Adopt-a-gluten-free-blogger-Event: Gluten-Free Lunchbox Tiffin Bento Recipes

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Some time ago, I started an event to help the gluten-free community get to know each other a little better. This event, the “adopt a gluten-free blogger” event, allows bloggers to adopt one of their favorite gluten-free blogger and then blog about one of their recipes that they have tried. Participants send in the URL of their post and a photo of the food they created (but don’t post the recipe of the adopted blogger- just link to it in their post) and then I or other hosts post a roundup of the recipes. It has been a great way to try some new recipes and introduce new gluten-free bloggers to our readers! However, recently participation has dropped a little, so I think it might be time to shake things up a bit and make this event even more fun (and useful for readers).

I’d like to open the first ever Adopt-a-gluten-free-blogger Event with a THEME!

For the September edition of our event, please find a recipe perfect for a gluten-free lunchbox (or tiffin, or bento) posted by a gluten-free blogger. This blogger should either only post gluten-free recipes OR have an easy organizational structure that allows readers to sort by gluten-free recipes. Try the recipe as posted (to the best of your ability) and take a picture of it (in a lunchbox/tiffin/ bento if possible) and write a post about the blogger and your experience with the recipe. Write your post between September 26- October 13. Then email the picture along with the URL of THEIR post (the one with the recipe) and the URL of YOUR post (without recipe is better) TO: Seamaiden399(at)gmail(dot)com. Then when I do a roundup, we’ll have a list of gluten-free lunchbox recipes perfect for back-to-school or back-to-work lunches! The more participants we have, the better for creating a really useful list of lunch time resources!

Another way I’d like to tweak this event would be to have sign ups for various PARTS of the lunch.
To participate, please comment below with your name, blog name, and the blogger you’d like to adopt AS WELL AS one of the following categories:

Carb (may contain protein)

If you don’t have a blog- don’t worry! You can still participate. Just email me your digital picture of the finished dish, the name of the dish and the URL where the recipe was originally posted. You are also welcome to share your experience with the recipe- just add it to your email or comment (including the above information.)

To start us off, I’d like to adopt Asparagus thin in the Dessert category.

Adoption List:
1) Asparagus Thin- adopted by Sea of the Book of Yum- Lunchtime Dessert
2) Kalyn’s Kitchen- adopted by Cheryl of Gluten-Free Goodness- Lunchtime Salad
3)Carrie from Ginger Lemon Girl- adopted by Emily of glutenfreeexpedition- Lunchtime dessert
4) Susan of the Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen- adopted by Rachel of The Crispy Cook- Lunchtime Carb
5) You Pick!

Feel free to use one of my “stickers” in your post!

Enjoy the roundup of the Adopt-a-gluten-free-blogger-event for August
Here’s the announcement of last month’s edition
Here’s an example of a post for the Adopt-a-gluten-free-blogger Event!
(Note: it is best not to reproduce the recipe unless you have permission from the adopted person/ author)

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The Gluten Free Vegetarian Sandwich Recipe: Grilled Portobello and Sundried Tomato Feta Sandwich

August 25th, 2007 yum Posted in Lunch, Mushrooms, Sandwiches, Vegetables, Vegetarian, portobello mushrooms 3 Comments »

sammieingred.jpgFor some time now I have suspected that I was in a vegetarian sandwich rut. When I get busy, I make one of two things- either a GF vegetarian burger with GF bread or a bagel, ketchup, mayo and mustard with fresh basil and tomato slices, or a I make a hummus/avocado/basil/cheese sandwich. They are good, don’t get me wrong, but considering all the variety I usually enjoy in my gluten free feasts, it has occurred to me that my sandwiches/burgers are a little boring. This is why I recently picked up a copy of the cookbook Vegetarian Sandwiches: Fresh Fillings for Slices, Pockets, Wraps, and Rolls and started experimenting with some more interesting sandwiches. This week I made both a black bean veggie quesadilla and a grilled portobello and sun dried tomato feta sandwich inspired by my new book. Of the two, the Portobello sandwich was the real star, and scored big points with the DH, who had freshly returned from an extended camping trip with his dad. The ingredients are simple, but result in an uber flavorful vegetarian burger- and I’ve modified the recipe to be extra calorie conscious. Enjoy!

grilledmushroomson2.jpg sauce4.jpg portsammie3.jpg

Grilled Portobello Sandwich with Sundried Tomato Feta Spread
2 tbsp minced sun dried tomatoes, packed in oil
2 tbsp fresh goat cheese or feta (or well seasoned Mediterranean style tofu)
1 tbsp red wine vinegar
1 tsp olive oil
2 cloves roasted garlic, OR 1 finely chopped fresh clove
1 tsp diced capers
1 tsp mustard
1 tsp water or veg. broth
sugar to taste

2 large portobello mushroom caps
1/2 of a red onion, thickly sliced (or whole onion, I like leftovers)
Pasta seasoning blend (Trader Joes or Spice Hunter)
One tablespoon olive oil
balsamic vinegar, to taste
freshly ground black pepper

4 slices GOOD GF bread, toasted (I used Sesame Bean Bread a la Bette Hagman) OR 2 GF bagels, microwaved and/or toasted, cut in half OR 2 GF crumpets/hamburger buns, etc. [You get the idea]

Fresh basil leaves or your favorite lettuce/arugula leaves etc.
Sliced fresh tomatoes, optional
totally optional: 2 slices vegan cheese OR regular cheese (or not)

Take your spread ingredients and process them in a food processor. Use the strong blade in the main bowl of your food processor. The more power the better. If you used a raw garlic clove, consider microwaving the resulting spread right before using for 30 seconds to a minute to take the edge off. (optional)

Heat your grill. Clean your mushroom caps and prepare a vinaigrette by sprinkling a bit of pasta seasoning in a dish, then adding your olive oil and whisking in as much balsamic vinegar as you want. In an effort to reduce calories, I have been using more vinegar than oil lately, but it’s up to you. Drench or brush your mushroom caps and sliced red onion rounds with the vinaigrette and then grill them until the mushroom is tender and onion has caramelized slightly and both are well done. Don’t forget to turn them over.

Take your toasted GF bread and spread one side or both with your mixture. Layer your grilled portobello mushroom, grilled red onions, fresh tomato slice, OPTIONAL cheese, and fresh basil leaves to taste.

Enjoy your monster burger! If you want to go totally crazy you could add some basil pesto as an additional condiment.

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