California News: Gluten-free Ravioli at Sunnyvale and Mountain View Costco

I don’t usually find Costco trips to be especially worthy of blog posts. However, I just have to share news of a recent find at the Sunnyvale and Mountain View Costcos in California. Thanks to a tip from another gluten-free blogger and friend, I found out that these Costcos are currently carrying awesome corn and rice-based gluten-free Four cheese ravioli in their refrigerator section. Yes, Costco! Who would have thought. They retail for $10 for a 2 pound, 2 part pack. The portions are generous and one pack easily fed our family of three. Now granted, since my Mother is now living with us, we are actually a family of four, but since she can’t have dairy, it was just the three of us.

The company responsible for these lovely ravioli packs is based in Benecia, California and called Pasta Prima. They have NO INFO about this awesome pasta on their web site, and I couldn’t find any articles about it, but it is labeled gluten-free in big print on the front. According to company representatives, “Pasta Prima Gluten Free Five Cheese Ravioli meets all of the requirements of the Gluten Free Certification Organization.” Yay! On a personal note, our family and my friend’s family tried it and didn’t have any reactions. I love that! This pasta was extremely yummy, and an amazingly good price for gluten-free pasta, so if you live in California you might check your local Costco refrigerator case. It was in the middle of all the other refrigerated ravioli and I almost missed it because I am so used to ignoring that section. Luckily my husband has sharp eyes!

I hope you are able to find it and enjoy it as much as we did. They are very easy to make- all you do is boil them in water for four minutes and add a sauce of choice. 18 month old Baby Yum thought it was the tastiest thing ever. And yes, in this photo, she is eating little squares of it with a fork. How she has grown! My husband said it tasted just like gluten ravioli. Unfortunately, and probably of no surprise to any of you, it does contain dairy and egg. I have yet to find any vegan ravioli that is not homemade, alas. This post was an impulsive last-minute thing, so I apologize for the lack of pretty pictures.

Funny story- My friend posted a picture of their baby enjoying this ravioli on Facebook. I thought it would be fun to take a picture of Baby Yum enjoying it for my personal Facebook page as well. Anyway, when she saw this picture on the computer, Baby Yum said “nom nom nom”, hopped down, climbed up in her booster seat, grabbed her bib and tried to put it on while saying “more, more.” How could I argue with that? The girl got another ravioli.

Other favorite gluten-free finds at my local Costco’s:
4 pound bags of TruRoots gluten-free quinoa
Tasty Bite Madras Lentils
Large packs of my favorite Chaokoh Coconut Milk (sans guar gum)
Lovely large containers of McCormick’s Turmeric, Coriander, and Sesame Seeds

Yes, our Costco has a certain international flair. I’m just excited that they are offering these gluten-free ravioli, and by publicizing them, I hope that they may decide to keep stocking them. You know you want some!

Breaking news: A Pasta Prima designer (bless her) shared in the comments that this pasta is available in ALL Northern California Costco locations. If you live somewhere else, request it from your local Costco and hopefully they will pick up this great product.

Note: 99.9% of the photos I use on my blog are mine. However, the above photo is a professional photo supplied by Pasta Prima. (The shame of not having a photo was too much for me, so I emailed them asking for it!)

PS I apologize that this post may not apply to my food-sensitive readers. As you may have noticed, we have expanded our diets to include dairy and eggs as Baby Yum has become able to tolerate them. It has been a huge relief that she did not develop allergies despite the severe case of allergic colitis that she had as an infant, and makes me feel very happy that I stuck it out and continued breastfeeding her. However, I promise that you will still find vegan and allergen-sensitive recipes on the Book of Yum in the future, so please bear with me!

Breaking News 6/27/2011:
Some Costco’s may not be currently carrying the Gluten-free Pasta Prima ravioli. However, it has been picked up Raley’s , Lucky, and Albertson’s stores in our area, so check to see if any of those stores are carrying it.

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20 Responses to “California News: Gluten-free Ravioli at Sunnyvale and Mountain View Costco”

  1. What a lovely find! I guess I can keep my fingers crossed that they’ll be such a huge hit that they’ll make their way to the Nashville Costcos. :)

  2. Wonderful! Can you post a picture of the packaging so that many of us will recognize it next time we are in Costco. Most times I don’t even go down the frozen isle.

  3. Hi Shelley,
    I know, can you believe I didn’t post a picture of the package! It is just that I cut the package in half to prepare it last night, and you can’t see the product name or anything now… The next time I go to Costco I’ll buy another pack and put that up here.

    This will help, though- the pasta is NOT in the frozen aisle, it is in the refrigerator section along with other refrigerator raviolis and pesto. In the Sunnyvale store it is around the corner to the left of the meat counter, with liquor on the other side of the aisle.


