Gluten Free Living: Leftovers Transformed Ep.2

tortillaone1.jpg After I made my delicious homemade corn tortillas and used half of them for quesadillas, I still had half of them left. Tragic, I know, but one can only eat so many quesadillas. roastveg.jpgSo, the next night I wanted to transform them into something different- but still delicious. Inspired by an old favorite at the Cheesecake Factory, I decided to try to make a cheesy, grilled vegetable tortilla dish with a smokey, tomato based sauce. I took my recipe for Grilled Sesame Vegetables and changed it up a bit, using a mesquite seasoning blend instead of the paprika, chili pepper, and allspice, but still adding the sugar and salt.

cutesquash.jpgI also used different vegetables, including these dear Pattypan squash I found at the Farmer’s Market this past weekend. I thought they were the cutest vegetables I’d ever seen, and since my recent success with zucchini like squash, I had hopes that I could produce something tasty. According to Wikipedia, “Pattypan comes in yellow, green, and white varieties . . . [and] is a good source of magnesium, niacin, and vitamins A and C. One cup contains approximately 20 to 30 calories and no fat. ” Wikipedia It is also sometimes called Petit pan squash, white squash, scallop squash, custard marrow, or custard squash. Whatever you call it, it’s an adorable little squash. I cut off the knobs at the top and bottom and sliced it horizontally in order to create flower shaped discs. I took these disks, discs of zucchini, portobella mushrooms, a fennel bulb, eggplant discs, and pieces of red onion, basted them with a little sesame oil and sprinkled them with my “new improved” spice mixture, and grilled them on our propane grill.

tortillagrill.jpg To create a delicious, easy sauce, I took 3 tbsp. of salsa and 1 tbsp of smoky barbecue sauce (any gluten free favorite brand would work but it should have a mesquite type flavor), and combined them, topping my tortillas with the sauce like mini pizzas. Then I added a mixture of lowfat grated cheese and a little grated smoked fontina cheese, and put them under the broiler to melt the cheese. I transfered them to the grill to make sure they didn’t get soggy and loaded them up with roasted vegetables. I left them on a grill on low for a bit, and then served them, garnished with some leftover pico de gallo and guacamole. It was DELICIOUS, and got high marks from DH.

fruitcream.jpgSince I had the grill on, I also decided to grill some fruit to serve with a dab of ice cream for dessert. I put a little melted butter on some apple and nectarine slices and them seasoned them with a mixture of apple pie seasonings and sugar. I put them on the grill, turned them when they had appealing grill marks, and then plated them. It was simple, but was a nice end to the evening.
beancakeburger.jpg But I wasn’t done with my leftovers! After all, the next day I had all these leftover grilled vegetables, not to mention the bean cakes from before. How could I use them, now that I’d used up all my tortillas? The answer was hiding in my freezer- the remains of a large order I’d placed with Kinnikinnick that included quite a lot of white rice tapioca bagels. I microwaved and then toasted one, cut it in half, used the same 3-1 salsa to barbecue sauce as my condiment, filled it with my bean cakes and piled yummy grilled vegetables next to it. I had a heavenly brunch on my balcony, enjoying the sun and gobbling down grilled food without so much as turning on the propane. Now that, my friends, is why I like leftovers. You never know what form they’ll take the next day.

I have a crush on these “Petit Pan Squash.” Can you tell? What farmer’s market vegetable or fruit finds do YOU have a crush on? Do tell..

rowsquash.jpgbluesquash.jpg blksquash.jpg greensquash.jpg

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