Book of Yum Poll: Pick your Favorite Photo from January!

It is that time of month again! And by that time of month, I mean that it is time for food bloggers everywhere to pick their favorite blog photo for the month of January and submit it to the “Does my Blog Look Good in This” blog photo event. I know there is not much chance of a win with all the brilliant, professional-quality food artists out there, but it’s fun to try and push myself a little bit and create dishes that hopefully show that gluten-free can not only taste great, but it can look great too. With that in mind, please vote in the comments for your favorite photo from January and help me decide, because I’m at a loss at the moment…

swpotato3.jpg bibbinbatop.jpg recipepic_1183_1201280933_1.jpg chaimuffins.jpg recipepic_1172_1199900371_1.jpg

1. Roasted Sweet Potato Dish that darned reflective spoon got in my way, and the food tasted better than it looked, unfortunately.
2 and 3. Vegetarian Bibimbap in an Indian Tiffin I was having fun with textures, but shadows were plaguing me…
4 and 5. Wheat Free Chai Muffins This was probably the most interesting to photograph. I like the composition of 4, but the lighting, if not the background, of 5

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