  4. Wow! Costco is getting better and better. The Langley one, in British Columbia, has some deccent gluten-free stuff too. I was so excited to find the quinoa! By far the best price. Mine also has rice crackers. I’ll have to go in this week to look for the pasta. I’ll let you know.


  5. I am so excited to read about this on your blog. I am the one of the designers of Pasta Prima who makes this product :] It is available in all Northern California Costco’s in the refrigerated pasta section. Nashville writer – request it from your Costco, the more there’s a voiced need, the more likely they’ll pick it up too.

    We also have another brand called Cafferata that has a Vegan Artichoke Ravioli that is available in Whole Foods (frozen section).

    So happy to hear that you enjoyed our product! Please let me know if you want me to send you an image of the package.

  6. I can’t wait to see if our Costco has these. While I don’t eat cheese, the hubs does. He’ll LOVE these. And it’s so much easier than making them from scratch (though I will admit to enjoying the process!).

  7. What a great find, Sea! I’ve enjoyed one brand of gluten-free ravioli in the past, but it did fall apart pretty quickly. Since you didn’t mention that in your post, I take it that it was not an issue. Love the photo of Baby Yum!


  8. Found it at the Chico, CA Costco! It was in the middle of the other ravioli in the refrigerated section – - just like ya’ll said it would be. Thank you. I’ve been missing ravioli in my dining options. :-)

  9. We found it in the Modesto, CA Costco. Since I’m the only Celiac in the house(and the cook), it’s been a long time since we’ve had decent ravioli. This tasted so much like the ravioli that I used to make BD (b/4 diagnosis) that my DD asked if I was cheating. They held to together great, didn’t stick together at all, and tasted even better this morning.

  10. I just found it at Costco in Rancho Cordova, CA this weekend. It was in the refrigerator section near the salsas. I was not even looking for it when I glanced at the packaging and actually did a double-take. I was shocked to see GF ravioli in Costco.

    We ate it last night and it was delicious. This was a hit at our house!

  11. Just found at Fresno, CA Costco today. Made for dinner for myself (celiac) and my parents (not celiacs) tonight. All 3 of us loved them! Shared the news with other family that is GF. Every one is so excited!

  12. i am having the hardest time cooking these! I bought two packs and put one in the freezer and made one for dinner (friends over). I was so embarrassed when I cooked the first pack because they all split open and the water became cheesy. I cooked it again the other night, read the directions on the back this time (thought maybe I over cooked them the first time). But within the first minute of them being in the water they had split and leaked cheese everywhere. Does anyone else have this problem, what am I doing wrong?

  13. Hi Brittany,
    I’m sorry that you are having issues with the ravioli! I have had a few split open, but it hasn’t been a problem. I did notice that when a pack accidentally froze in my refrigerator (you aren’t supposed to freeze them), that they became more prone to splitting open. I wonder if you got a bum pack that had been frozen in the shipping process?


  14. I discovered them in Santa Cruz, CA Costco last weekend. They are yummy, but don’t cook them more than a few seconds over 4 minutes (as directed)…that’s when they fall apart. Being used to rice pasta (dried type) which you usually cook lots longer than good ol’ wheat based pastas, I couldn’t believe that 4 minutes would be enough. It was! The ravioli were tender and tasty. With 3 celiacs in the family we’ll be buying lots of these.

  15. Can we link to your blog? We like it so much! Robin at Pasta Prima

  16. Of course, Robin, you never need to ask to publish a link to a blog! ;)


  17. This gluten free ravioli is now made with green energy and we’ve included a story of how it came to be on our website. Tell us what you think of the green energy idea!

    Your fan Robin at Pasta Prima

  18. I love love LOVE this pasta. Stumbled across it at Costco one day and was just overjoyed to have it – and it’s so good! This morning I went to pick some up…and sad news, my Costco stopped carrying it, for whatever reason. I came across your blog b/c I googled the pasta to see if I can find it somewhere else and got a hit on your blog. Hoping I can find it elsewhere…

  19. Hello again! We have gluten free distribution now in chain I think is near you – Nugget Supermarkets. We are working on others near you. It will be easier to find us as we have a new store locator in Facebook that lists flavors carried. If a chain carries gluten free, it will be the first listed. I hope this makes it a little easier to find us. We have received so many inquiries about Pasta Prima Gluten Free and are truly honored!!/pastaprimafoods?sk=app_256712701062475

  20. Hi Robin, Thanks for the info! Unfortunately Nugget Supermarkets is not really close to me- I live in Sunnyvale so it would be something like a 2 1/2, 3 hour drive. C’mon guys, BAY area! We wants yous and your pastas!


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