Adopt a Gluten-free Blogger October Roundup

As I write this adopt a Gluten-free Blogger roundup I am torn between elation and shame. I am elated because once again, we had a magnificent turn-out for this event, with record numbers of participants joining in for adoptions and the creation of gorgeous gluten-free food. However, I am also ashamed because despite my very best intentions, I was not able to complete my own adoption post. You see, here at the Yum household, we recently purchased a house in the Bay Area. This was a very new and different experience for me. Up until this point I have lived out my youth as a renter. Generally I have lived in corporate-type apartments because they tend to allow those of the feline persuasion, although they charge a fee for said lenience. The search for a home to call our own involved a ridiculous amount of searching, tearing out of hair and weeping in the night due to the fact that at our budget it seemed like we could only afford a moldy, crypt-like condo set on quicksand. Hello, San Francisco faultlines! However. After several unsuccessful offers, we finally found a place we wanted to call home sweet home, or the House of Yum, if you prefer. Around the time our deal was closing, I decided it would be a fantastic time to host my blog event AND adopt a blogger. I couldn’t help myself. How hard could it be to move with an active 15 month old child, two geriatric cats and more cookbooks than the Library of Congress? The answer was, very very hard. I also decided I couldn’t live without attending the Blogher Food blogger’s conference just as our apartment lease was running out. Was I crazy? Maybe. Maybe meaning yes, when you factor in Comcast’s reluctance to give us internet in a timely manner and my complete lack of a functional kitchen the very week I expected to fulfill my adoption obligations. Oops. Anyway, to make a long story short (too late), I didn’t manage to make my adopted blogger’s food, much less post about it on the internet. Oh, the shame. I cannot tell you how very hard it is to hold my head up right now, as I write this. All I can say is… my very biggest apology to Thomas of the GFCF Experience. I promise to do you proud next month. And, if anyone else wants to adopt you next month- we will share you, and there will be not one but two posts in your honor that month.

Groveling apologies aside… I do believe it is time to have a roundup. This would be a roundup of all the cool, fantastic people who MEET deadlines and fulfill their promises. Unlike me. Oh dear.

Kim of Cook it Allergen-free adopted Jenn of JennCuisine and made her Buttery Pan Fried Butternut Squash and Apple and Fig Pork Loin Roast. Kim admires gluten-free blogger Jenn’s talent as a photographer and chef, and highlighted a recent series on “Gluten-free Substitutions” Jenn recently featured on her blog. Kim’s children gobbled down the Butternut Squash dish without being asked, and the pork loin roast converted an adult fig-hater into a fig-fan. Not too shabby!

Recipes: Buttery Pan Fried Butternut Squash (which turned into her Creamy Butternut and Pumpkin Soup the next night)
Apple and Fig Pork Loin Roast

Deanna of the Mommy Bowl adopted manifest vegan this month and made two recipes for cookies and banana muffins. Deanna likes Allyson’s vegan creativity and her skill with whole grain gluten-free flours like sorghum. The vegan cookie recipe won over a gluten-eating friend and were declared rich and fabulous. The banana muffin recipe won over not just one child, but an entire class of them who collectively exclaimed, “YUMMMmmm.” Sign me up for some of that!

Recipes: Double chocolate chip cookies
Double chocolate chip banana muffins

Kathleen of I Made Toast adopted Jeanne from the Art of Gluten-free Baking and made chocolate sheet cake and dinner rolls. Yum. The successful dinner roll recipe could not have come at a better time, as Kathleen was having a rough time with some new french bread pans. She was ecstatic to find a recipe to satisfy roll cravings. The cake was also a success, and dangerously addicting. Kathleen makes this food sound and look so good I might have to make the recipes myself.

