Gluten-Free Easy Polenta Lasagna Recipe

In my menu of the week post I mentioned that a friend had brought over a bunch of yummy gluten-free dishes for my freezer. It couldn’t have come at a better time, as I’d been eating frozen Amy’s meals for almost every meal at that point and was going slightly insane over the lack of variety. I missed home cooked meals desperately, but it’s hard to find time to make them with a newborn vying for your attention. (And so adorably, too!) Among many other things, she brought me some frozen polenta squares, which still was a world of flavor better than the nasty processed kinds in the tube… and they reminded me of a dish I’d enjoyed at a fancy restaurant in Boulder, Colorado with layers of tomato sauce, melted cheese, and spinach in a cheese sauce. I made a busy momma’s version of that dish using the polenta cubes for dinner, and the DH and I enjoyed them greatly. Why not try some yourself on a busy weekday? This recipe comes together really quickly with the polenta prepared the night before (or week! or month, if frozen). I wouldn’t have thought to freeze polenta, but it is a very nice way to extend the polenta’s life. Just defrost in microwave (carefully) and drain any liquid that seeps out. You will have to handle the polenta carefully as it will be softer after being defrosted than if you had just taken it out of your refrigerator when firm.

Polenta Spinach Lasagna Square Recipe
1 recipe prepared polenta, chilled until firm and cut into thin, 1/4 in. thick, 3 inch wide cubes. (Prepare according to box instructions, using veg broth instead of water if desired, and spices to taste)

1/2 tbsp. olive oil
Your favorite grill seasoning (gluten-free)
small bowlful of fresh spinach
marinara sauce (gluten-free, of course- most are, luckily)
Organic cheddar or feta cheese

Heat olive oil in nonstick pan on medium and swirl to evenly cover surface. Add your polenta squares and season generously with grill seasoning. Let brown and then turn. Season browned side and turn once more to set in the spices. Add spinach to one side of the pan and let wilt. To assemble, heat oven to broil. Place browned polenta squares on cookie sheet and top with wilted spinach. Drizzle with marinara sauce and top with organic cheese. Place under broiler and let cheese get melted and golden brown on top. Enjoy!

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7 Responses to “Gluten-Free Easy Polenta Lasagna Recipe”

  1. This looks great! I may try with pineapple instead of spinach because it’s what I have on hand (and love with pizza!)

  2. I make a killer lasagna with polenta, kale, and feta. It’s so much lighter and easier than regular lasagna.

  3. OH MY! That looks heavenly!!!

    I will be trying this in the next few days. THANK YOU.

  4. These look absolutely delicious! I will have to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for the delicious recipe! My whole family absolutely loved it. I know how tough it can be with a newborn. My second child just turned 9 months last week and some days I struggle to get a yummy gluten-free meal on the table. Have any of you ever tried rustic crust? My sister told me about this gluten-free pizza crust. Within ten minutes I can have a pizza on the table. I add some extra veggies and it’s a quick solution for a gluten-free dinner. The kids and my husband both love it. Thanks again for the lasagna!

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