Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger Today web event- February

event2.jpgI’ve been thinking about something for a few weeks now… Some time ago I came across mention of an blog “adoption” event where a blogger would “adopt” another blogger and try one of their recipes and blog both about the blogger and the recipe. Apparently this event is not currently running, but it made me think that it would be really fun to do something similar with the gluten-free blogging community. I have to admit, sometimes I get so caught up in my collection of cookbooks and saved online recipes that I don’t always get around to making the amazing recipes that others are making. And this is truly a shame, because if hadn’t been for other GF bloggers, I would never have tried things like Maki’s Black Bean Burger’s, Erin’s AMAZING baked polenta fries, or Shauna’s avocado ranch dressing, not to mention all the great recipes I’ve gotten from BytheBay’s blog. I’ve made so many of her recipes that I might as well move into her kitchen, for pete’s sake. I know that there are many amazing, really well known GF blogs out there, but in this case it will be less fun if we all pick the same person, so I suggest that we each “adopt” a different GF blogger and stake our claim in the comments to this post. Please post your name (or nickname), the name of your blog, and the name of your adoptee and their blog. Include their URL if you like. I’ll start the ball rolling like this:

I’m Seamaiden, at the Book of Yum, and I’d like to “adopt” Karina, the Gluten-Free Goddess this month because… I love her philosophy, love of life, and artistry, and am a huge fan of both her blog and recipes but somehow haven’t tried as many as I’d like to.

Now I’ve “adopted” Karina for this month, and so other bloggers *sniff* can’t “adopt” her THIS MONTH. (But next month her blog is fair game!) I will write a post sometime in the next two weeks (Deadline: March 9) about Karina, her blog, and a recipe that I tried recently. I think it’s probably best to just link to your adopted blogger’s recipe rather than posting it in your blog. Please follow your chosen blogger’s recipe as printed, making only minor changes for reasons of allergy or veg/non-veg diet.

I’ll keep a running list of bloggers that have been adopted at the bottom of this list. If we get repeats, the blogger who posted their claim earliest “gets” the blogger, and I’ll contact any bloggers who need to pick a new blog. (This is so we can discover the maximum number of GF bloggers and recipes!)

Once you adopt a blogger, you have until the event end date (2 weeks from opening of event- this month until MARCH 9th) to try a recipe and blog about blogger and their recipe. Link back to this event announcement in your post and email me at SEAMAIDEN399[at]gmail[dot]com with your name, blog name, your chosen blogger’s name and blog name, URL of your post about your blogger AND, if possible, a pretty picture you took of their dish that you made. I will do a round-up here after March 9th.

*To be eligible, your blogger must either be a gluten-free blogger OR consistently blog gluten-free recipes with a gluten-free tag for recipes that makes them easy to find. New GF bloggers would be terrific candidates for “adoption.” Recipe must be GF as written by the original poster.*

I’d like this to be a monthly event, and it would be great if we could get volunteers to host future months. The next event period would be from March 24- April 7. If you’d like to host next month, please email me or post in comments. :)

*You don’t have to host recipes at your site to ADOPT someone and blog about their recipes. Also, for those who are adopted- don’t worry! You don’t have to reciprocate and adopt anyone (not even the person who adopted you) unless you want to.. :) It would almost be more fun if people Didn’t automatically adopt the person who adopted them- to maximize the new blogs you get exposed to!

Our Adopted GF Bloggers, for the February 25- March 9th “Adopt a GF Blogger” Event
1) Karina, the Gluten Free Goddess [Adopted by Sea at Book of Yum]
2) Natalie, the Gluten Free Mommy [Adopted by Kate at Gluten-Free Gobsmacked]
3) Ellen from I Am Gluten Free [Adopted by Heather at puff.muffins]
4) Sheltie Girl from Gluten-a-go-go [Adopted by Rachel at Wheat free meat free]
5) Sea from Book of Yum [Adopted by Naomi of The Accidental Vegetarian]
6) Naomi of Straight Into Bed Cakefree and Dried [Adopted by BytheBay of Gluten Free By the Bay]
7) Carol of Simply Gluten Free [Adopted by Naomi of Straight into Bed Cakefree and Dried](postponed for next month)
8 ) Carrie from Ginger Lemon Girl [Adopted by Carol of Simply Gluten Free]
9) Mrs. GF from Gluten free recipes for life [Adopted by Carrie of Ginger Lemon Girl]
10) Cindalou of Cindalous Kitchen Blues [Adopted by Natalie of Gluten Free Mommy]
11) Katherine, the gfcf Mommy [Adopted by Thomas of the GFCF Experience]
12) Christian at Stephen’s Recipes [Adopted by Cindalou of Cindalous Kitchen Blues]
13) Melissa at Gluten-free for Good [Adopted by Sally at Aprovechar]
14) Lyra of The Gluten Free Hippie [Adopted by Orla of Great Mastications]
15) Kate at Gluten Free Gobsmacked [Adopted by Sheltie Girl]
16) You pick!

