Farewell to Neko, beloved kitty and my first baby

Dear Readers,
This post was supposed to be a pudding recipe. But, I started writing my post and somehow it became about something else entirely, and I realized I couldn’t just give you another recipe. I had to tell you about a sad event in our household first. As you know, we are a kitty household. As a college sophomore I brought home two cats to live with me. The first was a little orange ball of fur that I encountered at a pet shop. He came right up to me and my significant other, meowing energetically, and so we thought that we had better take him home. I had been planning on getting a cat, and he seemed more than willing to sign up for the job. We carried him home in a box, mewing all the way. His plaintive kitten mews tugged at my heart and I had to stop every few minutes to reassure him. We had just seen Stargate, and the vibrancy of his very orange fur made me think of nothing else than Ra, the sun god. It seemed an imposing title for such a cuddly orange ball of fluff, but I was convinced he would grow into the name. The first night with that kitten was stressful. We lived in college townhouses, and at first we put him in the downstairs bathroom with a litter box, food and water to sleep. The shrieks of lonesome-ness that came out of that tiny little creature could have woken the dead, and I was pretty sure our next door neighbors (fellow college students) were considerably more aware than that. Clearly this was not going to work. Finally we took our mattress from the upstairs bedroom, put it on the floor of the living room, and let him sleep with us. True, we woke up with a little puddle of kitten pee on our feet, but that little kitten wormed his way into our arms and hearts that night, and life would never be the same (or as quiet) again. Ra was an adorable kitten. Most are, but he was more adorable than most due to his long fluffy fur and big yellow eyes. Our neighbors made such a huge fuss over him I was a little afraid they might try to cat-nap him, and kept a cautious maternal eye on him when they “just stopped by” for a pet. It was such a joy having a kitten for the first time. I’d had cats before, but always older ones, with street experience and chips on their shoulder (although with accompanying hearts of gold). This tiny little creature was a baby, and knowing only loving care and tender laps, he was more trusting than any other cat I’d met before. I feared he had been separated from his mother prematurely due to one funny little habit. The second morning we had him, he came bounding out of the bathroom where he’d slept and literally leapt into my arms. He climbed his way up, nuzzled into my hair and began enthusiastically sucking on… my earlobes. The purring that ensued was impressive out of such a tiny creature, and I didn’t have the heart to stop him. (He did eventually wean off earlobes, but it was a sweet, if somewhat sad, beginning to our relationship.

When he became a teenager, things changed a bit. That sweet little ball of fluff became a ferociously playful fighting machine that ambushed us (and our defenseless legs) on the stairway and leaped up screen doors in a single bound. After one particularly painful attack on my legs (with no malice behind it, mind you, just pent-up energy), I went to my significant other and said “Ra needs a friend.”

And so a quest began. It was surprisingly difficult to find another cat. The local newspapers were full of pedigreed puppies, but not so many kitties. I wanted another kitten so that he could grow up together with Ra as a brother, and thought an older cat might not appreciate his antics. Finally, one day I was at the grocery store IGA and saw a notice on the community message board for a free kitten. I shrugged, and thought “Why not.” I called the number, found out that the kitten was quite a drive away but that it would be taken to the Humane Society if it was not adopted soon. Apparently its mother had died a week or so after the birth and it was the runt of the litter. They were keeping the other kittens, but not him. We arranged for friends to give us a ride to their house in their van. When we arrived at their house, overflowing with cats and dust, we found the kitten crouched pitifully in a baby play pen with his brothers and sisters. He was covered in dried canned cat food and the smell of it seeped from every pore. It was hard to imagine a less appealing animal, but as I looked into his lost, wide green eyes, I felt overwhelmingly that I couldn’t just leave him there. And so, we took him home.

I bathed him several times a day for a week and the smell finally subsided somewhat. He was so tiny that he fit in my hand, and his head was disproportionately larger than the rest of his body. I was concerned Ra would think of him as a cat-food flavored mouse, but to my relief, Ra seemed to recognize him as family and (perhaps attracted by the aroma de cat food) lovingly bathed him with his tongue, and taught him to bathe himself for the first time. I fed them treats together and watched in amazement as that tiny little creature growled ferociously over his food and kept Ra at bay. Despite a certain possessiveness over the food bowl, natural perhaps due to the necessary competition over food as an infant, he was sweet, and loving.