Gluten-free Chocolate Sheet Cake Recipe
Gluten-free Dinner Roll Recipe

BRAND new Gluten-Free blogger Lisa from gluten vs the foodie adopted Nancy of The Sensitive Pantry, and made her Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Maple Marshmallow Creme Filled Whoopie Pies. Lisa’s post gives homage to the Amish, the joys of gluten and dairy-free baking, and yours truly, making it a very fun read. Her photos also put the whoop in whoopie, so please go visit her post and admire them. If you can avoid drooling, you’re a better woman (or man) than I…

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Maple Marshmallow Creme Filled Whoopie Pie Recipe

Lexie’s Kitchen adopted the Ginger Lemon Girl and made her crusty vegan bread and her pumpkin bars. An International Food Blogger’s Conference brought this pair together and led to this adoption. Impressively, her entire family thought Carrie’s bread was the tastiest gluten-free, egg-free bread they’d ever had. They also loved the crumb crust on the pumpkin bars, and found them perfect for Autumn. Mmm, pumpkin bars…

Vegan Gluten Free Crusty Bread
Pecan Pumpkin Pie Squares Recipe

Wendy of Celiacs in the House adopted Scrumptious of In My Box and made her Cabbage with Cumin Seeds and Apple Upside-Down Cake. Since Scrumptious plans her meals each week by what’s in her CSA box, Wendy hoped that she might provide inspiration for her own seasonal vegetables. As Wendy says, “who better to look to for veggie recipes than vegans and vegetarians? They know their stuff and have great recipes!” Not only are there many great recipes on In my Box, but they are beautifully organized. Wendy found Scrumptious’ recipe for Cabbage with Cumin Seeds to be an example of a very simple, easy dish that tastes more difficult than it really is. Further, “the sweetness of the cabbage scented with cumin seeds was perfect with the slightly sweet and spicy salsa topped turkey.” After a bad experience with a mainstream apple cake recipe, Wendy tried Scrumptious’ recipe and was glad she did. Wendy subbed in real dairy ingredients for the vegan because that is what she had on hand, but I’m sure that even as written, it would still have been declared “the moistest, caramel apple, cinnamony best cake.” Sounds delicious!

The recipes:
Cabbage with Cumin Seeds
Apple Upside-Down Cake

Maggie of She Let Them Eat Cake adopted Ricki from Diet, Dessert N Dogs and made her Roasted Beet and Quinoa Salad and Sweet Potato Fries with Gravy. Maggie was trying to tame the sugar demon with some hearty, savory vegetarian fare, and found success with Ricki’s recipes. As she put it, eating Ricki’s food was like eating at a yummy vegetarian restaurant (except for the pile of dishes sitting in their kitchen). She loved the kale salad she tried, devoured the sweet potato fries (a family favorite with a sesame twist) and waxed nostalgic over the miso gravy. Sounds good to me!

Roasted Beet and Quinoa Salad and Sweet Potato Fries with Miso Gravy

Jamie at Cranky Little Redhead adopted Wendy of Celiacs in the House and made her turkey cutlets with mustard pan sauce. Jamie admires Wendy’s success in feeding two teenagers, her beautiful photos, and explorations of her local food markets and gluten free avenues. She also appreciates Wendy’s posts on the joys of canning. After much soul and blog searching, Jamie found a recipe that would work for her family and took two great photos. They were photographed on paper plates because the family is moving. I guess some people still get in adoption posts while moving. *sob*

Recipe: Turkey Cutlets with Mustard Pan Sauce

Debi of Hunters Lyonesse adopted Theresa of GF Comfort Food and made her Gluten-Free Apple Crisp. Debi has been pining for her favorite dessert, apple pie, since she transitioned to a whole foods, gluten-free diet in March. This recipe tempted her to splurge on a little sugar and got her in the kitchen using pastry blender again. The final verdict? “My tongue danced and I felt like I was eating apple pie again. If I don’t have gluten-free pie crust down by Thanksgiving, I’m making this for dessert!” Debi admires Theresa’s “determination and tenacity in seeking out a diagnosis, as well as her willingness to experiment and share with the rest of us.” Well said, Debi. Thank you for sharing your adoption experience with us!

