Adopt-a-gluten-free-blogger Roundup: June

I adopted Pig in the Kitchen here at the Book of Yum and made her Archimedes’ Gluten Free Bread Rolls (DF,EF, CF) and her Uneasy (VEG) Bean Burgers. Both were a big hit at our house, and the bean burgers may become part of our regular meal rotation.

Lauren of Celiac Teen adopted Natalie at Gluten Free Mommy and made her ooey gooey un-Birthday Chocolate Cupcakes that deserve to be called “devil’s food.” Mmm.

Cheryl of Gluten Free Goodness adopted Gluten-free Hippie and made her scrumptious Chocolate Rose parfait. Cheryl likes the Gluten Free Hippie’s approach using real, whole foods, beautiful colors, and vibrant pictures. This recipe made her wonder why she had never paired rosewater with chocolate before and it was a success with her and her rosewater-skeptical DH.

When cookie-fanatic Terri at Faking it GF Style adopted kate of gluten free gobsmacked, Kate’s newest post for XXX sugar cookies caught her eye immediately. The only problem she found was that Kate said the cookies would last a week but they barely made it a day in her house and she was left craving more. There’s only one cure for that… making more cookies!

Lizzie The Good Eatah adopted Melissa over at Gluten Free for Good and made her Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble recipe to rave reviews from her family. According to Lizzie, Melissa used fresh strawberries, rhubarb, sugar, gluten-free flour, vegan margarine and nutmeg and cinnamon to make up this delicious crumble. No xantham gum, no baking soda, no hard-to-find flours — just your basic ingredients, combined and baked to perfection. Even those with discerning palates enjoyed this dish- and Lizzie says she’ll make this dish again and again! Yay!

I was delighted when Rachel the Crispy Cook (Formerly wheat-free, meat free) adopted me, Sea of the Book of Yum at the last minute to make my recent Cilantro Chutney recipe. She harvested two huge bunches of cilantro from her garden, and found that grinding it in her food processor produced just enough chutney to fill twelve spots in an ice cube tray. She froze this overnight and then popped out the cubes into a freezer baggie to be pulled out well after cilantro season for spicing up raitas, yogurt dips, and zipping up her canned salsa. I’m so glad the recipe turned out to be so timely!

Thank you to all our participants for continuing the Adopt-a-gluten-free-blogger Event, and thank you to all our adopted GF bloggers for being so gosh darned inspiring! I’m looking forward to seeing what all of you will be up to in the kitchen this summer, and hope to see you in the next installment of the event.

Don’t forget to sign up and adopt your own Gluten-Free blogger this month!
Cheryl at Gluten Free Goodness is hosting the event for July and the event is NOW OPEN and will be accepting adoptions and posts until August 11. Thanks, Cheryl, for taking this on while I’m in Japan! (Note: Posts at Book of Yum will be continuing as normal this month, thanks to the miracle of delayed publication- so keep visiting and commenting, readers!)

Odds ‘n Ends: We had a few postponements this month- hopefully the posts can be completed in time for next month’s roundup, ’cause some awfully tasty recipes have been selected by these bloggers!
2) Naomi Poe of Gluten Free, not Gluten-freaky (adopted by Lynn)- postponed
4) Sheltie Girl at Gluten a Go Go (adopted by Thomas)- postponed due to plumbing disaster!
7) Naomi at straight into bed cakefree and dried (adopted by Esther)- postponed???

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