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Bette Hagman Sourdough SandwichIn an effort to make my chaotic life more organized, some time back I decided to start planning weekly menus. Unless I did this, I would find myself in the middle of some recipe, fumbling through the spice cabinet and cupboards only to find I was inevitably missing the most essential ingredient. So, DH and I would hop in the car at ungodly hours to get that key component from the store. By the time I got back to my recipe, somehow that first rush of excitement would be gone, and I would plod through the rest of my project having lost all joy in it. But no more! Now every weekend I write out a menu, and needed ingredients, and set out to acquire them. (Lest you think I am the only chef of the house, DH contributes and takes some nights as his night to cook.) For a change, I thought I would try posting the weekly menu online. Besides, this way you guys know what you have to look forward to… Although you never know what last minute project I’ll embark on, so don’t you worry, there are still lots of surprises in store… Also, dates are subject to change and mood, so never fear, plenty of spontaneity around here.

Tuesday Indian Cuisine
Chickpea and Spinach Curry (vegan with a vengence)
Gretchen’s Spicy Kohlrabi
Basmati Rice

Wednesday Italian
Spaghetti and Tofu Balls (la dolce vegan)
Brussel Sprout dish, probably roasted (Gluten Free by the bay)

Friday Thai
Spring Rolls with peanut sauce

Anytime Side dishes
Japanese kabocha (pumpkin) salad

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