Recipe: Gluten-Free Apple Crisp

Alta adopted Ellen of I am Gluten-free and made her Gluten-free gRawnola. Alta finds Ellen to be a kindred spirit due to their shared love for music, and admires her for managing to squeeze in time for a healthy gluten-free diet and blogging about her mostly vegan, dairy-free, nutritious recipes. Alta found Ellen’s gRAWnola recipe to be a gluten-free, oat-free granola that was lightly sweetened and full of flavor. This recipe alone tempts her to purchase (and use) a dehydrator. Alta concludes: “Adopting Ellen only further confirmed my opinion about her recipes – that gluten and dairy-free definitely does not mean taste-free. Ellen is a genius in the kitchen.” Beautiful post, Alta. You inspire me to make some of that gRawnola in my own (never used) dehydrator!

Recipe: Gluten-free Grawnola

Tia from Glügle Gluten-Free adopted Amy at Simply Sugar and Gluten Free and made her Pulled Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches. Tia has been following Amy on Twitter and participating in her Slightly Indulgent Tuesday event. She also adores barbecue and has missed it because of the gluten often present in the sauce. Amy’s barbecue recipe is made in the crockpot and without sugar, and is super easy, making it an ideal recipe. It turned out great, and Tia says she will definitely be making this again. And again. And again. You know a recipe is a winner when it becomes a candidate for regular recipe rotation on the first try!

Recipe: Pulled Barbecue Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Michelle from Gluten Free Smiles adopted and made a week’s worth of recipes from Gluten-free Gobsmcked. A prolific gluten-free blogger can make it hard to choose just one recipe, as I found when I adopted Karina. Michelle was inspired to make Kate’s Chinese Homestyle Chicken and Rice, Baked Corn Dogs, Pao de Quejo, and gluten-free teriyaki sauce. Michelle has been following Kate for a few years now, and finds her blog to be a wonderfully welcoming site where Kate shares a piece of her kitchen and family. Michelle always leaves Kate’s site with a smile (and a new recipe to try!). What a wonderful recommendation! Michelle comments that some of her favorite recipes include “Kate’s pita bread, sandwich wraps and cheesy quinoa crackers (and if I allow myself to continue I might as well cut & paste her recipe page).” I know just how you feel, Michelle. Thank you for joining us, and sharing a wealth of recipes with us!

Chinese Homestyle Chicken and Rice
Baked Corn Dogs
Pao de Quejo
Teriyaki Sauce

Valerie of City|Life|Eats adopted ME and made my Gluten-Free Quinoa Vegetarian Sushi, Vegan Japanese Quinoa Salad and Indian Vegetable Pulao Recipe. Intrigued by my efforts to infuse Japanese and Indian flavors into quinoa, it made sense for her to adopt the Book of Yum. Her experiments led her to see quinoa in a whole new light, and realize there are many more options for this grain than just using it in pesto or un-tabbouleh salads. Wonderful! She packed my quinoa vegetable sushi in an adorable lunchbox that made me wish she would pack me a lunch. In this lovely complimentary post, Valerie says “even if you do not need to eat gluten-free, I recommend you look at Sea’s recipes – they are based on healthy whole grains, vegetables and spices – and are tremendously satisfying.” Awww, Valerie. *blush* You had me at hello. ;)

Gluten-Free Quinoa Vegetarian Sushi
Gluten-Free Soy-Free Vegan Japanese Quinoa Salad Recipe
Gluten Free Vegan Indian Vegetable Pulao

Ellen at I am Gluten-free adopted Carol of Simply…Gluten-free and made her salt vinegar roasted kale chips. Even the recipe title makes my mouth water! Ellen is a long-time salt and vinegar potato chip addict, and this recipe for kale chips called her name with a siren’s voice. She implores us not to let appearance dissuade us- they give their less healthy cousin a run for their money. Ellen says that she has long admired Carol for her beautiful food pictures and her winning recipes. Carol’s announcement of a book publishing deal made Ellen click her heals together in joy for her. (Can I just inject an editorial awww here? Ellen is so sweet!) She recommends we all give this recipe (and others!) a try. She made me hear the call of the salt and vinegar kale chip. Do you?

