Adopt a Gluten-free Blogger July 2011 Roundup

Welcome to the July 2011 Roundup for Adopt a Gluten-free Blogger!

Alta Mantsch adopted AndreAnna of Life As A Plate this month and made her rosemary olive oil bread and crockpot chili.

rosemary olive oil bread
crockpot chili

Kalinda of Wheat Free Meat Free adopted Tasty Eats at Home and made Zucchini and Sun-Dried Tomato Casserole.

Zucchini and Sun-Dried Tomato Casserole

Debi of Hunter’s Lyonesse adopted Heidi of Adventures of a Gluten-free Mom and made her Taco Burgers and Gluten-free Reuben Sandwiches.


Taco Burgers
Gluten-free Reuben Sandwiches

Lauren at As Good As Gluten adopted Brittany at Real Sustenance and made Channa Masala, Carrot fries and Thai Peanut Noodles.

Chana Masala
Orange Lemon-Zested Carrot “Fries”
Thai Peanut Noodles

Valerie adopted Shirley of Gluten-Free Easily and made her Dark Chocolate Walnut Bliss Bars and her Pumpkin Pie Smoothie recipes.

Dark Chocolate Walnut Bliss Bars
Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Valerie also adopted Kalinda of wheat-free meat-free and made her braised green beans with miso and white bruschetta spread.

White Bean Bruschetta Spread
Braised Green Beans with Miso

I adopted Carol Kinski of Simply Gluten-free and made her cinnamon rolls and apple cinnamon muffins from her cookbook, and her vegan spoonbread and mess o’greens from her blog, as well as her sunbutter african stew (not pictured but it was delish!).

Vegan Spoonbread with Mess of Greens
African Stew
Cinnamon Roll and Muffins in Carol’s Cookbook Simply Gluten-free Desserts

Dinnae Galloway adopted Kate of Gluten-free Gobsmacked and made her Sorghum-Flax Bread.

Sorghum-Flax Bread

Gretchen of GF Edge adopted Zoe at Z’s Cup of Tea and made all-fruit frozen treats!

Absolutely Alice Instant Ice Cream
Mango Banana Popsicles
Apple Cobbler

Terry of Faking it GF Style adopted Naomi of Milk for the Morning and made Spanish Style Revueltos.

Spanish Style Revueltos

Heather the Gluten-free Cat adopted Alexa of Lexie’s Kitchen and made her Raw Nacho Cheese Sauce and her Dairy Free Jalapeno Poppers.

Raw Nacho Cheese Sauce
Jalapeno Poppers Dairy Free

Shirley of GF Easily adopted Stephanie O’Dea, author of gluten-free crockpot cookbooks and a Totally Together organizing planner and made her crockpot brown sugar chicken recipe.

Brown Sugar Chicken

Cassidy of Cooking Gluten-free adopted Amy from Simply Sugar And Gluten Free and made her Lemon Coconut Bars and BBQ Pulled Chicken.

Lemon Coconut Bars
BBQ Pulled Chicken recipe

Eleanor of Eating Like A horse adopted the delightful GF Veg and made St Patrick’s Day GF pistachio lime sugar cookies

St Patrick’s Day GF pistachio lime sugar cookies

SunnyB from And I Love it Too adopted Elana of Elana’s Pantry and made her Cherry Vanilla Power Bars and Gluten-free Porridge recipes.


Cherry Vanilla Power Bars
Gluten-free Porridge

Brooke of B & the boy adopted Ricki Heller of Diet, Dessert and Dogs and made her Coconut Pancakes.

Coconut Pancakes

Kirsten of Miss Dropsie adopted Aran of cannelle-vanille and made Spring English Pea, Potato and Rice Soup.

Spring English Pea, Potato and Rice Soup

Cheryl Harris of GF Goodness adopted Diane of the WHOLE Gang and made her roasted chickpeas.

Roasted Chickpeas

Thomas of the GFCF Experience adopted Heather the Gluten-free Cat and made her wild rice blueberry salad.

Wild Rice Blueberry Salad

Sorry about the delay in getting the roundup. The DH and I have been traveling across the country, from Seattle to New York. We’re back now for a brief respite before we head out for Israel early next month. Thanks to all who participated! Sign-ups open soon!

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8 Responses to “Adopt a Gluten-free Blogger July 2011 Roundup”

  1. Everyone’s food looks so great! I’m a pretty new gf-blogger, so I missed out on this one – can’t wait for the next round!

  2. What a great roundup! I love this event so much. I learn so much from adopting a new friend, and I love your roundups! Thanks for all the work you do to pull it off!

  3. Those Spanish Style Revueltos have made it to my brunch list. Thank you for doing this roundup. It is such a blessing for inspiring us to ‘up our game’ in the kitchen. No need to feel sorry for our dietary restrictions when there is so much to choose from!

  4. A lovely roundup as always. You do a wonderful job with all the pictures. I’ll have to start thinking about who to adopt next.

  5. Another wonderful adoption event! It’s always such fun to adopt and be adopted. ;-) Both are such fun learning experiences! :-)

    I’m so happy for you all and your travels!


  6. I’m hoping I can leave a comment here (Blogger has been rejecting all my comments lately). Thanks for including me and thanks, Brooke, for adopting me this month! (Sorry, Blogger wouldn’t let me leave a comment on your blog). :(

  7. Wow what a line up. Wish I could have joined in. Maybe after soccer season. Thanks to Cheryl for adopting me.

  8. if you need a host while you are traveling sea i would be more then happy too just shoot me an email

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