It took time for me to think of a name for him. He was so small and young that he seemed to have little personality at first, and barely seemed like a cat. Finally I settled on the name Neko, Japanese for cat, and gave him as his full name Maneki Neko, the Japanese good-luck cat. It suited him, although years later when we lived in Japan, my students found it very amusing that I had a cat named cat. He was an affectionate, almost clingy baby. He liked nothing more than to climb up my chest when I was sitting at the computer and nestle his head under my chin to sleep, tiny kitten arms wrapped around my neck. He slept in our room for the first week, and my significant other would lift him up to the loft bed every morning when he got up so that I could kiss Neko good morning. I love Ra and adore every bit of his loud, forceful personality, but Neko, with his quieter demeanor and difficult beginning in life, was my special baby. Even as he grew into a handsome, magestic long-haired cat with wide, expressive eyes capable of conveying hurt, loneliness, or contentment in a single glance, I could still see traces of the baby in the way he would instantly calm at a touch to the nose, or the way he would nestle his nose into my arm in the car when he was frightened. And, while Ra will greet visitors and befriend them instantly, Neko was always uncertain with strangers, evaluating them carefully before befriending them, and always retreating to Mama (or under the bed) if needed.

Oh how I loved him. While Ra was always bumbling into things, getting into fights on the rare occasions he got out, stumbling into ringworm, creating chaos as if he was born to it, Neko was cautious, graceful, rarely ill, and reserved. And sadly, this characteristic did not serve him well when it really mattered.

I don’t know if we could have prevented his passing, or delayed it, but the regrets of what if will probably always be with me. Our life has been chaotic, and more difficult for senior kitties than strictly ideal. The birth of my daughter, the darling Baby Yum, strained both kitties, but was especially hard on Neko, who was no longer the baby of the household. While Ra patiently endured most of her attention, Neko would usually retreat to higher ground. He seemed sad, and more than a little lonely, but changing diapers, feeding times, and other baby maintenance left me with little time to give him the comfort he needed. It was hard enough to change litter boxes and give them food. Meanwhile Ra, whose lust for food had given him an impressively robust physique (read: had become extremely obese) was suffering from arthritis and the vet recommended a special canned kitten food diet to get him to lose weight. Apparently it has high enough water content that it keeps them satiated while allowing calorie reduction. Since Ra has always been the type to howl unrelentingly if his tummy feels empty, it seemed like a miracle when this diet actually worked and he slimmed down to a much more reasonable weight. Unfortunately, Neko also lost some weight on the diet, but they both seemed more agile, especially when fed cosequin (glucosamine) for arthritis management.

And then, we bought a house, and moved in. In the midst of all the chaos, Neko seemed slightly sad and aloof, but I put it down to a dislike of change and the stress of living with an increasingly aggressive toddler. On the positive side, our new house has a completely enclosed back yard that the senior kitties could not escape from, so both of them had the freedom of a green yard and rich dirt for digging or sleeping on. Neko seemed a bit skinnier, but I thought it must be from the diet, and resolved to try to sneak him more food when Ra wasn’t looking. He still seemed active, slept cuddled up with his brother Ra, and came in and napped on the couch arm, soaking up whatever love and attention he could get without attracting the intrepid toddler. I felt he was a little distant, but thought his tender feline feelings must have been bruised from my attentions to Baby Yum, and resolved to spend more quality time with him when our household was a little less chaotic.

Fast-forward to a certain week in December. The DH was away in New York on business. I fed the cats lunch as always in the garage but Neko was nowhere to be seen. I thought he must be playing in the yard. It was a little unusual, but I didn’t think too much about it. Then, evening. I feed the cats again, but no Neko. Where could he be? I went searching. Finally I found him, crouched by the house near a bucket of water. He raised miserable yellow eyes to me, and I knew. It was late- midnight. I brought him food, and he wouldn’t touch it. I brought him to his water bowl, and he hovered over it with his paws on the edge. Spittle was on his chin. I brought him inside and sat with him and his water bowl, talked to him and tried to pet him. He was distant, and didn’t respond much. I felt he barely knew I was there.

I called the DH. It was 3am there. He said “do what you think is best.” Baby Yum was asleep in bed, and so was my Dad, who was visiting. I tried looking up Neko’s symptoms online, and found little information. Perhaps he’d eaten something that didn’t agree with him. I didn’t know what to do. Ordinarily I would have taken him to the vet, but I wasn’t sure if they could do anything. And, he didn’t seem violently ill. Surely it wasn’t serious, I tried to convince myself.

