Announcing the Birth of Baby Yum!


I’m sure many of you have noticed that I haven’t been posting as much lately- and if I hadn’t set some posts to auto-post last week ahead of time, you would have found the Book of Yum extremely quiet. The reason was… early Sunday morning, about a week before my due date, I went into labor. birth3After some frantic time trying to get last minute things taken care of, we drove to the hospital. I was admitted, but the fun was only just beginning. What we hoped would be a relatively simple birth got more complicated when stubborn little Baby Yum refused to come down. We tried induction measures but after 38 1/2 hours were advised to proceed to a C-section. Doh. The latter was not the most pleasant experience in the world, but hearing my daughter’s bellows made it all worthwhile, and seeing her little face and kissing her little cheek while she squinted at me was a moment I will always treasure.

Things were going beautifully until about the third day when we intended to check out early. A random stats check of baby’s temp revealed baby had a fever and she got whisked off to the NICU before we even knew what was happening. After every test known to man was performed on our helpless darling, she was finally proclaimed a “well baby” and we got to bring her home at last. I’ve never been so glad to be home in my life. Don’t let me even get started on the stress of staving off formula-crazed nurses and keeping them supplied with pumped milk.

Even then things were stressful as I’d completely run myself into the ground and caught a cold. (Perhaps her original cold?) I had few symptoms besides a slight fever but was terrified of getting her sick again. Now several days later the DH seems to have it- but so far our darling Baby yum is still well…all fingers and toes crossed.

We welcomed Baby Yum to the world on July 13th at 8:21 pm, at 7 lbs. 5 oz.

We love our Baby Yum!!!


Here’s a recipe I threw together when I was suffering nutritionally and stressing about feeding the baby. Nutritional yeast is supposed to help provide lots of vitamin B and may even help with lactation. Maybe it was just because I’d had one too many Amy’s meals, but this snack really hit the spot. If this is a bit much for you, you can try nutritional yeast sprinkled on popcorn with margarine or butter and a dash of wheat-free tamari, or try one of my many nutritional yeast tofu recipes, or try a similar recipe with gluten-free pasta, canned tomatoes, margarine and nutritional yeast that I also enjoy. You can also grind up blanched almonds half and half with nutritional yeast in a spice mill (or non-coffee use coffee grinder) and sprinkle it on almost anything. Yum! and Nutritious too!

Momma’s Nutritional Yeast Vegan Cream of Spinach
Large handful, bowlful of fresh spinach
pat of vegan margarine
nutritional yeast, to taste
garlic pepper or salt
toasted pine nuts, walnuts, or pecans for extra protein
Microwave spinach until soft. Add pat of margarine and evenly distribute. Sprinkle with nutritional yeast, seasonings, and toasted nuts and combine thoroughly.
Nutritional yeast is a nutritional powerhouse of B vitamins, perfect for new mommas that don’t have time to really cook yet. Nutritional yeast is also said to help with lactation.

Best for vegan palates and for those looking for a jump start in nutrition- not gourmet, but I found it very satisfying.

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26 Responses to “Announcing the Birth of Baby Yum!”

  1. Congratulations – she is so beautiful!

  2. Mazal tov…I am so happy for you. She is quite yummy indeed!

  3. She’s beautiful Sea – Congratulations!

  4. Hooray! So glad you are both doing well. Good luck with your milk supply — I had a tough time with both my girls but stuck with it and it was fine.

  5. Congratulations, she is beautiful!

  6. Congrats to both of you!! Baby Yum is absolutely beautiful. Those are definitely some kissable cheeks. :D

  7. Congratulations!!!! She’s beautiful!!!!

  8. Congratulations!!!

  9. Congratulations! Glad to hear you are both feeling better. I hope you are getting sleep. You’ll need rest to recover from the birth. Mine was almost exactly like yours. Take care.

  10. how wonderful that you and your cutie pie are both well! she is a beauty, and I’m sure this is the beginning of many (many!) years of joy and happiness in your new family. and yay for telling those formula crazed nurses where to go. =)

  11. congratulations to you and welcome to your new daughter! Wishing you all happiness, good health, and a few good nights of sleep very soon! :)

  12. Congratulations on the new addition to the Yum Family! Wee Yum is gorgeous. Thanks for keeping us updated, I am so glad to hear you are all well and well-nourished from the sound of things.

    And that vegan cream of spinach recipe has me craving some nutritional yeast!

    Do take good care.

  13. Congratulations! Enjoy your new beautiful baby.

  14. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. Glad to hear you’re both doing well.

  15. *Sooo* delighted for you both, congratulations! And you deserve a special prize for managing to update us when you have your hands full (and will have for the next 18 years or so!)

  16. Congratulations! She’s gorgeous.

  17. Congratulations! She’s so cute.

  18. Congratulations! Baby Yum looks like a keeper, may she be happy and healthy and get a real name soon.;)

  19. Congratulations to you both on the birth your daughter! Baby Yum is absolutely beautiful :)

  20. She is beautiful!!! Congratulations!

  21. Congratulations! She is beautiful!!!

  22. Congratulations.

  23. Quite the yummiest photos I’ve ever seen. Congratulations and best wishes to the entire Yum clan!

  24. Congratulations, Sea, to you and to all three of you! She is truly gorgeous!

  25. Donna Spencer Says:

    What a beautiful baby!! Congratulations, and thanks for letting all of us know about the pictures. Good luck nursing, and get as much rest as you can!!

  26. Congratulations Sea!!!!! I’m so happy for you. Enjoy your Babymoon.

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