Happy Halloween from the Book of Yum- 2011

October 31st, 2011 yum Posted in Halloween, Holiday 5 Comments »

Toddler Yum and I worked together to make her costume for Halloween this year, and it was twice as fun. Last Halloween I had pneumonia so we didn’t do much at all. We made up for it this year by attending a Halloween pumpkin carving party, going out for drinks with our friends in our own costumes, taking Toddler Yum to Great America for their halloween event, taking Toddler Yum to a downtown trick-or-treating, and then taking her trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, all in one weekend. It was a little crazy, but watching Toddler Yum enjoy herself made it one of the best holidays in memory. I hope your holiday was just as fun and full of delight.

We never did get around to sharing the homemade butterfingers with Toddler Yum. Instead I made almond flour holiday cookies from Elana Amsterdam’s The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook in a Halloween cookie tin. Who needs packaged candy?

What are your Halloween traditions, and did you have a costume this year? Share in the comments!

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Happy Halloween from The Yum Household

October 31st, 2010 yum Posted in Baby yum, Halloween, Holiday 11 Comments »

Dear readers,
I was hoping to include a recipe for a dairy-free pumpkin pie soft cream with this post, but I’ve had the flu for a week and a half now and I just didn’t have recipe development in me. However, by some miracle, the one thing I did accomplish this week was Baby Yum’s first Halloween costume. Last year she was such a tiny little thing at three months that I just didn’t see the point of making her a costume. Of course I kicked myself afterwards when we stumbled onto a parent and baby Halloween-crawl in Boulder, Colorado and little Miss Yum was sadly costume-free. I did have a nice cozy wrap to wear her in, so she wasn’t entirely lacking in decoration, but still. This year I determined not to let the season pass us by. I went to Jo-ann’s, picked out a pattern to use in my version of a Ladybug, selected my fabric, and thought myself all ready. I was debating exactly what Halloween tot-fest to attend with Miss Yum when… the plague hit. Oh dear. I did manage to produce a costume, though, and instead of a tot-fest, well, we took Baby Yum down the aisles at Safeway where I endeavored (quite hard) not to cough on anyone. Then we came home and let Baby Yum frolic in the yard of our new house (yay!) and took these photos. I hope you enjoy them. I am banned from answering the door (the DH and Baby Yum will cover for me) but I’m hoping to live vicariously through any trick-or-treaters we get, even if I’m sidelined on the couch.

A Happy and gluten-free Halloween to you!
-Sea, Baby Yum and

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