Book of Yum Poll: Pick your Favorite Photo from January!

It is that time of month again! And by that time of month, I mean that it is time for food bloggers everywhere to pick their favorite blog photo for the month of January and submit it to the “Does my Blog Look Good in This” blog photo event. I know there is not much chance of a win with all the brilliant, professional-quality food artists out there, but it’s fun to try and push myself a little bit and create dishes that hopefully show that gluten-free can not only taste great, but it can look great too. With that in mind, please vote in the comments for your favorite photo from January and help me decide, because I’m at a loss at the moment…

swpotato3.jpg bibbinbatop.jpg recipepic_1183_1201280933_1.jpg chaimuffins.jpg recipepic_1172_1199900371_1.jpg

1. Roasted Sweet Potato Dish that darned reflective spoon got in my way, and the food tasted better than it looked, unfortunately.
2 and 3. Vegetarian Bibimbap in an Indian Tiffin I was having fun with textures, but shadows were plaguing me…
4 and 5. Wheat Free Chai Muffins This was probably the most interesting to photograph. I like the composition of 4, but the lighting, if not the background, of 5

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12 Responses to “Book of Yum Poll: Pick your Favorite Photo from January!”

  1. The wheat free chai muffins, photo 5, the background and blue on blue with the muffins works really well and the lighting is great. I always have to use a flash as my house is so dark with knotty pine everywhere. I was actually thinking of going out and buying some place mats (got the idea from Jaden’s steamy kitchen) and a couple of dishes to use when I take photos. I love the blue table cloth in the last pic, it is a nice tease to the eye, making you want to see more of the photo. Good luck!

  2. #3. I like the colors of your food, so fresh & vibrant. The close up shows the different aspects of the dish & makes it very appealing. I feel I can actually smell the food, which is always a good thing.

  3. AllergicToAll Says:

    i vote for 5!

  4. I vote for #5 as well. Nice close-up detail of the tablecloth in the foreground, then subtle fade out. And the spices look good. All around — good job. Yes, #5 is my vote.

  5. 4 is the nicest one for me. I love the composition and framing of the pic! Good luck!!

  6. #3 I like the colors.

  7. You’ve been tagged! check out my page for details :-)


  8. Oh my – #5 makes me want to lick my screen!

  9. Hi Ginger, thanks for the nice comments. I just bought the placemat in India- I have matching tablecloths, but the table is in the shadowy part of my house so I rarely take photos there this time of year. :)

    Hi Debi, thanks! I have a sneaking fondness for that photo too… ;)

    Hi ATA, Gotcha, seems like that’s the winner so far. :) Thank goodness for you all helping me fight my indecision, haha.

    Hi GFFG, Thank you! The spices kept falling off the muffin… it drove me crazy. heheh.

    Hi Mallika, Cool, thanks!

    Hi Taylor, two for #3 so far… glad we’re getting a few votes for the savory.

    Hi Katie- Screen Licking Good! That should be my new Book of Yum slogan. hahaha. I love it!

    Gee, thanks guys! I know the photos could be better- actually, I’m thinking of upgrading my camera at some point ’cause I feel like the one I have has some definite limitations and it is starting to frustrate me… but I still love my lightweight little Casio. *sniff* Ok! I’ll hang on a few more days and then count up the votes and see which is the winner… Looking like it may be #5 so if that isn’t your favorite… VOTE NOW! ;)


  10. [...] forget to Vote for your favorite photo from January! 1 Comment   1. February 10, 2008 9:03 pm by Sandra Great menu, everything [...]

  11. Well, #3 made me drool in the most, but artistically, I like #5. But what I would like most is for you to visit me and “show” me how you cook your meals. Over and over. For a week or so. I suspect I catch on eventually, like just before you leave. LOL


  12. Hi SS:

    I think No 2. is by far the best. The colours of the vegetables and patties pop against the steel grey of the background and the background echoes the pot. There’s some nice texture going on there and everything is in sharp focus. And the handles of the pot make a pleasing diagonal element that leads your eye right to the most important element — the food.

    Whatever you choose, good luck in the contest. :)

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