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Fresh from the Farmer’s Market: Pink Oyster Mushroom and Goat Cheese Omelet

Posted By yum On March 25, 2007 @ 1:39 pm In Eggs, Local Food Movement, Vegetables | No Comments

vegcollage.jpg [1] As you may know, I like nothing better on a Sunday morning than wandering over to the local farmers market and browsing the locally grown, organic produce. Of course, it’s not all organic- some is transitional, some isn’t sprayed, and some is just plain traditional. (i.e. sprayed etc.) But in order for it to be sold at the market, it all must be locally grown in California. I like the idea of the local food movement, even if I’m not ready to commit to it at this point, so I feel good shopping here. I am starting to get to know the various sellers as well- there’s the lavender lady, the kiwi man, the lemon guy, the woman selling Indian chutneys, several nut people… you get the idea. There are still a few stands I haven’t tried yet, though- and today, I finally broke down and purchased some cage free hen eggs from their very genial tender. The eggs were brown, with a pinkish tinge, and uneven in shape, which to me, just made them more appealing. I also finally broke down and bought some exotic pink Oyster mushrooms from- you’ve got it, the mushroom guy. He explained that they needed to be eaten quickly, as pink oysters apparently begin to decompose faster than other varieties, but they looked so lovely- and were only $2 for a box. I couldn’t resist. And, with those brown eggs in my bag calling to me, I began to dream up a breakfast feast for my still slumbering DH- omelet with pink oyster mushrooms and sprinkled with basil- my beloved misshapen kiwi and fresh strawberries… what a feast I could make. For some homemade vegetable stock and other recipes for the week, I picked up some fennel, green apples and leeks. Since I’ve come across a million enticing cauliflower recipes lately, including one by the fabulous recipe crafter Gluten Free by the Bay [2] and a recipe featured in Cooking Light, I purchased five baby cauliflowers, enticingly round and sweet and fresh. But the stars of the day had to be the pink Oyster mushrooms, so shocking and lovely in color.

pinkoysters.jpg [3] pinkoysters2.jpg [4] pinkoystersckg.jpg [5]

When I got home I immediately melted a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of olive oil (or less), and sauteed my mushrooms until a brown salmon color and the smaller leaves got all brown and crispy on the edges. I seasoned them with lemon pepper and perhaps 1/4 tsp of GF tamari for added depth of flavor. Then I whisked four eggs, seasoning them with freshly ground lemon pepper and made them into an omelet, sprinkling one half of the omelet with some locally produced dill seasoned goats cheese. When it had half melted, I added the smallest, brownest, crispiest mushroom bits to the filling and folded the omelet over. I served the omelet topped with more sauteed pink oyster mushrooms, fresh basil, and the barest sprinkling of goat cheese. Then I sliced one of our favorite misshapen kiwis, and added fresh strawberries from the market and a dollop of fruit flavored yogurt. Truly a feast, and all the ingredients were produced locally and healthfully in the sunny state of California.

omeletplate.jpg [6]

Script of the day:

Me, preening: Here is your Pink Oyster Mushroom and Goat Cheese Omelet…made with eggs from happy hens.
DH: Did you interview the hens? Do you know they were really happy?
Me: Um… Ok, happier hens… They’re cage free… Don’t you think they’re happier than the average hen?
DH shrugs

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