Gardenburger Flame Grilled Burger no longer Gluten-Free?

This just in…

I have heard from a reliable source that Gardenburger is changing the formula of their Flame-Grilled Burger to no longer be gluten-free! Since they HAD the best gluten-free veggie burger on the market, I’m terribly disappointed, and have emailed them a protest letter to that effect. If you also don’t want to lose a gluten-free burger option- please take the time to contact the company by phone or email and tell them how much you care! I can’t believe that another of my favorite products is going the way of the Boca Burger. *sigh.* I’m so depressed.

Gardenburger Site
Gardenburger Customer Service: 1800 962 0120

Update: It seems that the current line from Gardenburger is that only the formula for their Flame Grilled Burger has changed. Black bean chipotle and their breakfast sausage are currently both gluten-free, so make sure to keep buying these products- we want Gardenburger to see our purchasing dollars in action! When the sales of the flame grilled burger go down and their remaining gluten-free products go up, maybe they’ll notice. *Thank you to Tee for this update data*

Looking for a substitute? Checkout this roundup I did of Gluten-Free Veggie Burger Options. The Gardenburger info is outdated, but I will adjust once I know the full story. Hope this helps!

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