blogger events! Thanks for hosting this one. I’ve just posted a link to you from my [non-cooking] blog on’s celiac site.

  3. Great roundup! This was my first time participating.. It was fun (and tasty!). Thanks :)

  4. those look simply lovely. thanks for hosting, Sea!

  5. I love adopt a gf blogger! thanks for putting it together :)

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