Brunch with Bette Hagman’s Biscuits

biscuits.jpg The other afternoon as I was studying, I suddenly felt a craving for biscuits and gravy. And no, I haven’t suddenly gone off the Veggie wagon- I was craving my favorite nutritional yeast gravy. I’ve also been wanting to try more of Bette Hagman’s recipes in her “The Gluten Free Gourmet Cooks Comfort Foods.” Although I love Bette, her idea of comfort foods and mine often differ. Jello salad will NEVER be something I think of in the same sentence as “comfort food.” And sadly, her Summer Aspic and other similar recipes send shivers down my spine. But I do have a secret weakness for biscuits, and occasionally make biscuits using her “Gluten Free Gourmet Cooks Fast and Healthy” bisquik like mix. This time I turned to her newest book to try her Featherlight Biscuits on page 226. Because I never have fresh buttermilk, I used powdered, reconstituted buttermilk, but otherwise followed the simple recipe. It made a easily handled, workable dough which I easily cut out using a 2 1/2 inch biscuit cutter. The only thing was, I ended up with 6 biscuits, so next time I might double the recipe. When DH came home for lunch, I surprised him with freshly made biscuits, steamed fresh organic peas, and nutritional yeast gravy. Ridiculously domestic, no? The whole meal was a resounding success and he made short work of his alloted biscuits. I don’t actually like peas, so I ate a few and enjoyed my own little comfort meal of biscuits and vegetarian gravy. Mmm, mmm, satisfying. I would give the biscuits an 8/10, but probably wouldn’t make them often due to the low nutritional value of the Featherlight mix.

You can find the recipe for nutritional yeast gravy here

doughbiscuit.jpg rawbiscuits.jpg biscuitdishes.jpg biscuitmeal.jpg

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2 Responses to “Brunch with Bette Hagman’s Biscuits”

  1. Sea – these look wonderful! I made GF biscuits a few weeks ago and they were indeed comfort food. I like your idea of serving them with gravy. And peas, when they’re sweet and crunchy.

    Hey, can you email me at I have a question I want to ask you. Thanks!


  2. I have a question about the recipe with the featherlite mix. I’ve made it once successfully as the top for pot pie, then the next two times, I tried doubling the recipe and got something somewhat thinner than cornbread batter….nothing you could roll out at all. Would you send me an email checking the amounts listed in my book or let me email what I used to you so I can compare notes? I’m wondering if I have a misprint in my book. Thanks…my email is

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