You are welcome to use one of these Event Images in your post:

event2b.jpg event1b.jpg event3b.jpg

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48 Responses to “Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger Today web event- February”

  1. I’m new to the Gluten Free life, and am in the beginnings of setting up my gluten free blog. I haven’t actually created any recipes yet… mostly because I’ve been relying on cookbooks, and prepared food. Can I still participate? Maybe I should wait for one of the future events.

  2. P.S. I meant to say that I think this is a wonderful idea!

  3. Hi Heather, You are more than welcome to participate! All you have to do is write a post in your new blog about your chosen blogger and their recipe. You don’t actually have to get adopted back, although the possibility certainly exists, especially once you have some recipes posted. I’m looking forward to seeing your new blog. If you don’t get it posted in time for this month, maybe you can join us next time. :D
    Best wishes and good luck,

  4. Thank you, Sea! I’ll get back to you once I decide to who I want to adopt. :)

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  6. AY! March 9th? Oh lordy, lordy! GOnna have to reorganize the calendar and get a move on. Sign me up to adopt Natalie and Gluten-Free Mommy, please!
    This is a GREAT idea, Sea.
    I’ve been wondering about this type of activity too.
    You’re GENIUS, girl! :)

  7. I’m Heather, at puff.muffins and I wish to adopt Ellen from I Am Gluten Free. :)

  8. I am always bookmarking recipes from Sheltie Girl’s Gluten A Go Go, ( so I would like to claim her blog for this event.

    There are so many good recipes of hers to try, but I’m going to attempt a Coca-Cola Cake as soon as I figure out what in the world kudzu powder is.

    -Rachel, Wheat-Free-Meat-Free

  9. I’m in — of course you know I’m horrible with details, but I’ll try to get this right.

  10. [...] While I figure out how to get myself ready for a hotel, I know I will wear off the anxiety by baking and cooking a little. In fact, I think maybe this is the perfect time for me to get some baking down from my “Adopt-A-GF Blogger” event with Seamaiden at Book of Yum. I’ve “adopted” Naomi from Gluten Free Mommy. She’s got a million recipes I’ve had my tummy eye on and now is the time to get them done. I think I will start with her much raved about sandwich bread. If you have an inkling to adopt a GF Blogger, please check out Seamaiden’s event idea here. [...]

  11. I’d like to adopt Naomi of Straight Into Bed Cakefree and Dried:

    Hope she’s okay with that!

  12. Yay! Gluten-Free Bay! I’m thrilled to be adopted – it gives me a little warm glow of belonging, and don’t we all just want that?

    I would like to adopt Carol of Simply Gluten Free.

  13. Just realised that I didn’t say who I am… doh

    I’m Naomi of Straight into Bed Cakefree and Dried and I’m adopting Carol of Simply Gluten Free.

    x x x

  14. Jennifer the GF Mom Says:

    Don’t have a website… never blogged in my life… but think all of you are amazing and wonderful (and probably a touch insane, but that’s OK too). Have been cooking GF for 5 years and gotten pretty darned good at it, so maybe it’s time to start recording some of my successful recipes somewhere other than my beat-up personal cookbook. But until then, I’m going to take advantage of all the largesse out there and instead of adopting one site (since I’m not a blogger anyway so I’m no help at all) I’m vowing to visit a different one each week. Thanks to you all!

  15. Thanks Naomi for adopting me, you have passed that warm glow on to me! I’m in and I would like to adopt Carrie from Ginger Lemon Girl; at

  16. That’s a great idea.. I’m not joining in this time considering my due date is 8th!! As you say there will be other months though.

  17. I’ve adopted Mrs. GF, Gluten free recipes for life! We have to brag about her fabulous recipes while she is away at Disney World!