Salt Vinegar Roasted Kale Chips

Thomas of the GFCF Experience adopted Debbie of Gluten-free Adventures and made her Bourbon Glazed Grilled Chicken. Thomas introduces us to Debbie as a terrific resource for gluten free information, especially for those living in California. Her blog is filled with links to gluten free resources throughout California and she conveniently divides them between Northern and Southern California. How did I not know this? Thank you, Thomas! He enjoys her video show and podcast,Gfree TV, where Debbie (who is GF) and her husband Mike (who is not GF) review GF products and GF food prepared at California restaurants. He thoroughly enjoyed her recipe for Bourbon Glazed Grilled Chicken. The glaze comes together quickly, has a lot of flavor, and was perfect with grilled chicken. The leftovers were sure to make a perfect lunch for him later, too.

Bourbon Glazed Grilled Chicken

Cheryl Harris of GF Goodness adopted Shirley of GF Easily and made her Blueberry Honey Pie. Cheryl became acquainted with Shirley by chance, and was delighted to find someone who shared her philosophy of REAL food. Simple food. Easy. Yummy. Cheryl applauds Shirley for being a voice of reason and motivator, as well as her role hosting a support group in Fredrickburg, where she inspires many in person as well as online. Cheryl enjoyed both of the recipes she tried (one as adoption, and another as an adaption), and recommends that we all stop by Shirley’s site “for a huge array of delectable treats from the sweet to the savory to home cooking. I mean, she’s even got Tomato Rosemary Mint Ice Cream. If that doesn’t say adventure, I don’t know what does!” I’m with you, Cheryl! Sign me up for some of Shirley’s adventurous cooking!

Recipe: Blueberry Honey Pie

Shirley at gluten free easily adopted Jenny at Creative Cooking Gluten Free and made her Sweet Potato Fries. While Jenny looked to Shirley for mentorship, Shirley found her own inspiration from Jenny who shares many appealing dishes following a gfe-type approach. Jenny mostly uses real food to make naturally gluten-free recipes, only using mainstream processed foods occasionally. Those must be some great recipes, as Shirley declared that “there is not a single recipe on her site that I don’t want to try!” What a recommendation! Although she was drawn to many different recipes, illness in the family put a slight damper on what was practical, so Shirley made Jenny’s oven-baked, simple Sweet Potato Fries. She found them very easy to make, very healthy and absolutely delicious. Her assessment? “These fries made a perfect, colorful side dish for our Tasty Meat Loaf and black-eyed peas last night.” Beyond the recipes, Shirley has found Jenny to be a very supportive, enthusiastic friend to all … whether the subject is food or just life. Jenny has a fascinating personal story behind her blog, so Shirley hopes we will all go and check that out on her site.

Sweet Potato Fries

Last but not least, Jenny of Creative Cooking GF adopted Heidi of Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom and made two of her recipes. In Jenny’s own words: “I absolutely adore and admire Heidi and hope to meet her in person someday. She has been a fantastic help, resource and encouragement to me in my own journey of being Gluten-Free.” You can’t ask for more than that! Jenny found Heidi’s blog about a year ago and instantly fell in love with her blog and recipes, and she often returns to Heidi’s blog for ideas. Jenny took us through the colorful process of making one of Heidi’s soups, and also made her extremely easy and super yummy recipe for raspberry bars. The recipes were a big hit, but this review went beyond the food to honor Heidi as a true inspiration, a wonderful lady and a Wonder Woman!

Sausage and Bean Ragout
Old Fashioned Raspberry Bars

To conclude, every time I host this event I am struck anew with admiration for my fellow gluten-free bloggers. Your recipes inspire, and this event speaks volumes to the power we have as a community to demonstrate just how delicious and healthful the gluten-free diet can be. Further, I think it shows the incredible value of connecting with each other, not just for recipes and a new take on the gluten-free diet, but in forming friendships and bonds that go beyond the kitchen. This roundup has introduced me to a bevy of gluten-free bloggers with their own wonderful take on life, gluten-free and beyond. I am, as always, inspired and touched by the creativity you all brought to this event. Thank you for your participation, your passion, and your kindness in honoring each other.

