Announcing the sale of our collective D-Tox e-Cookbook

The Story of our Book
Last January I accepted Nicola of GFree Mom’s invitation to join a group of amazing bloggers including Kelly of the Spunky Coconut, Tia of Glugle Gluten-free, Ricki of Diet Dessert N Dogs, Heidi of Adventures of a Gluten-free Mom, Kim of Cook it Allergy Free, Shirley of Gluten-free Easily and contribute a juice or smoothie recipe for an entire month of detox recipes.

Everyone made such fantastic recipes that we couldn’t just let them fade into oblivion. The connection between health and diet was a very special and personal one for Nicola. She had the brilliant idea to put together a D-Tox E-Coobook with the proceeds dedicated 100% to a very special health-oriented non-profit group. After some discussion, as a group we decided to dedicate our efforts to a group called MitoAction helping those with mitochondrial disease.

MitoAction and Their Mission.

MitoAction is a Boston-based nonprofit helping children and adults with mitochondrial disease navigate the complex journey of managing the disease. MitoAction’s mission is to improve the quality of life for everyone affected by mitochondrial disease through support, education, outreach, and advocacy initiatives. Read more about MitoAction.

What is Mitochondrial Disease?

Mitochondrial disease is a genetic, neurodegenerative disorder that occurs when the mitochondria fail to produce enough energy for cell or organ function. More common than cystic fibrosis, mitochondrial disease can develop in both children and adults and is often misdiagnosed. Mito symptoms are varied and progressive, and can include stroke, muscle pain, extreme fatigue, and organ failure. Mitochondrial disease is related to many other conditions, including autism, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

I didn’t know very much about mitochondrial disease before other bloggers educated me about it, but once I learned about the effects of the disease, I felt strongly how important it was that we support those afflicted with this condition.

Our book is dedicated to a young girl named Gwen.

Diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease, Gwen was not able to eat and had to receive IV nutrition. She has spent as much of her young life in the hospital as out, and was the recipient of a multi-organ transplant, which included a new stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, and spleen.

Today, as always, she and her family are fighting to help her live a healthy life and allow her to do as many of the things young kids like to do as possible. Recently, Gwen was to be able to savor a bite of banana! As food bloggers, we live and breathe food, so we’d like to dedicate this book to Gwen.

Download Your e-Cookbook Today!

To download your PDF e-cookbook Eat Fresh and D-Tox Your Life and support the efforts of MitoAction, click here. In this e-cookbook you will find:

Tips like “How to Hide Greens” & “Smoothies and the Color Wheel”

    9 Kid-Friendly and Beginner Smoothie Recipes

      19 “Now I’m Feeling Braver” Smoothie and Juice Recipes including my own for a Mint Mojito Smoothie

        A handful of soups, Detox Tips and More!

          Personal stories from, and hyperlinks, to each blogger’s website

            $10 suggested donation. Click Here to download.

            I’ve never participated in an online community event for a cause before, but I have found this one to be inspiring, not only because of the recipes created by my friends, but because of the idea that we could work together to make something to benefit others in a real, concrete way. I am thinking of giving my close friends and family that would use an online-based resource a copy of this e-cookbook as Christmas presents. I guess it won’t be much of a surprise if any of them read my blog! I don’t know if any of you are interested in having this e-cookbook, but I hope you might consider it. And if not this charity event, I hope this post might inspire some of you to find a cause that speaks to you. The world could use a little more charity, don’t you think?

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  1. So pleased that we didn’t let it all fade into oblivion. ;-). Thanks for your wonderful contribution and kind words! Nicola xo

  2. Thank you Sea for your participation and help!


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