Gluten Free Burritos: Review of Glutenfreeda’s Vegetarian and Dairy-free Burritos

dairyfreeburritoI first heard about GlutenFreeda’s gluten-free burritos on Twitter, and I was very excited to read that someone had finally responded to fill a void in gluten-free product offerings- the much longed for burrito, and a vegetarian one at that. Not that all of Gluten Freeda’s gluten-free burritos are vegetarian- they have two offerings for carnivores- but they do offer two vegetarian fillings- one vegan and dairy-free with tofu and the other simply vegetarian with cheese. After I contacted the company, they kindly offered some burritos for my sampling pleasure, which I took them up on rather greedily. But hey, what’s a girl to do when her local Whole Foods and other health food stores don’t seem to carry them? Although I’d love to review their cheesy burrito, I had to go dairy-free when it turned out my newborn has a sensitivity to casein coming through her mama’s milk, so it is sitting in my freezer waiting until the glorious day I can have it again. The company also mistakenly sent me their non-vegetarian burritos, which the DH inherited and proclaimed “not bad”… Keep in mind he’s not much of a burrito guy. He said yes both times I offered him their non-vegetarian burritos, though, and later said that they were all that you could want from a frozen burrito and just like a gluten version. Anyway. How was their vegetarian and dairy-free gluten-free burrito with organic corn and tofu?

I was a little surprised when I found that the gluten-free flour tortilla was based in corn, with a helping hand from rice, potato flour, and cornstarch. This gives it a familiar flavor that isn’t all that different than a regular corn tortilla although the other ingredients undoubtedly make it easier to shape into a burrito. I microwaved the burrito as suggested (on medium for 1 1/2 minutes and then turned over for another 1 1/2 minutes) and gently shook it out of the package onto a plate.


The tortilla initially seems a bit soggy and then dries as it sits. It also gets some cracks which aren’t aesthetically appealing but the texture and taste is fine. I enjoyed the refried beans in the tortilla, and the rice had a strong presence in the burrito. I couldn’t identify the tofu much and wondered how much it really added to the burrito besides a higher protein count. Even though (organic) corn is listed on the front of the burrito as a defining element, it is one of the last items in the ingredient list and not terribly plentiful. There was way more rice than corn, just for reference. I have a feeling I would enjoy their bean and cheese burrito even more, and look forward to the day when I can try it again. However, this tortilla, at 177 calories with only 30 fat calories, makes a good light, protein concentrated snack, and i would eat it any time.. if it were available in my area and at a reasonable price. I haven’t found it in a local store, although I hear that Beehive in San Jose carries it. I don’t know how much it costs, though. I wouldn’t pay more than three dollars, and would prefer two, but this is probably unrealistic given that it is a specialty frozen food item. Even Amy’s doesn’t have anything offered below three dollars in the Bay area… (According to Glutenfreeda’s voice on Twitter, they retail at around $3.29- slightly high.) Regardless, this was a light gluten-free, vegetarian meal that I enjoyed and would eat again, given the opportunity, so if you have the chance, I would encourage you to try it! Once you try them, I’d love to hear what you thought in the comments. :)


*The company also sent me samples of their flavored instant gluten-free oatmeal. I haven’t dared oatmeal yet myself, but it looks intriguing!

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5 Responses to “Gluten Free Burritos: Review of Glutenfreeda’s Vegetarian and Dairy-free Burritos”

  1. Great review! Being less than a week into my g-free life, it is great to have your reviews as a resource as I explore the world without gluten!

  2. Sounds great!

    I just tried the instant oatmeal today and it was great! I had the maple banana flax flavor. I added some raisins. It was a great snack!! I also have the apple cinnamon & maple flax. Can’t wait to try them!

  3. Our local health food store just started carrying these. They are pretty good!

  4. i am gluten and dairy free where would i get these burritos

  5. In Northern Ca, Sacramento, CA, on 26th and J street, we have a Wonderful Gluten-free store. It is appropriately called the Gluten-free Store and the owner takes special care to stock her store with ONLY Gluten-free products. No exceptions.
    Google them and check it out.

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