Gluten-Free Baked Good: Vegan Sweet Potato Biscuit Recipe

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This weekend I embarked on a mission to create a good sweet potato biscuit recipe from scratch. I started with several non-vegan recipes but when I found some recipes online for vegan biscuits, I was inspired to start experimenting with a vegan version. The gluten-free, vegan recipe came together easily and I was pleased to find that it ended up being even easier to handle than the non-vegan version. The recipe celebrates the seasonal flavor of the sweet potato with holiday spices, and includes a sweet variation that elevates a simple biscuit into a dessert. If you want a more savory biscuit, just omit the spices and you can enjoy it with a delicious savory vegan gravy recipe.

Gluten-Free Vegan Sweet Potato Biscuit Recipe
2-1/2 cups Rebecca Reilly Brown Rice Flour Mix* or your favorite tasty GF Flour mix
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 or 2 tsp. xanthan gum (optional)
3/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon (or 1/2 tsp if it is strong gourmet cinnamon from Penzeys)
1/4 teaspoon ground allspice
1/2 cup palm oil shortening (Spectrum organic is a good one, or Whole Foods’ brand)
3/4 cup mashed sweet potatoes
1 small knob of fresh ginger, grated
1/2 cup non-dairy milk (rice, almond, or soy)
For Sweet Variation:
1/4 to 1/2 cup chopped pecans
extra brown sugar

Preheat oven to 450F.

Combine your dry ingredients in a bowl, sifting them if desired, and then cut in shortening until you get coarse crumbs. I like a pastry blender but knives or forks work too. In a separate bowl, whisk your sweet potato, dairy-alternative milk (rice, almond, or soy), and fresh grated ginger or use an immersion blender to get it perfectly smooth. Fold it into the dough but try not to overmix. Once it forms a ball,move the dough to a nice sheet of wax paper. Pat it into a rectangle about 1/2 inch thick and then cut out biscuit shapes.

For sweet biscuits, embed pecans in the top of the biscuit, brush with dairy-alternative milk, and sprinkle with brown sugar. Bake about 14 minutes or until biscuits are cooked and flaky when you tear one open. Do not overbake or they will become dry.

If you want savory biscuits, omit holiday spices and simply brush with dairy-alternative milk. Sprinkle a little flaked kosher salt on top if you like.

Enjoy warm!

Rebecca Reillys GF Flour mix:
Made in bulk, proportions are
2 cups brown rice flour, 2/3 cup potato starch, 1/3 cup tapioca starch. Now please buy her wonderful cookbook.)

BEST the first day they are made. After that, heat briefly in microwave to warm before serving.

DH said they were a bit dense- I overbaked them though… they were less dense before I *cough* left them in oven by accident. However, like many vegan products they are not super light and fluffy. I would actually give them an 8, myself, but I like the flavors.

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Gluten Free Biscuit Recipe: Lowfat Baking with Pamela’s Pancake Mix

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biscuit4.jpgOne of my favorite hearty gluten-free indulgences is a yummy biscuit, preferably topped with some killer (vegan) gravy. I’ve tried many recipes over the years, and I keep going back to Bette Hagman’s biscuits made with her gluten-free bisquik type recipe. But recently, with a surplus of Pamela’s Baking mix to use up ASAP, I’ve been experimenting with some of the recipes on the Pamela’s Product web page. I made the biscuit recipe on their page to rave reviews for DH, but even though I thoroughly enjoyed every buttery bite, I couldn’t help but feel that they were a bit too rich for me to enjoy as a regular dish. And wouldn’t it be nice to have biscuits regularly with my other southern dishes, like southern fried tofu or slow cooked greens? (Yes! Absolutely!) biscuit2.jpgSo I decided to turn things around a bit and instead of using ultra-rich (although trans-fat free) Organic Spectrum shortening for the base of my biscuits, I tried using lowfat cottage cheese, inspired by Naomi’s recent revolutionary croissant recipe- *the original used cottage cheese*. It worked beautifully, and cut the fat AND calories so much I could easily see making these biscuits on a weekly, not a yearly basis. DH gave them a thumbs up of approval, and I was really happy to enjoy them not only for dinner, with gravy, roasted asparagus, and vegetarian refried beans, but for breakfast too. Here’s a biscuit this southern-girl wannabe can really sink her teeth into! The best part is how very FAST this recipe comes together. Dump your ingredients in a bowl, plop them on a pan, stick it in the oven and whalah, almost instant biscuits that are easier to clean up after than muffins. Now that’s what I like to hear. So if you too have a Pamela’s baking mix haunting your cupboard and you’ve just had one too many pancake or waffle recipes this week, why not go Southern with it and whip up a quick batch of biscuits? I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Linked to Gluten-free Wednesdays, biscuit edition.

Pamela’s Gluten-Free Diner Drop Biscuit Recipe
2 cups Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix
1/2 cup lowfat (or fat free) cottage cheese minus 1 or 2 tbsp.
1 or 2 tbsp organic trans-fat free shortening
2/3 cup milk (add an extra tablespoon or two if you prefer a wetter batter) OR buttermilk [Thank you Ginger!!!]

You will get 8 extra large drop biscuits.

Heat oven to 375 degrees.

Combine ingredients, mixing thoroughly but not mixing excessively.

Drop extra-large spoonfuls of dough onto a light colored baking sheet and bake for 17-22 minutes, rotating pan halfway through. Bake until biscuits are slightly browned on top and bottom of biscuit is medium brown. Remove biscuits from pan with a sharp, metal spatula and enjoy!

Nutritional Yeast Gravy
1/4 cup brown rice flour
1/4 cup nutritional yeast flakes
1 1/2 cup water
2 tbsp Braggs GF liquid aminos
2 tsp olive oil
1/4 tsp onion granules
1/4 tsp garlic granules (if desired)
1/8 tsp black pepper
Heat brown rice flour and nutritional yeast flakes in a dry nonstick frypan on a medium temperature, and let them lightly brown and release their fragrance. Take the pan off the heat and slowly add water, braggs, olive oil and seasonings, whisking continuously until mixture is silky smooth. Return to heat and stir until gravy reaches desired consistency.
I serve this gravy every holiday with mashed potatoes and (on thanksgiving) my portabello stuffed acorn squash dish. It’s so easy you can make it anytime, and top brown rice, pasta, baked potatoes or tofu patties. DH enjoys it too, and it’s considerably easier than the typical American gravy made from scratch.
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