Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger: May Edition

We had a small but powerful contingent participating in Last month’s edition of Adopt-a-gluten-free Blogger and I hope that we can have even greater participation this month! C’mon, you know you want a gluten-free blogger of your very own!

Participation is simple.

1) Pick a gluten-free blogger whose recipes you admire and adopt them by commenting on this post with your name, blog name and their name and blog name.

*Blogger’s recipes must all be gluten-free or have a way to sort and read ONLY gluten-free recipes
*Please pick a different blogger every time you participate

2) Pick one (or two!) of your gluten-free blogger’s recipes to try.

3) Make the recipe, photograph it and write a post in your blog introducing the blogger and their recipe. Link back to this event announcement in your post.

*Follow the recipe as written, as closely as possible. And, please don’t print their recipe on your post- just provide your reader a link to their original recipe.

4) Email me at adoptaglutenfreeblogger[at]gmail[dot]com with your photo of the recipe, the URL of your post, name of the recipe and the URL of the original blogger’s recipe post.

*Note: This is a new email set up just for this event. Hopefully this will make it easier to keep track of entries. If you have general questions, please don’t email me at this address but post them here so everyone can read the question (and answer). Companies are NOT welcome to email me at this address, unless a representative is planning to adopt a blogger and write about it. ;) And by companies, I include a certain blog aggregator that won’t take a hint.

5) Post YOUR POST’s URL in a comment to this post, and if possible please try to visit two other blogger’s posts that are posted here (and comment!).

*The goal is to make this event more interactive and fun!

Sign up BEFORE May 27th (loose deadline; late sign-ups are ok)
Post your Review and Email me by June 3 (firm deadline, no foolin’)

If you don’t have a blog, you are still welcome to adopt a gluten-free blogger. Sign up to adopt a blogger, write a review of one of their recipes, including your name (or pen name), the recipe URL and recipe title. Then take a photo of the completed recipe (if you can) and EMAIL ME the review and photo. I’ll create a special page just for our non-blogging participants and post it for you.

I’ll start the adoptions by adopting …..Diane of the Whole Gang!
(I was also seriously tempted by recent recipes at Karina of Karina’s Kitchen and Kate of Gluten-free Gobsmacked but have already adopted them in the past… I’ll leave them to you guys.)

Adoption Sign-Up Sheet:
1) Diane of the Whole Gang (adopted by Sea of the Book of Yum)
2) Ellen over at i am gluten free (adopted by terri faking it gf style)
3) Linda at the Gluten Free Homemaker (adopted by Rachel, Living Without Wheat)
4) Karina of Karina’s Kitchen (adopted by Karen of Gluten-Free Sox Fan)
5) Brian at Fire and Salt (adopted by Jessie of GlutenFree4Goofs)
6) Cassandra from Delightfully Gluten Free (adopted by Thomas of GFCF Experience)
7) Elana from Elana’s Pantry (adopted by Diane of the Whole Gang)
8) Mike at Gluten Free Blog (adopted by Stuart)
9) Renee from Gluten-free Vegan (adopted by Metta of Lifes Delights)
10) Sheri at Just Not Dinner (adopted by Emily of Gluten-Free Expedition)
11) Heather at Celiac Family (adopted by Linda)
12) Gina at Gluten-Free Gourmand (adopted by Dave at Gluten Free Portland)
13) Natalie at Gluten Free mommy (adopted by Heather)
14) You pick!

If you sign up and cannot complete this event by June 3rd for any reason, please email me immediately at adoptaglutenfreeblogger[at]gmail[dot]com and let me know. Please ONLY use this email account for Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger relevant emails.

Can’t find a blogger to adopt or looking to meet some new gluten-free friends?
Visit my Gluten-Free Blogroll

Example of an Adoption Post

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23 Responses to “Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger: May Edition”

  1. i have not participated in awhile but i would like to adopt ellen over at i am gluten free

  2. Rachel, Living Without Wheat and I’d like to adopt Linda at the Gluten Free Homemaker

  3. Hi! I haven’t participated in ages either, but want to now. I want to adopt Karina (Karina’s Kitchen) because I really want to make her orange cream cupcakes.


  4. I will adopt Brian at Fire and Salt

  5. Hi Sea – I would like to adopt Cassandra from Delightfully Gluten Free.

  6. I love participating and I’m excited/nervous about being adopted by the gal in charge. Thank you!

    I’m adopting Elana from Elana’s Pantry. Maybe I’ll even try to bake!

  7. I’ll adopt Mike at Gluten Free Blog.

  8. I’ve never participated before, but would like to give it a try. I would like to adopt Renee from Gluten-free Vegan.

  9. Hi Sea – I would like to adopt Sheri at Just Not Dinner. Thanks!

  10. Yeah! I’m not too late. I’d like to adopt Heather at Celiac Family.

  11. Hi I’m Dave at Gluten Free Portland dot Org and would like to adopt Gina at Gluten Free Gourmand.

  12. I was happy to see that Natalie at Gluten Free Mommy is back to blogging this week. If I’m not too late, I’ll adopt her.

  13. I made Lazy Risotto a la Rice Cooker from Renee at Gluten-Free Vegan. The risotto was very good!

  14. [...] 31, 2009 I have big plans for my “debut” at the Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger Event hosted by the Book of Yum.  Pizza is the recipe for [...]

  15. I made Beef Barbecue Sandwich from Linda at The Gluten Free Homemaker. Super yummy!!

  16. i know the deadlines for posting are firm but my ds lost the cable to my camera and i hate to post without pics to do it justice so i am hoping the new cable will be here today or tomorrow

  17. My post is up now, I guess you can see that above from the link but here it is officially
    I made Brian’s Pizza from Fire and Salt. We polished off two pizza’s in one night!

  18. [...] Posted on June 1, 2009 by Karen Seamaiden (Book of Yum) is again hosting her “Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger” event.  This gives people a great opportunity to try out new and different recipes from our [...]

  19. Here’s my post for broiled Parmesan fish. Unfortunately, my picture got deleted.

  20. My post for Gluten-Free Mommy’s Sesame Chicken is up.

  21. Sorry. That was the wrong link for my post of Sesame Chicken. Let me try again:

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