Gluten-free Menu Swap and Menu Plan Monday: September 15, 2008

This week’s gluten-free menu swap is hosted by Asparagus Thin and the theme ingredient is the PLANTAIN! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. My menu this week is inspired by Tomatofest, an heirloom tomato festival in Carmel, California that we attended this Sunday. Almost every day features beautiful heirloom tomatoes that I bought at the festival, and I’ll definitely share pictures of the successes! Don’t forget to check out the fun menu plans over at Org Junkie.

Monday: Farmer’s Market
Marguerita Heirloom tomato tart (inspired by this gluten-based recipe, but my version will be like a cross between a marguerita pizza and a tart- should be fun!)

Wednesday: Low-carb
Spaghetti Squash “macaroni and cheese” -modified with bean flour thickened sauce, garnished with heirloom tomatoes

Thursday: Italian
Mushroom risotto
Baked-fried heirloom tomatoes
with bean vinaigrette salad

Friday: Mexican
Corn tacos with homemade refried beans and heirloom tomato pico de gallo
and dehydrated plantains dessert (if I can find plantains and have time)

I have so many posts, and so little time to write them in! This week you can expect the start of a series on Gluten-Free Dining Adventures in Portland and Seattle, as well as a roundup of the last “Adopt-a-gluten-free-blogger Event” and an announcement of some exciting changes to the event.

Sorry, no dressing of the week this week, but stay tuned next week for a new, yummy and healthy yogurt based dressing!

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4 Responses to “Gluten-free Menu Swap and Menu Plan Monday: September 15, 2008”

  1. Mmmmm – looks like a delicious week. The tomato tart looks like a recipe that I have wanted to try. I’ve made “spaghetti” with spaghetti squash, but never turned it into mac & cheese. I’d love to hear how that turns out!

  2. That spaghetti squash recipe looks really good! I may give that a try for lunch:)

  3. tomatofest? man, I wish I still lived in CA. that sounds luscious.

  4. I am always looking for new spaghetti squash recipes! This sounds fantastic — thanks for sharing your yummy week!

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