Adopt a gluten-free Blogger: La Tartine Gourmande

For the August edition of Adopt-a-gluten-free-blogger, I decided to adopt someone a little different than usual. I first stumbled across Bea at La Tartine Gourmande in a blog photography competition called Does My Blog Look Good in This. She won with this beautiful photograph. I had seen her entries before that, and always admired her food styling and artistry, but for a long time I assumed that most, if not all of her recipes would have to be converted to be gluten-free. However, I started noticing Bea using more and more gluten-free ingredients in recipes like her lovely quinoa chestnut crepes. Bea has been adopted before for our event- in fact, Lynn tried her Potato Salad Recipe in May. For this installment of Adopt-a-gluten-free blogger, I decided to try Bea’s Olive oil Crust Tart Recipe. Like her, I thought the idea of a (vegan!) olive oil gluten-free tart crust was a fantastic idea. I was extremely impressed by Bea’s quinoa pastry dough, as it was very malleable and easy to handle once rolled out. Unfortunately, unlike Bea I didn’t have any cute little tart pans, so I made peach tarts in my gratin pans instead. The resulting tarts had a nice, crunchy side crust and a pleasant, fruity filling that was not terribly sweet. I did find that the moisture from the peach made the bottom of the tart a little soggy after it was first baked, but I’m sure it’s my own fault for using the wrong kind of pans. This moisture did later get absorbed into the crust later, so all’s well that ends well. I do wish very much I’d had some almond oil to replace the olive oil, as Bea made it sound absolutely divine, but olive oil works nicely. I do think that if you have them, the mini tart pans she recommends undoubtedly take this recipe to the next level (and make the tarts look absolutely adorable as well.) I enjoy Bea’s recipes, but my favorite part of her blog are her exquisite food photographs, often of gluten-free foods. It’s almost embarrassing posting a photo of one of Bea’s recipes, as it is simply worlds away from the culinary landscapes she creates- but I hope it will encourage you to try one or more of her recipes, or at least check out the gluten-free section of her her gorgeous site. Another cool thinf about La Tartine Gourmande- you can brush up on your college french, as most recipes are published bilingually in French and English. :)

Intrigued by her sweet tart recipe, but in a savory mood?
Try Bea’s Enticing gluten-free savory vegetable tart recipe

Look for the roundup of adopt-a-gluten-free blogger here at Book of Yum in a few days- as well as the announcement of exciting changes for next month’s installment!

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3 Responses to “Adopt a gluten-free Blogger: La Tartine Gourmande”

  1. I just rather round-a-boutly (that’s probably not a real word) found your pot pie recipe via Katrina’s sweet potato pie recipe and am thrilled I did. Glad you left the link on her blog! Sounds wonderful.

    I’m totally into this transition to more savory and hearty fall foods. And yes, Bea has some great recipes too (not to mention incredible photos). Aren’t we all lucky to have this wonderful little (big?) subculture of GF bloggers to share recipes with! I love it.

    Thanks, Sea.

  2. that recipe looks great! I’d not been to the LaTartine site before and thank you for introducing me to it!

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