Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger: Kate of Gluten Free Gobsmacked’s GF Croissant Recipe

When I happened by the Gluten-Free Gobsmacked blog in January of this year and stumbled across Kate’s Gluten-Free Homemade Croissant Recipe, I was pretty excited. They just looked so beautiful and flaky. They were inspired by one of Naomi of Better Batter’s recipes for croissants that has since been taken down in favor of a definitive, yeasty gluten-free croissant recipe. I loved Kate’s lovely photos and step-by-step instructions, and vowed to make croissants a.s.a.p. The only catch? Well, when it comes to it, rolling out pastry is NOT one of my favorite things to do. Grating butter… refrigerating dough… rolling out paper thin sheets of dough dusted with lots and lots of sweet rice flour… adding grated butter and rolling it out a few more times- just reading the recipe made my arms sympathetically tired. BUT, this holiday season when I reinstated the Adopt-a-gluten-free-blogger Event for a special Thanksgiving edition, I wanted to adopt a very special recipe that would be perfect for the holidays. Kate’s recipe came to mind- and I couldn’t resist.

Unfortunately, although I planned to make these croissants for Thanksgiving at the in-laws in Colorado, it was difficult to acquire all the flours I needed. After cooking all day for Thanksgiving and stuffing myself with delicious Whole Foods Bakehouse Crust based pies, I thought my heart just might give out if I made an ultra-rich croissant recipe too soon. It was decided. I would make the croissants AFTER returning home. Only trouble? We seriously needed groceries and I didn’t have all the dairy required in the recipe. Oops. DH and I went shopping, and I posted an extension of the blogging event. (Sometimes it’s good to be the hostess, haha). I was all set. Then today, I was halfway through the recipe when I realized- we didn’t have any cream of tartar! Oh no! I went on an emergency run to Safeway, but by the time I got home I realized no matter how I rushed, I wouldn’t be able to take a photo in natural light for my post. Worse and worse!

I plugged on through, and made my recipe, only taking a few shortcuts (like tossing the dough in the freezer rather than refrigerator). The recipe worked well, although in my house, I did need to refrigerate the dough again lest it start getting all buttery and sticking to the parchment. I also do NOT like parchment paper with its propensity for creasing and sticking. Next time I think I’ll roll out a smaller amount in my beloved gallon ziploc bags with the side cut out… I think I’ll spend less time fiddling and cursing the paper.

The DH came home just as I was rolling up the dough into its final croissant shape. “Ooh, croissants,” he said enthusiastically. “Grrr…” I said, grumpily. (I did tell you I don’t have a lot of patience for rolling out dough, remember?) I made them all plain, with the exception of two that I filled with blackberry jam. Mmm, jam. When they were in the oven and the house started smelling like a fancy French bakery first thing in the morning, my mood improved. I watched them begin to brown… and couldn’t wait to get them out of the oven. The DH was delighted to have croissants for dinner (haha, I did have something healthier planned, but we just couldn’t help ourselves). The flakey dough was a work of art- and made all the rolling and sprinkling with butter worthwhile. Although I did feel some heart palpitations mid-bite due to that same butter… it’s distressing to feel your arteries clogging during a meal. (kidding, sort of.) The DH gave high marks to the flavor and flakiness of the crust, and said they tasted just like a croissant, albeit a somewhat flat one. (I need a little practice with the shaping and temperature- while I had some beauties that I photographed above, some were depressingly flat. I was rushing things towards the end- I think with a little more care of temperature and using different rolling materials, I could probably improve on the first batch.) Speaking of batches, I have three more batches of dough in the refrigerator. Whew. I wonder if I could freeze them and then move to refrigerator another day to make more? These are some might tasty gluten-free croissants, but my waistline will never recover from three batches following on Thanksgiving gluttony….

Trying this recipe myself gave me renewed respect for the awesome and adventurous Kate at Gluten-Free Gobsmacked. I always knew she had mad skills, but I didn’t realize how very PATIENT she was- or how very skilled as a pastry chef. Oh Kate, Kate, won’t you come bake for me sometime? I’ll make you any number of savory gluten-free delights, if only you will roll the pastry…

On a personal note, Kate and her DH are in the midst of adoption paperwork for their own little one… and she’s running an auction through ebay with a signed copy of The Gluten-Free Girl’s book. I hope you will consider supporting her and her DH’s efforts to add one more to their very special family.

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Want a decadent, buttery dough recipe that isn’t quite as much effort as croissants?
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Hope to see you next time as a participant in the next edition of the Adopt-a-gluten-free-blogger Event!

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6 Responses to “Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger: Kate of Gluten Free Gobsmacked’s GF Croissant Recipe”

  1. Yum, Sea!
    Your croissants look good! There are a bit of work – but so are the gluten-filled versions.

    Thanks for the adoption… and I’ll make pastries for your ANY time… as long as you teach me how to make a great samosa. :) Mine were only so-so the other night. LOL


  2. I think it looks lovely, and I’m impressed!

  3. I think they look amazing too! Great job!

  4. These look delicious! I’m so impressed – I’ve had that recipe in my “to try” pile for quite some time, but I’m a little intimidated by all the work!

  5. Hi Kate,
    I know of course- gluten croissants are the same amount of work! I’m just a wimp… but we so enjoyed the recipe. I’ve frozen the rest of the dough so the next time I want croissants… here i come!

    Hi Cheryl,
    Thank you! Wish we could share some with you.

    Hi Heather,

    Hi Emily,
    Yup. I finally decided it was time to try it after all these months. It really isn’t too hard… just takes a little time. :)


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