Gluten-free Restaurants in San Francisco: Hot Spud

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Hot Spud SF
2640 Mason Street
(Between Jefferson & Beach Streets)
San Francisco,CA 94133
TollFree:(888) hot-spud

Some time back I read a review in GF in SF on Hot Spud, a gluten-free friendly potato-themed restaurant near Fisherman’s Warf in San Francisco. I love potatoes and loved the sound of the place, so at the next opportunity I had to try it out for myself.

As we walked up to the restaurant I was most impressed with the sign that greeted me on the window, proclaiming their food philosophy. “Gluten-free friendly” and “Vegetarian friendly” it proclaimed. I was sold.

When I walked in I asked the chefs which toppings were gluten-free. “Everything except a few salad toppings like the wontons,” they told me. Music to my ears. Then I had to decide which delightful potato creation to order from the menu, no small feat. They also offer salads that are no doubt lovely, with an effort to use organic and local ingredients, but I was looking for a potato experience. I decided on the veggie spud, which is topped with sauteed mushrooms, broccoli, peas, corn, olives, and green onions. After consulting with the chef, I decided to have the chipotle sauce on the side and I was very happy with my choice. Next time I do think that I’d customize my own potato and skip the green peas, as they are one of my least favorite vegetables. Besides, I think it would be fun to create my own potato! Potatoes generally all come topped with butter and cheese and then individual sauces, but I believe that they will leave off that base if you request it.
Given that we were near Fisherman’s Wharf, I couldn’t help but approve of the DH’s suggestion that we order the “Wharf” spud for Kid Yum, a generally mild potato topped with crab, a lemon beurre sauce (a light and creamy sauce), corn, and with green onions and red onions on the side. To my delight Kid Yum thoroughly enjoyed her dish, and even experimented with the green onions and red onions. She liked the green onions, but the red onions were too much for her. Nevertheless, it was a pleasure to see how much she enjoyed her dish, to the extent that she stole our potatoes for herself- “three potatoes, because I’m three.”

The biggest surprise at Hot Spud was the gluten-free dessert selection. Lauren Valentino had mentioned that they had a tasty Gluten-free Sweet Potato Brownie, and that was true.

But they also had a Gluten-free Sweet Potato Cheesecake made with Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free flour blend. Gluten-free cheesecake is not easy to come by, and I am happy to report upon taste testing that this may be the best gluten-free cheesecake I’ve had! The crust was a bit on the sweet side, mind you, but the filling was absolutely perfect and Kid Yum and I lovingly battled each other for the privilege of the last bite. The potato was good and I’d come back any time for another one, but the cheesecake is going to stick in my mind and tempt me to make it soon… So well done to the shop! They advertise on their shop page that they make all of their sauces, which is how they can declare them all gluten-free. Lovely!

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Easy Gluten-free Vegetarian Soy-free Breakfast Burrito Recipe

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When Diane of the Whole Gang invited me to participate in her 30 days to Easy Gluten-free Living, I said yes immediately. I had recently been impressed by the latest cool gluten-free convenience product- the gluten-free frozen burrito. I had visions of a Bobby Flay style showdown. After all, what is easier than popping a burrito in the microwave for an easy and super-fast gluten-free meal? GlutenFreeda has an awesome line of gluten-free burritos in a thin and relatively traditional tortilla made with corn and rice, as well as a new Pizza Wrap. Three of their burritos/pizza wraps are vegetarian. Amy’s kitchen has jumped on the bandwagon with two quite respectable gluten-free burritos with a thicker bean flour-based tortilla, and one is even dairy-free AND soy-free. These are all good emergency staples, perfect for making the gluten-free diet easy in a pinch, but as much as I love them, I decided rather than focusing on gluten-free convenience food you can buy, I’d share one of my favorite easy tricks for making a non-corn tortilla with Chebe mix. I also wanted to make my own soy-free, dairy-free AND rice-free vegetarian take on a breakfast burrito. *Neither Amy’s Kitchen nor Glutenfreeda have a gluten-free, vegetarian burrito that is rice-free.* Somehow I got the idea to use chickpeas instead of soy or egg in a “scramble”, and I was glad that I did. This dish is satisfying, tasty, and easy to make for your family. Chebe is easy to work with, but if you don’t feel like pressing or rolling out tortillas, just use the filling for tacos made with gluten-free corn tortillas. I like La Tortilla Factory’s Organic Sonoma Corn tortillas. They are slightly larger than normal, although not quite as big as a traditional flour tortilla, and have great flavor. This filling shows that it is easy to be gluten-free, vegetarian, and even easy to avoid the top eight allergens and still eat great real food. Hope you enjoy!

Diane from The Whole Gang organized an incredible month of easy gluten-free living. Here is the schedule for the entire month of May.

Shared with Sugar Free Sunday

Vegetarian soy-free Chickpea Breakfast Burrito Filling
1 tbsp. olive oil
1/2 cup diced onion
generous handful or two of grated carrot
2 medium yellow potatoes, cooked and cubed
1 can chickpeas, drained, rinsed and mashed with a potato masher
generous handful or two of fresh arugula, cleaned and chopped
3 tbsp. nutritional yeast
herbes de Provence
herbamare or your favorite salt
1 tbsp. liquid mustard (I like Annie’s)
3 tbsp. tahini, qhisked with water to make a smooth sauce
1 tsp. coconut aminos (or wheat-free tamari if soy is not an issue)

Heat olive oil in saute pan on medium and add it your diced onion. After it turns translucent, add your grated carrot and cook a minute or two. Move onion and carrot to the edge of the pan and add your cubed, cooked potato to the center of the pan and brown, turning once. Add dry seasonings (herbs, nutritional yeast, pepper, herbamare or salt.) When potatoes are nicely brown, fold in your mashed chickpeas. Taste and add additional dry seasonings to taste. Drizzle your liquid mustard over the potatoes and chickpeas and fold in evenly. Drizzle in your tahini sauce. Combine thoroughly and let brown. Then add your chopped arugula and sprinkle with coconut aminos, folding into the potato-chickpea mixture. When the arugula has wilted, taste and adjust seasonings as desired. Use as filling for a gluten-free, soy-free vegan breakfast burrito or on its own as a hearty main dish.
Would be good served with hot sauce or srirachi sauce to taste.
Gluten-free Dairy-free Chebe Burrito Tortilla Recipe
1 package All Purpose Chebe Mix
2 tbsp. olive oil
2 eggs
4 tbsp. dairy-free or regular milk
Combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly. I usually knead the dough with my hands for a few minutes until I have a smooth, round ball of dough. Separate into four balls of dough for large tortillas or six to eight balls if you are using a tortilla press for smaller tortillas. Place a ball of dough between two layers of parchment paper (NOT Wax paper- it sticks) and roll it into a thin tortilla. Heat a pan (nonstick, cast iron etc.) on medium and brown your tortilla on each side until lightly browned. Place warm tortilla on a plate and continue to make the rest. If you are using them for burritos, fill each tortilla while still soft and warm and fold around your ingredients. It will cool and stay in the shape you folded it into. Don’t let the tortillas cool and harden without filling them if you plan to use them for burritos.
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