A Magical Snowman Christmas Story from the Book of Yum

December 25th, 2010 yum Posted in Baby yum, Christmas, Holiday, just for fun 13 Comments »

The Princess and the Snowman

Once upon a time, in a yard not so very far away, there was a Princess. Every day, the Princess liked to go on a walk and survey her kingdom.

One day as the Princess was walking through her kingdom, she came across a Snowman stuck in a hedge.

“Oh no! Poor Snowman,” said the Princess, and she disentangled the Snowman from the vines that surrounded his arms and snowman body.

Once the Snowman was free, since he didn’t seem to know quite what to do with himself, she asked him if he would accompany her on her stroll. He seemed to agree, and so the Princess and the Snowman set off together.

The Princess was sometimes lonely while she surveyed her kingdom, and so she was very happy to have company.

While they walked, the Princess told the Snowman all her best stories and jokes. He listened very attentively.

When the Princess was tired, she and the Snowman rested together. It was nice to sit quietly with a friend.

The Princess grew to love her Snowman friend very much.

She loved him so much that she decreed that no Princess should ever be without her Snowman.

The Snowman, for his part, was very happy to have found a home with the Princess. And so, the Princess and the Snowman lived Happily Ever After.

Wishing you a very Magical and Fanciful Holiday Season!
This Holiday Story Brought to you with Love from Sea, the DH, and Baby Yum.

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Happy Halloween from The Yum Household

October 31st, 2010 yum Posted in Baby yum, Halloween, Holiday 11 Comments »

Dear readers,
I was hoping to include a recipe for a dairy-free pumpkin pie soft cream with this post, but I’ve had the flu for a week and a half now and I just didn’t have recipe development in me. However, by some miracle, the one thing I did accomplish this week was Baby Yum’s first Halloween costume. Last year she was such a tiny little thing at three months that I just didn’t see the point of making her a costume. Of course I kicked myself afterwards when we stumbled onto a parent and baby Halloween-crawl in Boulder, Colorado and little Miss Yum was sadly costume-free. I did have a nice cozy wrap to wear her in, so she wasn’t entirely lacking in decoration, but still. This year I determined not to let the season pass us by. I went to Jo-ann’s, picked out a pattern to use in my version of a Ladybug, selected my fabric, and thought myself all ready. I was debating exactly what Halloween tot-fest to attend with Miss Yum when… the plague hit. Oh dear. I did manage to produce a costume, though, and instead of a tot-fest, well, we took Baby Yum down the aisles at Safeway where I endeavored (quite hard) not to cough on anyone. Then we came home and let Baby Yum frolic in the yard of our new house (yay!) and took these photos. I hope you enjoy them. I am banned from answering the door (the DH and Baby Yum will cover for me) but I’m hoping to live vicariously through any trick-or-treaters we get, even if I’m sidelined on the couch.

A Happy and gluten-free Halloween to you!
-Sea, Baby Yum and

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