Gluten free menu swap and New Gluten-Free Veggie Burgers!

mommybaby This week the Gluten Free Menu Swap is hosted by the Lilac Kitchen with a theme of cucumbers. You can find more menus with Org Junkie.

Monday: Thai
Julie’s peanut sauce on white rice noodle veggie salad with tofu strips

Julie’s polenta with marinara sauce,spinach, and cheese

Julie’s Crispy Okra salad, special indian rice, and spinach chickpea curry

Thursday: Italian
Grilled chebe pizza

Friday: Chinese/ Japanese Fusion
Julie’s Lemongrass Corn Stir Fry with Brown rice
Japanese cucumber vinegar salad

It has been about a week since we brought Baby Yum home from the hospital. I have to admit, I haven’t been playing in the kitchen much- the most ambitious things I’ve made were Mrs. Leepers corn pasta and Conte’s gluten- free cheese ravioli in a sauce with chard and sauteed onions. Exciting! Otherwise I’ve been fueling myself with Amy gluten-free frozen meals (reviews of my favorites coming soon) and other quickies like microwaved sweet potatoes. Our local gluten-free support group has been very supportive, though, with one friend doing a Mariposa gluten-free bakery run and another bringing recipes she’d prepared for me from my blog (thanks Julie!!!!).

Although I don’t have a recipe for you this week, here’s a news flash- Sunshine Burgers has come out with two new flavors! These gluten-free, soy-free, vegan burgers (dairy and egg free) now come in a classic falafel flavor or in a breakfast patty. Take that, you gluten wretches at Boca Burger and Gardenburger! I haven’t tried the breakfast patty yet but have had and enjoyed the falafel burger very much, both on a Kinnikinnick hamburger bun and in corn tortillas with tahini sauce and lettuce. Yum!

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