Adopt a gluten-free Blogger: Ali of Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen

This month the Adopt-a-gluten-free-blogger Event is being graciously hosted by Thomas of the GFCF Experience. With his help, I actually had time to adopt a gluten-free blogger this month! I met Ali of Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen at the Blogher Food ‘09 event. Those of us who blogged gluten-free had a lot to talk about at the event, and I enjoyed chatting to Ali. Not only was she gluten-free but also was a mom with twin babies at home. Since Baby Yum was at home too it was nice to meet someone else who knew what I was going through. Ali radiated good health, and seemed to have a very healthy food philosophy, so I was very interested in checking out her blog. I decided to adopt Ali this month because ever since I got on this restricted diet for Baby Yum, I’ve found it difficult to follow recipes. However, Ali (and her husband Tom)’s site has a whole series of recipes for elimination diets, making it a valuable resource for those of us who must cut back on allergens.

I wanted to try out some of Ali’s baked good recipes, but unfortunately I ran out of arrowroot starch last night, and currently I can’t do buckwheat, potato starch, or tapioca starch, so my options were limited in that department. Instead I decided to go for a course of nutritious food, starting with soup, including an entree, and ending in dessert.

First, the soup. I was intrigued by her recipe for Vegan Spiced Pumpkin Soup. I didn’t have sugar pumpkins, but I did have a beautiful organic butternut squash (a recommended substitute), a kabocha Japanese pumpkin, and a can of regular pumpkin. So, the soup became a three squash pumpkin soup. It made a huge recipe so I was hoping I would like it… and happily, it turned out to be utterly delicious. It evoked a savory pumpkin pie- with a little something extra. The coconut milk drizzle and cilantro (ok, i used parsley because my cilantro wilted) took this recipe over the top into pure delicious decadence… and it is elimination diet friendly!

Next, I was intrigued by her easy recipe for pizza sauce. As you know I’m a girl that likes her pizza. I whipped up a batch of her sauce and baked up a recipe I’ve been developing for amaranth pizza. I topped the sauce with fresh minced parsley and basil, and some gorgeous roasted heirloom peppers I bought fresh at the Farmer’s Market. It was lovely, although I just used plain ol’ organic tomato paste from a can instead of the glass bionature brand Ali recommends. I would definitely make it again.

And finally, I made Ali’s recipe for Cinnamon sunflower truffles. This was probably a little silly of me, but they looked so pretty. I could also identify with the need a busy mom-on-the-go has for a little protein-energy boost that she can take with her. However, since I’m not that crazy about cinnamon OR raw sunflower seeds, this recipe was probably not for me. It was really easy to make, though, and would win over anyone who loves cinnamon. They really are gorgeous and great snacks to throw in your purse. I should try them with different nuts, and some spice other than cinnamon when my diet gets more versatile. They may also be even tastier tomorrow as the flavors develop.

Ali and her husband Tom have a cookbook as well as their blog. I highly recommend both!

My lovely peppers that inspired cheese-free pizza yumminess.

Ali at Blogher Food ‘09

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6 Responses to “Adopt a gluten-free Blogger: Ali of Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen”

  1. Looks so good! I’ve made several of Ali’s recipes and have never been disappointed, and highly recommend her cookbook.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Metta! I loooove the soup, and my DH enjoyed it as well. It makes a huge recipe but I froze a few servings and enjoyed every bite. I highly recommend it. I wish I had their cookbook!

  3. Well, I like cinnamon and sunflower seeds. Those truffles look great. And, I love the idea of the extra protein! I’ll have to give them a try.

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