Finally I went to bed, more than a little afraid of what I would find in the morning. To my relief- oh how deluded I was- Neko was still active, moving around, but still searching out water. He walked down our hallway mewing, looking for a bathtub. My baby always loved water from the bath the best. I think he was addicted to the flavorings of diluted shampoo, or perhaps just the assured freshness of it. I put him in the bathtub and let the water drip into a bowl for him. He crouched there, drinking, while I called the vet and made an emergency appointment.

My Dad drove the three of us there, baby Yum in her carseat, and me in the passenger seat with Neko in my lap, nose pressed into my arm. We saw the vet, a kind woman, and she told me that Neko was in kidney failure. When I began to hyperventilate, she had me sit down, and brought me tissues. He had a 25% chance of survival, she told me. She gave me an estimate for bloodwork, xrays, and an IV for him, since he was seriously dehydrated. I lifted up Baby Yum to give Neko a kiss and hug, hugged and kissed him myself, and had him admitted to the clinic.

We drove home, and I was numb. Was I losing him, my baby of fourteen years? I stepped out of the car, turned the corner, and saw this:

Overnight, the tree in our front yard, which had burst into yellow leaves with the advent of winter’s cold, had dropped its leaves. They lay in a golden pile on the green of the grass. I looked at the leaves, so vibrant and yet so fleeting, and I saw Neko. For me in that moment, it was his tree, and those leaves whispered “goodbye my friend.”

Time passed slowly, waiting for the vet to call. And when she did, the news was not good. In fact, it was horrible. His kidney had completely shut down, flooding his bloodstream with urine. And, while they usually give them liquid injections to clean out the system, his heart was severely enlarged, and these measures would undoubtedly result in heart failure. She didn’t tell me in so many words what I had to do, exactly, but she said that if it were her cat, she would put him to sleep. And I knew that was what had to be done. Truthfully, I think I knew that night before, but I let myself hope that I was wrong, that there was still hope, that my baby was still in there and could be rescued.

I went to see him one more time before it happened. I brought his favorite toy, Mr. Penguin, pictured here. He loved the sound its beanies made when it hit the floor. I can see him leaping and tossing it into the air. And every night, he would make a funny little cry, like a squeaky cat bark and meow all in one, and bring it to us like some kind of treasure that he had caught especially for us. I lay it next to him and kissed his head, where there was a little spot that, before he was sick, always smelled delicately of powder, and babies, and sweetness. I told him I loved him, and not to be afraid, and then I left him. And moments later, he left me. The vet brought me Mr. Penguin, and gave me kind words, and I left alone.

When I got home, I went to Ra, lying on the couch. He purred when he saw me, and let me put my arms around him. I told him that his brother wouldn’t be coming home. I knew he wouldn’t understand, but I had to tell him. It will take time for both of us to understand what that means.

With love for all feline companions and sadness,

Neko Christmas 2008

*I don’t usually write about things like this here, and I always try to share something useful for those on the gluten-free diet. In this case, all that I have for you is a recommendation. I’ve always had trouble finding foods that both kitties like, and will eat. I usually haven’t fed them gluten-free, but recently found this food for Ra that he loves every flavor of. Amazing! It is called Soulistic. And, it doesn’t matter if Baby Yum (or I, for that matter) gets it on her hands and eats it, because it is whole ingredients, and the only starch is tapioca. We’ve also found a very good gluten-free dry food by Origen for when we go on trips and need to leave it out. I hope you find this recommendation useful.

And finally, I would like to encourage all of you to take your kitties in for yearly wellness visits. Over the years, Ra has received more vet visits than Neko and I would have liked to know earlier that he needed care, both in the hopes that this might have been avoided and so that we had more quality time together in the end.

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43 Responses to “Farewell to Neko, beloved kitty and my first baby”

  1. Sea- My heart goes out to you. Having gone through the loss of a dear furry friend I know how heartbreaking it can be. I am so sorry for your loss. *big hugs*

  2. Oh, Sea, I’m so very sorry on the loss of your beloved Neko. My heart goes out to you. I lost my Huckleberry (who was about the same age) to congestive heart failure last spring. We still miss him terribly, and to be honest, sometimes I still expect him to be hanging out on the sofa, at my feet, or on the top stair. You did a beautiful job memorializing your Neko (and sharing your Ra, too), Sea. And, I truly appreciate the info on the gluten-free cat food … all pets should be gluten free IMHO. Grains are just not part of their natural diet. Sending lots and lots of hugs to you and your family, dear!


