Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger Roundup: April 2009

Our last Adopt-a-gluten-free Blogger Event had a somewhat muted response, but we still had some great gluten-free discoveries ranging from calzones to pumpkin waffles as a result, and so I think it still qualifies as a success. Note to participants (including myself!!!) – you don’t have to wait until the last few days of the event to post- you can in theory adopt a blogger, make their recipe, and post it that day, even early on in the event! I found myself quite busy (and feeling quite, quite pregnant these days) and so I’m afraid this roundup is a bit late. Better late than never, though, and I hope you all enjoy perusing the reviews and recipes. Sign up post for May edition following soon.

Linda at Gluten Free Homemaker adopted Jamie, the Gluten Free Mom and made her calzones.
Jamie’s Gluten-Free Calzone Recipe

Diane of the Whole Gang adopted Blog Schmog and made her Rock day Taquitos.
Blog Schmog’s Chicken Taquito Recipe

I adopted Susan the Fat Free Vegan and made her gluten-free fat-free vegan pumpkin waffles.
Susan’s Vegan, Gluten-free Pumpkin Waffle Recipe

Trish of Glutenfree in SLC adopted Kerrie of ShaoLin Gluten-Free and made her “seriously good” pizza recipe.
Kerrie’s Gluten-Free Pizza Recipe

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8 Responses to “Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger Roundup: April 2009”

  1. Sea…here is my menu! I am including zucchini on some of the nights where “veggies” are listed. I love zucchini & love to roast it with a little EVOO & sea salt.

    Thanks for hosting!

  2. [...] forget to check out the Gluten-Free Menu Swap at Book of Yum.  Thanks to Sea for hosting.  Also, there are many more menu plans at Orgjunkie, too.  [...]

  3. OK I new to blogging but I know this is just my niche. The kids and I are going Gluten Free in a week. I’m trying to get them prepared and school with be out then. How can I get involved in this exciting event???

  4. Contessa- there will be a sign up post on the 20th where you can sign up in the comments. Click on “Adopt a GF blogger” tab above for info and the link, and/or sign up for an email subscription to the blog to keep tabs on when the post is up. Right now you can look for a GF blogger and recipe to adopt and think about what inspires you.

    What is motivating the switch to a gluten-free lifestyle for your family? Does someone in the family have a new Celiac diagnosis?

    Best wishes,

  5. what a fun event!
    no worries about lateness, you’re such a sweetheart for doing so much.

  6. Ok so, I hadn’t found you yet (I’m fairly new to the blogging world and a busy mamma of 4 so I’m hardly online) but thanks to the ladies who’ve adopted me I finally stopped by. Thanks for your roundup and for your fresh perspective on gluten free AND vegetarian. We are a little country farm so meat is often on the menu (sorry!) but I love to branch out and am trying hard to be a better veggie eater! Thanks agian,

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