Gluten Free Menu Swap and Meal Plan Monday: Avocado Yogurt Sauce Recipe

Grilled pumpkin lasagna I made last week with fresh grilled seasoned pumpkin slices, a bechamel sauce with roasted grated carrot, mushrooms and a ricotta mixture topped with cheese on Tinkyada Brown Rice Lasagna pasta noodles. Yummy!

Angela’s Kitchen is hosting this week’s Gluten-Free Menu Swap, with greens as the theme ingredient. Of course, I also love sharing my menus with Org Junkie. The DH requested hearty, European dishes this week… so, hearty European dishes he’ll get!

Vegetarian Tempeh Moussaka (Recipe POSTED)
Light salad
Basmati Rice

Wednesday:American Vegan
Leek and bean Cassoulet with GF Biscuits (Veganomicon p. 172- converted)

Saturday: Thai
Garlic Mushroom Pastries (Thai Vegetarian pg. 27, modified)
Jasmine Rice

Baked Good of the Week: gluten-free cinnamon walnut rolls, potato lefkes (time permitting)

Shopping list:
eggplants (2)
canned crushed tomatoes
soy “sausage” (Trader Joes)
leeks (2)
navy beans (canned)
rice vinegar
button mushrooms
firm tofu

This was a very special week with a
Daring Baker Gluten-free Vegan Pizza Post (with my own GF version of the pizza crust)
and a special Apple Cider Muffin recipe

I am on a serious baking kick, so prepare yourselves for lots of baked goods coming your way on the Book of Yum!

Here are some more vegetarian menus for inspiration:

Geeky Poets

The “dressing” of the week this week is actually more of a sauce. Lately, in an effort to get more protein into my diet I have been having a fried egg for breakfast. I had a mopey avocado remnant that nneeded using up as well as some yogurt that called my name and ended up in a tasty, easy sauce. Enjoy!

Avocado Yogurt Sauce Recipe
2 tbsp. yogurt
2 tbsp. avocado, mashed but with some texture left
1 tsp honey mustard
garlic seasoning (like McCormick freshly ground), to taste
Combine and enjoy on eggs or other dish where slightly tart, creamy sauce is desired.

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11 Responses to “Gluten Free Menu Swap and Meal Plan Monday: Avocado Yogurt Sauce Recipe”

  1. Can I come live with you? Your menu looks wonderful! Have a great week!

  2. I love the look of the dish. It might be something this lady will give a try.

  3. [...] at the Book of Yum will be eating well this week.  Vegetarian Moussaka, Garlic Mushroom Pastries, and American Vegan [...]

  4. Hi! I’m the host this week and I got you linked up. Thanks for sharing. That lasagna looks amazing!

  5. Trader Joe’s makes gluten-free soy sausage? how is it?

  6. Everything sounds wonderful! TFS

  7. Hi Shan- Well, the kitties might object to another resident, but you can come over for dinner anytime!

    Hi Rona- thanks! Let me know if you have any questions.

    Hi Angela- Thanks so much! So sorry I couldn’t figure out who was hosting- I couldn’t remember where the temp. headquarters are.

    Hi Dana- You know, it’s not half bad. I served it to my (ravenously carnivorous) Dad and he liked it! It’s quite spicy- a chorizo substitute. (GF and Veg, of course)

    Hi Sue, Thanks!


  8. Hi, Sea! The temp headquarters is at Gluten Free Goodness and the link is

  9. I bought some Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo last week and am looking forward to trying it! Need another kitty? I have some waiting in MI!

  10. Thank you for linking to my menu. I always love reading yours!

    I think I may have to try your Vegetarian Moussaka – I love tempeh and have some eggplant in the fridge.

    Have a great week!

  11. Your menu looks great! Tempeh is my favorite!

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