GF Blogs

If you are a fabulous gluten-free blogger and not on this list- it’s probably because I either haven’t seen your blog or misplaced the link. Just pop me an email or comment about your blog, and I’ll add you to the list of the other rock stars here! *List updated 2/25/10*

All these blogs have the following characteristics:

*They showcase gluten-free recipes or other valuable information about the gluten-free lifestyle
*Some sites may host ads, but they are not commercial sites created to promote a specific product
*They are actively maintained (posts in the last month or two) and are not new blogs (have been being updated for at least two months).

Blogs all about the Gluten-Free Recipes
Recipes by Carol Kicinski

GF Mom*
Cannelle et Vanille*
Elana’s Pantry*
GFCF Cookbook
Sensitive Pantry*
Glugle Glugle Gluten Free*
Goodie-Goodie Gluten-free
As Bad as it Looks*
The Curious Baker
Wheatless and Meatless*
Mama and Baby-Gluten Free
Celiac Family
The Good Eatah
Asparagus Thin*
City Life Eats
La Tartine Gourmande*
GF and Healthy
Cook it Allergy-Free*
Gluten Free for Good
The W.H.O.L.E. Gang*
Gluten Free Girl*
Gluten Free Goddess*
Hold the Gluten
Celiacs in the House*
I am Gluten Free*PF
Southern Ginger Lemon Girl*
Gluten A Go Go
Crispy Cook
Gluten-free Easily*
A Year of Slowcooking
Simply Sugar and Gluten-free
Hey that Tastes Good*
Gluten Free Cooking School
GF CF Experience
Straight into Bed Cakefree and Dried*
Simply Gluten-Free
gluten-free bay*
Comfy Cook
Cook and the Critic
Jen’s Gluten-free Blog PF
GF Zing PF
Gluten-free Foodie Heaven

*Some of my favorite recipe blogs
PF= partial feeds

Blogs all about the Gluten-Free Lifestyle-travel, restaurants, etc.
Gluten-free Top 10 Bay area
GF in SF*
Gluten-Free Musings
Gluten Free Way LA
Gluten Free Portland
Austin Texas Gluten-free
Fat Lazy Celiac
Gluten-free Cat
Gluten-Free Adventures
Accustomed Chaos
Gluten Free in LA
Gluten Free is Life*
The Savvy Celiac
Gluten Free Guide
Gluten Free in Georgia
Li Loves David
Sure Foods Living*
Free From Gluten
Gluten Free Fun
Gluten Free Steve
Gluten Free Organics
Allergic Girl
Aprovechar Gluten Free Life
GFCF Mommy
Switch 2 Gluten-Free
Yard to Fork (formerly Our Peep Show)

Gluten-Free Art:

The Gluten-Free Illustrator

My GF Conscious Buddies: Other Food-lovin’ Bloggers
Alisa Cooks
*new GF category!
Fair Weather Vegan
Maki at Just Hungry*
Elise at Simply Recipes*
VegJ at Vegetable Japan*
Gluten Free Optimist
Fat Free Vegan
Mars at Odds that Never End

Informative Sites :
Cheryl at Harris Whole Health

Inactive gluten-free Blogs (Not updated in the past 3 months or longer, but with substantial content):
Cindalous Kitchen Blues
Guinnah Vegetarian Gluten Free Blog
Pig in the Kitchen
Gluten Free Journey
Going Gluten Free
Gluten Free in the Greens
The Accidental Vegetarian
Gluten Free Mommy
Just Not Dinner without Cat Hair
Gluten Free Day
Gluten Free South Africa
The Gluti Girls
Gluten Free Hippie
Don’t need no Stinkin Wheat
Gluten Free Sox
The Holistic Chef
Gluten Free Food Reviews
Fresh Ginger