  3. Thank you for sharing your memories and experience with us. I am so sorry for your loss and can relate totally!
    I had two cats with kidney disease. Ning, had chronic kidney disease, and with much patient care (and expense), she lived another good 7 years after her condition was diagnosed. Rocky, on the other had, had acute kidney disease and his passing was sudden and emotionally painful for me.
    Saying goodbye is never easy, especially to our pets who love us so unconditionally. My heart goes out to you!

  4. Sea, I am so sorry to hear of your darling Neko’s passing. I lost both of my cats this year, and understand your pain. I hope you do not feel like this is your fault. Our cat friends are very stoic, and it is hard to know when they are sick, even our vet told us this. You loved him as much as anyone could ever love, and I am sure he knew this to the very end. We printed photos of our cats and hung them up in our house, and surprisingly, that really helped us move forward in the grieving process.

  5. As I wipe the tears away after reading this post, I just had to let you know that I am so so sorry for your loss and am sending you strong healing vibes to help you and your family through this! I know this pain too well after losing our female pup suddenly and it is so very hard.
    And I so agree with you on having a gluten free diet for pets. Our male dog is on a strictly gluten-free diet as well. I think it is so important!!!

  6. So sorry for your family’s loss, Sea.

  7. Brenda, I’m so sorry for your loss. This was beautifully written—Neko was a very lucky cat.

  8. That was a very moving post. I am also wiping away the tears. I feel for you. We lost our cat seven years ago, and I still miss her and tear up when I think about her. But, lots of happy memories come flooding back, too. I wish those happy memories flooding for you. Thank you for sharing this part of yourself. Sending you and your family lots of hugs and loving thoughts.

    And, thank you for the info on gluten-free cat food. I think it might be time to look into that.


  9. What a sweet face Neko has. I’m sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is, and my heart goes out to you, my dear.

  10. Sea, I’m so sorry for your loss of Neko. Your story brings tears to my eyes and brings back memories of losing my own girl. I have 2 girls now (golden retrievers). Our pets are part of our family and loved so dearly. We feel their loss so deeply. Neko was a very lucky and loved cat to have gone to such a family as yours. Always remember this.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us. This is far more important than a recipe. As a mama of two amazing black cats, I can relate to your story. (Both of them received much unwanted squeezing and kissing after reading your post.) May your heart be warmed by Neko’s memory and by those who understand.

  12. Oh Sea, you made me cry! I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my little baby 10 yrs ago and I still cry for him. You took very good care of him and he was a very lucky cat. May he rest in peace.

  13. Another teary-eyed reader here, sending heartfelt sympathy and hugs. I’m so sorry to hear about this. It sounds as if Neko had the best life he could have with you for those 14 years. I can so relate to what you went through–I can’t even think about losing either of my beloved girls. Your post is a beautiful tribute to Neko.

  14. Sending warm thoughts and a big hug your way. It’s so sad to lose a special furry companion. My heart goes out to you. I know from personal experience how hard that is. Hopefully another sweet little pet will find its way into your life when the right time comes along. Lovely post and a wonderful tribute. I admire you for writing it, as hard as it must have been.
    Peace and love,

  15. I’m so sorry for your loss. That was such a beautiful story about how you found your cats – I feel as if I know them from your description. And please don’t feel responsible for his death – cats are experts at hiding signs of illness until it reaches a certain point. You gave him such a wonderful life and such an improvement from his rough beginnings, that I’m sure he was always grateful for the love you had for him.

    And yes, I love gluten- and grain- free diets for cats!

  16. Not being a pet owner, I wasn’t sure I would understand your pain. But after reading your post, not only do I understand why you are so devastated, but I am clearer about why my daughter and her husband love their dog as much as they do. May Neko’s memory be for a blessing and may you always be comforted by the love you shared with her.

  17. so sorry for your loss and feeling your pain as we just lost our oldest kitty last week…it never gets easier as they are all unique and special in their own ways…we miss freddy so much and believe me the others know he is also gone- one of our females- kiwi- was very attached and she is feeling his absence…we are still hurting but i know in time it will get better and we will be able to focus on all the joy he brought us…as you will too…know that others understand, totally..

