Gluten-free Allergen-free Amaranth Soda Bread and Sesame-free, Garlic-free Baba Ganoush recipe

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It is ironic that although amaranth is my least favorite of the gluten-free grains or pseudo-grains that I’m eating, I’ve managed to come up with a fair number of recipes using the flour that I actually like. Maybe it is all part of that necessity being the mother of invention thing… however that saying goes. This particular recipe for an allergen-free soda bread is based on one I found floating around the internet without a clear author, but which I’ve modified to suit my tastes. It is crunchy and has a earthy flavor that I find pairs beautifully with a hearty, vegan soup or a creamy, dairy-free dip like my latest riff on baba ghanoush. Unlike most dips, this dip is bean-free, dairy-free, soy-free and even sesame or tahini-free. The fresh cilantro gives it a light, herb note while roasted eggplant gives it body and soul… and homemade sunflower butter stands in for sesame paste. I enjoyed this bread and dip with some luscious kalamata olives and considered myself a pretty lucky gluten-free, allergen-free breastfeeding mama.

Gluten-free Allergen-free Amaranth Soda Bread Recipe
2 tablespoons boiling water
3/4 teaspoon unbuffered vitamin C crystals
4 tablespoons coconut oil or other oil
3/4 cup warm hemp milk (or other dairy-free milk)

2 1/4 cup cups amaranth flour
1/4 cup additional amaranth flour
3/4 cup arrowroot starch
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon caraway seed
2 teaspoons baking soda

kosher salt flakes
herbal blend like Penzey’s Provencal herb mix

Preheat oven to 400F. Cut a circle of parchment paper to cover the bottom of a round cake tin.

Put your vitamin c in the boiling water. If it doesn’t dissolve, whisk it in.

Combine 2 1/4 cup amaranth flour, arrowroot starch, salt, baking soda and caraway seed in a large bowl. Add your water with vitamin C, hemp or other dairy-free milk and oil, and stir with a big wooden spoon. Sprinkle with the additional 1/4 cup of additional amaranth flour and fold it all together. You can mistreat this dough a bit. Beat it up, fold it up until it seems thoroughly mixed and your arm feels tired. Plop the dough onto your cake pan and shape it into a circle about 1 inch high. You can dampen your hands to shape it or use a cake frosting knife to smooth out the edges. Sprinkle with kosher salt and a nice herbal blend and cut an X in the top, just because it is fun and makes it seem more authentic. Pop in the oven. Lower oven temperature to 325 and bake for 55 minutes or until the center is done to your taste. (I like it pretty done and not doughy in the middle so I put it back in sometimes.)

Cut into triangles and enjoy with some soy free margarine, super yummy lemon olive oil, or baba ganoush.

Surprisingly addictive.
Garlic-free Vegan Baba Ghanoush Recipe
1 American style eggplant
drizzle olive oil

2 scallion bulbs
2 tbsp sunbutter (I ground roasted unsalted sunflower seeds with a drizzle of lemon olive oil)
Olive oil (basil or other flavored oil is lovely)
1/4 tsp of salt (or more to taste, especially if using homemade unsalted sunbutter)
handful of fresh cilantro
1 fresh lime
1 tsp agave nectar (optional)
fresh ground black pepper

Cut eggplant in half horizontally and place in baking dish with freshly cut side up. Drizzle with olive oil. Roast on 425 for 20-30 minutes or until flesh is golden brown. Turn over and bake ten more minutes. Then remove from oven and cool.

If making your own sunbutter, grind your seeds and olive oil first in a small food processor or blender. (I have a small powerful food processor that I love for this.) Then scoop out the flesh of your roasted eggplant and add it to the food processor. Add the green onion bulbs to the processor with only a little of the green top if desired. If desired, add a drizzle of your favorite olive oil. I used a Basil Olive oil. Blend until you have a creamy sauce. Then add salt, cilantro, lime, agave and pepper and blend, blend, blend.

Sunflower seed is no tahini, but did you know sesame is a rising allergen, especially in countries where it is part of the national cuisine? This is also garlic-free.
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Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipe: Allergen Free Casein Free Pumpkin Kabocha Soup Recipe

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I love pumpkin season, and whenever pumpkins start appearing at the Farmer’s Market and grocery stores I am always tempted to bring some home with me. For me, pumpkins are like the puppies of the vegetable kingdom- I just can’t resist them! When I first started bringing pumpkins home, I didn’t quite know what to do with them. I started by making gluten-free pumpkin pies from scratch, which I enjoyed. But according to Cook’s Illustrated and other experts, apparently homemade pumpkin puree doesn’t make that much difference to the final pie, so I wondered if it was worth the effort. So, I moved on… I tried pumpkin ravioli (yummy), pumpkin lasagna (also yummy), and even grilled pumpkin. Recently, I came up with a hypo-allergenic pumpkin kabocha soup that captures the joys of the season perfectly, even if you are on a very restricted allergy diet.

I’m entering this recipe in The Whole Gang’s Gluten-free Progressive Dinner Party event as an appetizer…

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Dairy, Nut, soy free pumpkin kabocha soup recipe
1 small kabocha squash (Japanese pumpkin)
1 small pie pumpkin (American)
1-2 tbsp. olive oil
2 leeks, chopped
1 carrot, chopped
1 celery stick, chopped
2 cups gluten-free vegetable broth (from bullion, fresh, or carton)
3-5 cups water as needed
poultry seasoning
Heat oven to 425F. Cut kabocha and pumpkin in half and scoop out seeds. Cut once more so they are cut into fourths. Place cut side down on a large baking sheet and bake for 30 minutes, checking and turning at that point if they aren’t thoroughly baked. Put back in oven again for another 15 minutes, check. Put in for another 15 minutes if needed or leave out to cool. When cool enough to handle, remove skin and chop.

Heat olive oil in large stock pan on medium and sautee leeks. As they soften, add carrot and celery. Sautee and then add your vegetable broth. Let simmer for 10 minutes or so and then add your chopped, cooked kabocha and pumpkin. Add water to cover and let simmer for another 10 minutes or longer if desired. Add seasonings (poultry seasoning, salt, pepper, and paprika) and simmer for another ten mintues, adding any extra water you need. Taste liquid and add more seasonings if you like. When pumpkin and kabocha is thoroughly softened, blend soup with an immersion blender until you have a nice, thick, creamy consistency. Enjoy!

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