And now, it is time for me to put aside my laptop and return to my other life offline. Perhaps I will turn to Thomas for inspiration for dinner tonight so that I can write a post this month highlighting what he has brought to the gluten-free community. Whether I do this tonight, tomorrow night, or next week, one thing is certain. You have all inspired me to appreciate anew the possibilities of our gluten-free diet, and the immense wealth offered by these online bonds of friendship we share.

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12 Responses to “Adopt a Gluten-free Blogger October Roundup”

  1. Sea
    Beautiful, beautiful job. Now that we’ve met, I can just hear your voice while I’m reading your very witty apology. I don’t think anyone will hold it against you that you couldn’t complete your own adoption given the circumstances and your humor in describing them. You get extra points for doing such a lovely job summing up the adoptions in such a fun, entertaining way. Great writing in this post.

  2. Great roundup! And, don’t beat yourself up – we’ve all been there with life interfering with blogging. Sometimes you just have to let go!

  3. Sea! this is a beautiful post! and you have WAY more stuff than i to move- i have no cats and and underabundance (is that a word?) of stuff to move into another apartment. and if you’ll notice, i haven’t posted anything lately either-ha! will see if i even get anything else up this month. enjoy your new house of yum and i look forward to next month! jamie

  4. Hello, I just started reading your blog and I think it is wonderful!! I would love to participate in your next adopt a gluten free blogger event and I was wondering where you sign up.

    Thank you!!

  5. Sea – believe me, I more than understand how you never got around to making one of my recipes, considering I have gone through this several times (with a new kid to the mix each time as well!).

    Thanks for a wonderful roundup and more new GF bloggers meet and recipes to try. And, of course, none of this would be possible without your inspiration to have these events – thank you!


  6. How could we NOT forgive you after such a heartfelt apology! Life totally gets in the way! I hope everything settles down and you can get back to normal. Thanks for a great write up!

  7. Sea, I agree with everyone else. You did such a sweet, fabulous job on this post and sometimes as much as we want things to work out, life gets in the way. Congrats again on your first house! That’s so exciting. :-) I have no doubt you’ll do a beautiful job with your adoption next month! Thanks so much for creating this event … I truly love it.

    It was so great to see you again and spend more time together at BlogHer Food than last year. Treasured time, I should add. Hugs to you and the YUM family!


  8. What a wonderful roundup–SO many fabulous dishes to try! I can’t wait to get moving on some of these. And I understand all too well the concept of good intentions and then finding you’ve got waaaaay too much on your plate (figuratively speaking–never too much of these amazing foods!). Congrats on the move and I know you’ll do a terrific adoption next time! :)

  9. Sea, moving is HARD work. We just moved from Louisville to Cincinnati on Tuesday. I’m still exhausted and surrounded by boxes. I nearly thought I was going to be emailing you telling you I couldn’t do my adoption post. Consider yourself forgiven without even having to ask for forgiveness!

  10. Sea – someone important in my life reminded me, a long time ago, that there are two things that if we remembered the experience of doing them, we’d never do again. One of them is moving. The other is childbirth. I’m not in agreement about childbirth – I had great experiences both times. But I’m in full agreement on the moving one. It is a bear bordering on nightmare to move. Throw in a toddler, a husband, and what sounds like a trailor-truck sized cookbook collection (oh, I’m in envy!!!) and it’s no wonder you couldn’t get around to your part of the round-up. Your beautiful writing and heartfelt apology certainly far make up for missing the task. And anyway, there’s always the next month. AND man oh man, the fact that you even conduct the event and pull the round-up together each month is beyond amazing. So, pat yourself on the back (I would do that and hug you if I were there in person) and know that we love and admire and respect you and all of us are grateful for your being a part of our little GF world of bloggers!

  11. Amazing round-up! Especially considering how busy you are. I hope you are settling in nicely after all of the commotion! Congrats on the new house.

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