  18. I cried buckets reading your post, Sea. Our little guy had kidney issues last year and my goodness, DH and I spent a ridiculous amount of time at the vet singing to him and hugging him. Like you, I missed the early signs of his kidney issues, because he was still purring and I was in denial. He had one surgery, and the vet made it clear that she didn’t think he’d get better without lots of expensive further surgeries, but she was thankfully wrong. He’s all good now, and yet, even the thought of losing my one of our darlings was so rough on us!
    Our kitties are such a blessing in our lives, and I’m so grateful they adopted us. I’m so sorry that you lost your first baby, and I hope the many memories help comfort you now. Thanks for sharing Neko’s story with us.

  19. Sea, so sorry to read about your sweet kitty. It’s hard to lose them when they are such a big part of our lives.

  20. Oh Sea, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Neko. You took very good care of him and he was a very lucky cat. Hugs.

  21. Oh Sea, I am bawling like a little baby here. We have two dogs, five chickens and 1 cockatiel here in this house and I dread the day that something happens to one of them. We’ve already had two ferrets pass on. I feel for your loss. Animals hold a special place in our hearts.

    And yes, we also did a gluten free diet for our dogs, but now they are on a raw meat diet, thanks to my vegetarian husband who doesn’t seem to mind.

    Take care of you and yours. And thanks for sharing.

  22. I’m so sorry for your loss of Neko. It sounds like he was a wonderful cat and from the picture I see that he was beautiful as well. I too lost a furry friend this year and am still heartbroken. <3

  23. Dearest Sea, I’m so sorry and full of grief for your loss. I’m here writing to you, tears in my eyes, and Banana, one of my cats, on my lap. It is so hard and heartbreaking. But Neko will be with you forever and from time to time his sweet presence will be so unmistakable and tangible, you will feel exhilarated. My heart goes out to you. Hugs.

  24. Oh…..I’m so sorry…..thank you for writing such a beautiful post and sharing his memory with us.

  25. Sea, we are a cat family too. Losing one of our babies really hurts but we would never have passed up the experience of each and every one. You will always have your memories of your treasured Neko. Hugs . . .

  26. It is a very sad thing to endure. My thoughts go out to you and your family. I hope the holidays lighten your spirits.

  27. I am so sorry you lost your friend. I have been through it many times and it is never easy.

  28. Dearest Readers,
    The warmth and kindness that you have all shown here touches my heart and makes me feel much less alone with this sadness. I am sorry to hear of each of your losses and glad for everyone who still has their precious kitty and doggy family members with them. Give them all special hugs and kisses from me and enjoy your time with them extra this holiday season.

    I hope to have time to respond to you all individually in comments, but we will see if Baby Yum allows it!

    Much love and thanks,

  29. Sea,

    I enjoyed reading every word of this post. You are quite a writer and have a real gift.

    Your story of Neko is touching, especially since we lost one of our house bunnies on Sunday, December 12th. The boys and I went through several boxes of tissue in mourning the loss of our good friend. Watching my older son tell our other bunny that our friend Rex, wouldn’t be coming back, was especially tearful.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.

    xo Elana

  30. Hi Sea,

    I just randomly stumbled upon your web site looking for a recipe and read your post about Neko. I had two dogs and they both passed away this year – Lucy & Ricky. I’m sitting here crying because Lucy died two weeks ago from kidney failure – she was 13… I’m so sorry, I truly know how difficult it is. I miss my critters so much. Big hugs to you and thank you for sharing your story.

  31. Your post made me cry. I lost my sweet boy Achillies 2.5 years ago to kidney failure. It’s SO hard. He was the biggest mama’s boy. I still miss him, he was so special. My heart goes out to you. Soon after he died we went to a rescue and adopted one adult and one kitten in his honor. Thus saving two lives for his one.

  32. Oh, I am so sorry for your loss! What a beautiful post. I hope the holidays bring joy to your household.

  33. My condolences to you and your family at this time. Losing a beloved pet is always so devastating, but Neko sounded like he was very well loved during his life.

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  35. [...] some days ago promising you all a Christmas pudding. I ended up writing an entirely different post about the loss of my cat Neko and I was amazed at the response I got from all of my wonderful, compassionate readers. I had been [...]