  18. Dear Participants,
    I’m absolutely thrilled by the response this event is getting and I want to thank you all. I think this will be really fun and I’m looking forward to seeing your posts!

    And hugs to Naomi for adopting me, sniff!

    Thanks for commenting! If you like, you’re welcome to post a comment on the blogs you visited on the roundup post. I think it would be really nice to hear about your experiences!

    Hi Esther,
    My goodness, I had no idea! Congratulations and we will hope to see you later after your beautiful baby is born. Thanks for commenting and leaving your blog URL- I’ll definitely be visiting you in the future!


  19. I am adopting Cindalou .

  20. Hi Sea,

    I would like to adopt Katherine, the gfcf Mommy, at

  21. Hi Sea,
    Thanks for reminding me about your spinach pie. I oogled that back when you made it and forgot about it until now! I’d adopt you and make that, but you’re taken. Perhaps next month… if I can wait that long :)

    I’d like to adopt Christian at Stephen’s Recipes. His coconut yogurt looks perfect since I’m craving yogurty goodness for my curry dish but don’t do dairy. I was just thinking I’d try some on my own, but Christian looks as if he has it made (pun not intended). I’ll be sure to post the yogurt and whatever recipe I use it in. Thanks for the adopt event, great idea Sea!

    Thanks for adopting me, Natalie! I’m looking forward to you making a recipe of mine BETTER and more appealing. Your pictures are gorgeous!

  22. Ooh, decisions, decisions. I’m glad you’ll be hold this monthly to let us move from blog to blog, because there are a million gluten-free blogged recipes I want to try! I’ll be happy to host it in April or May; March is crazy for me.

    Anyway, I’m Sally at Aprovechar, and I’d like to start by adopting Melissa at Gluten-free for Good:

    I am impressed by how Melissa creates flavorful gluten-free recipes while keeping a focus on great nutrition (and sharing her vast knowledge about that nutrition).

  23. I’m another one you can count on for next month. this month I’m a little unorganized and scattered.


  24. I really appreciate you guys telling me you’re interested in participating next month- I wanted to test the waters for making this a regular event and now I feel great about continuing it in the future! Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing you next month!


  25. What a great idea! I don’t really have any recipes to share since my blog focuses on product reviews, but I look forward to reading about everyone’s experiences.

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  28. I’d like to adopt Lyra, The Gluten Free Hippie (and, a fellow Canadian ;).

    This is a fantastic thing to do – thanks for getting this up and running, especially for us newbie gf bloggers -I’m dairy free, legume free, tomato free and sugar free too ;)

  29. Sea – This sounds like great fun. I’d like to adopt Kate at Gluten Free Gobsmacked.

    Thanks for hosting!

    Sheltie Girl

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  32. Ack! I only just stumbled across this (I seem to have been in hiding lately.) I absolutely want to participate in the next round. I can’t wait!

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  35. Sea — I love this idea and am so thrilled Sally adopted me! Sniff, sniff, I can’t do it this time around (too many deadlines looming), but I really appreciate you putting this together. What a treat! Love you guys.
    In good heatlh,

  36. Ugh! I suck. There is just no way I can complete this by the deadline – I am have two tests tomorrow and right afterwards I leave for the Bay Area (did you get my e-mail?) I will have to post the results for next month’s event I suppose.

  37. I’ve been too busy with the new site for this month but I am definitely in next round!

  38. Love this idea! I’ve adopted Karen at Only Sometimes Clever and her wonderful Korean Chicken Soup recipe :)

  39. [...] Cindalou’s addition of the cinnamon because it complimented the cake very well. Thank you Sea at Book of Yum for hosting Adopt-a-Blogger and thank you Cindy and Jon for a fabulous flourless chocolate cake [...]

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  47. Hi,
    Is this still happening? It is a fabulous idea. I’ve only been gluten free since Oct 2008. Finding so much on the internet. I frequent Gluten Free Gob Smacked and as I have a bit of a sweet tooth and 2 teenage boys and hubby, I look for snacks for their lunch boxes that I can eat as well, so I don’t have to make 2 different things. I came across the Homemade Gluten Free Oreos on Gluten Free Gob Smacked. OH SO YUM!!!! Even all the males in my house think so. So if your adopt a Gluten Free Blogger is still happening I would like to Adopt Kate at Gluten Free Gob Smacked. Thanks.

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