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Adopt-a-gluten-free Blogger: Jill Elise of Hey, That Tastes Good

Posted By yum On March 31, 2009 @ 11:09 am In Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger, Blog Event, Gluten Free Blogs, Gluten Free Recipes, biscuit | 5 Comments

This Saturday morning I woke up hungry. I didn’t feel inspired by my usual breakfast fare (hot or cold cereal, hash browns, scrambled tofu or fried eggs etc.) and I was conscious of the fact that the Adopt-a-gluten-free-blogger Event deadline was approaching fast. So, I turned on my computer and hopped onto Jill Elise’s site, “Hey, that Tastes Good [1].” I have enjoyed Jill’s site for some time now, and appreciate her recipes for traditional sweets, homestyle meals, and international dishes. I also love her great attitude towards the gluten-free diet and her realization that “gluten-free does not mean taste free.” Gluten-free certainly isn’t taste free, with the recipes on her blog!

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I was torn about what recipe to make- so many sounded good! In the end, though, because it was breakfast and I love me some biscuits and vegetarian gravy for breakfast [2], I decided to try Jill’s New Gluten-Free Biscuit Recipe. I’ve been on a quest for the perfect biscuit recipe that DOESN’T require a mix- I love my Pamela’s based lowfat biscuit recipe [3] or Bette Hagman’s buttermilk biscuit recipe- but it’s fun to see what my fellow gluten-free bloggers have come up with. I was very impressed with the texture of the batter and its workability when I turned it out onto the wax paper. It was fun to press out and cut into squares. It came out of the oven looking great. biscuitcinnamonI made three variations on the recipe- two savory versions- one with salt and pepper version and another topped with onion and dill, and one sweet version topped with cinnamon sugar. Hot out of the oven, the biscuits had a rather characteristic rice flour texture, but cooled I actually found I enjoyed them even more. As a savory girl, I liked them best topped with salt and pepper or onion and dill- and the addition of margarine or butter and a rich vegan gravy took them to a whole new level. The onion dill biscuits were awesome with a tofu-egg salad filling (think egg-less McMuffin). The cinnamon sugar biscuits were especially tasty filled with rice pudding. They were all best on the first day after baking and after that needed to be briefly microwaved. I’m not sure I’ve found THE biscuit recipe yet, but this was tasty and I really enjoyed making it (and gobbling up three of them for breakfast alone). Now that I’m on a roll with Jill’s blog… I’m tempted to try more of her recipes, and you should too!


Here are just a few of the tempting recipes you’ll find at “Hey, That Tastes Good”!
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