  36. I, too, am so sorry for your loss. My heart is particularly heavy for you as I am facing a health scare with my beloved kitty who is 12 years old. He has to have surgery on Thursday because he has a lump under his arm that the vet thinks may be cancer. I have had him since I was 18 and he was 6 weeks old. He has been with me longer than my husband. He has seen me through boyfriends, marriage, many dwellings, a cross country move, jobs, opening (and closing) my own business…he has been my one constant for 12 years. I have seen him through kidney issues and the diabetes he’s had for nearly 6 years. I feel like I have grown up with him, much as your beloved kitty Neko shared many of the same years with you. Losing a pet anytime, but especially this time of year, is very difficult. You are in my thoughts.

  37. Dear Jennifer,
    Thank you for your kind words. I’m very sorry to hear about your kitty. I hope things turned out ok and he is a healthy boy after all…. My thoughts are with you.


  38. Dear Sea,
    I came upon your site when a friend sent a link to a recipe. Browsing around, I saw your story about sweet Neko. I am so sorry for your loss – and so sympathetic. On 12/18, we had to say goodbye to our Clara dog, a 13.5 year old sweetie-mutt. Our daughter chose her at the humane society when Clara was 8 weeks old and our daughter was 6. Clara had a large, aggressive tumor in her throat. Our vet gave us a recipe that we made GF and she loved it. Our other dogs and cats love it too. I think it helped Clara survive a bit longer and with more comfort. I double it (because chickens are usually twice the size called for)and sub brown rice for barley. http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/features_lifestyle_animal/2008/11/thanksgiving-re.html
    Sending warm condolences your way.

  39. I’m so sorry for your loss. I found your website when I searched “Soulistic Cat Food.”

    I adopted a barely 1 year old cat from the shelter on December 11. Her health declined about 3 weeks ago and since then, she’s been to the vet 4 times including an emergency vet visit.

    After unsuccessfully treating her for an upper respiratory infection, our vet did a blood test to rule of FIV and leukemia. The vet called us with the worst possible news. Our baby girl had really high levels of creatinine and BUN, indicating advanced renal failure. This is not very common in young cats so our vet called the vet at the shelter and the vet told us that she was surrendered because of her urinary issues and that they found blood in her urine back in November.

    They didn’t tell us this when we adopted her. We’ve subjected her to 4 very stressful vet visits, given her unnecessary meds, and have been treating her for the wrong illness.

    For a time she was only eating the food that the vet sent us home with (Royal Canin recovery) so I went out and bought a case. She soon stopped eating the Royal Canin. We would leave her a fresh plate of food every few hours, throwing the untouched food from a few hours earlier, only to return with more fresh food and taking away more untouched food. This went on for 5 days.

    She just started eating tuna in gravy Soulistic. We decided to try it out because the vet suggested feeding her some regular tuna. I was still not too comfortable feeding my cats human food. My cats only get chicken and poultry based protein foods so before all this, we’ve been feeding Wellness grain free chicken and Soulistic chicken in gravy.

    I went out and bought a case of Soulistic tuna today.

  40. Mary- thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry to hear about your dear family dog. Thank you for sharing the gluten-free pet recipe!

    Hi Malisa, I’m so sorry to hear about your kitty’s problems. I can’t believe that they didn’t tell you about her health problems when you adopted her. I hope she will recover soon. My kitty loves all the flavor of Soulistic. The only thing I found when switching him to that brand only is that it is low carb and he has a very voracious appetite. For us, we found that alternating soulistic with a canned kitten food to increase his satiation works best. My dear Neko was a light eater so we could have just fed him Soulistic without complaints.


  41. Thank you for being compelled to share thisntruly heartwarming and heart-wrenching story. I had to say goodbye to my 25 YR old cat, Tuxedo, 2 Christmases ago and my 14 YR old cat, Patches, last Christmas. I have a 5 YR old baby, Squeak, and 7 yr old, Pilchard, who I want to feed healthy, gluten-free food. squeak has had an expensive, life-threatening issue with crystals in his bladder and I was told to feed him only moist food and I buy a prescription U/R formula through the vet. I have been in the healthfood industry fornover 7 yes so woulD really like to look into a natural food lifestyle for them both. They like to “switch” bowls at feeding time and if I can get them both eating the same, and healthiest food, that would fix the issue. So, again, thank you for sharing your story and the food brand information. Furry hugs……Mary

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  43. [...] the DH. I have a fondness for this apricot tree because it was the tree that dropped its leaves on the day Neko left us. And now, every year we enjoy the fruits from this tree, I can remember him. Look for my Mr Linky [...]

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