Adopt a Gluten-free Blogger: Maggie from She Let them Eat Cake

I have known about Maggie from She Let them Eat Cake for years, but we hadn’t chatted much until we both found ourselves in the running for the Circle of Moms Top 25 vegan and vegetarian mom blog contest along with Kim of Welcoming Kitchen. We ended up chatting about it on twitter and I realized that I really needed to get to know Maggie’s blog better. Maggie’s blog followed her husband’s diagnosis with Celiac about 7 years ago, and her baking became naturally gluten-free and vegan when her son was diagnosed with gluten, dairy, and egg intolerance. Maggie bakes gorgeous, healthy food and I found it a real challenge to just pick one or two items from her blog to try. I was enticed by her zucchini pancakes and blueberry buckle, but finally settled on making her Nutty Sandwich Bread and her morning glory muffins. I was attracted to her sandwich bread because she suggested using either almond meal OR walnut meal, and I’ve been playing with different nut and seed meals recently. And the morning glory muffins struck me as pure brilliance, being grain-free, based in almond and quinoa flour but yet egg-free as well, using a mashed banana and flax eggs as a binder. They were excellent timing, as a gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free friend of mine was ill and I wanted to bring over some baked goods to her house, along with some soup. Besides, I had one blackened banana that was crying to be used up before it had to be tossed.

As I was making the muffins, I could tell that they were going to turn out well due to the elasticity in the dough, not to mention the yummy smelling cinnamon and the raisins. I don’t like walnuts in my muffins so I left them out of the dough and just put some on top of the muffins before baking them. Somehow finding walnut in the middle of a bready bite does not make me happy, but when I know I’m biting into a nut on top of the muffin I feel like the muffin is better somehow. Is that weird? I did find that I had to bake the muffins longer than Maggie suggested, and even then they were a little on the moist side. I noticed that Maggie often makes them in mini muffin tins and I think that would be a perfect solution. However, both the DH and I gobbled them up so I can’t really say this moistness was a problem. Instead, the problem was that I didn’t make a double batch! Next time I might make mini morning glories, just because they are so darned cute and faster to bake. And yes, there will be a next time. Oh yes, there will be more morning glory muffins. Now, please.

Because I love bread and found Maggie’s recipe very compelling, I just had to try her Nutty Sandwich Bread. I used all sorghum flour because sometimes garfava is a little tough on my stomach, and I used walnut meal that I ground in my clean spice grinder. The batch came together quickly. I noticed that Maggie used two bread pans but when I mixed up the batch, I felt like I could easily just make one nice fat loaf, so I used one 8*4 pan. It rose beautifully and baked up even prettier, so I was happy with my decision. I sprinkled the top with sunflower seeds and just looking at that gorgeous loaf (not to mention smelling it) made me smile.

It made the perfect loaf of bread for toast or sandwiches. Toddler Yum enjoyed it freshly made with the crusts cut off and some dairy-free margarine. I liked it with baba ghanoush, avocado and garden lettuce, with almond or peanut butter, and also in a super yum creation of mine involving hummus, sliced lyndsay olives, and organic arugula. *drool* The DH also gave it thumbs ups.

The one thing about it was that either the walnut meal or the baking soda made me feel weirdly like I was eating banana bread without the banana. Something about the texture felt more like a quickbread than a yeast bread, but the flavor was terrific. I would definitely make this again any time I needed a good gluten, dairy, and egg free recipe. No wonder Maggie is such a powerhouse in the blogging world, with these terrific recipes! I’m so glad I finally adopted her and explored her yummy baked goods.

You can find more of Maggie’s recipes at the site she co-founded with Amy Green of Simply Sugar and Gluten-free, The Balanced Platter.

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6 Responses to “Adopt a Gluten-free Blogger: Maggie from She Let them Eat Cake”

  1. Sea – this looks yummy! I’m always on the lookout for new GF bread recipes. This one looks like a keeper. And I LOVE the hummus, olives and arugula combo. Great idea! I’m having company for lunch. I think I’ll get to work on this as I have all the ingredients. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Sea! Thank you so much for the lovely adoption post. It was a pleasure to read. Your muffins look glorious. I need to remake them so I can snap a shot like this. I tried to make the bread in one loaf pan but found it never cooked through, yours looks perfect. How long did you cook it for? Thanks for adopting me Sea. I’ve always admired your work so I’m feeling very honored! xo

  3. I can’t wait to make this bread, it looks so good! Especially after my last disastrous attempt when I put it in front of my heater to rise “faster” while not paying attention…leaving me with goopy dough lava-ing on the floor. This one seems much simplier with the ingredients list thank goodness, thanks for sharing!

  4. That loaf of bread looks so fluffy and nice! Might have to check her recipe out!

  5. This is a great idea and I’m going to try it out ASAP. Thanks for the info and your bread looks amazing!

    I just went to the link for the recipe and I’m preparing my list of things to buy at the store as we speak.


    Grandma Kat

  6. [...] years of hearing wonderful things about Maggie’s blog at She Let them Eat Cake, I finally went ahead and adopted her, trying two brilliant recipes. I made her nutty bread with home-ground walnut meal and her amazing egg-free, flourless morning [...]

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