Yum of the week: Green Tea Latte

March 21st, 2007 yum Posted in Bay Area, Ca, Gluten Free Dining, beverage, yum of the week No Comments »

greentealatte.jpg After my (only) final on Monday, I was ready to relax and enjoy a treat with some of my classmates, so we went to downtown Palo Alto to enjoy some sushi and go to a Japanese bakery, Satura Cakes. I had never been to Satura, but it reminded me a great deal of the beautiful Japanese bakeries set up in train stations and other central urban locations. They had an exquisite selection of gorgeous cakes and cheesecakes, and while I had only hoped that they might have a custard or pudding, it actually turned out that they had a gluten free flourless cake. I am very nervous about ordering anything that is “gluten free” produced in a high risk location- i.e. a bakery, and since I was full from eating more than my share of New York rolls (smoked salmon, cream cheese, and avocado), I played it safe by ordering a green tea latte. The barista foamed the milk, made the tea, and used a squirt bottle to create a lovely leaf design in the foam, and I didn’t feel like I was missing out in the least. In fact, it was so rich and thick, I was the last at the table to finish. (And I couldn’t even drink it all!) Someday when I’m feeling brave, I think I’ll go back, and for the first time, actually eat something at one of these exquisite bakeries- their beautiful flourless chocolate cake. That is, if I can resist having another one of their gorgeous fusion beverages.

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