Gluten Free Menu Swap: Menu of the Week

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday

This week, the theme ingredient for Gluten Free Menu Swap is the sweet, crisp autumnal APPLE, and the Swap is hosted by Mrs. G.F.

Monday: Italian
Chard and Polenta soup
with Spaghetti Cheese Bites

Tuesday: Chinese
Szechuan Pepper Green Beans
Vegetarian Ma Bo Do Fu (Chili Tofu Dish)
White rice

Wednesday: Vegetarian
Apple, onion, and feta Chickpea Soccas

Thursday: Italian
Homemade pumpkin ravioli with sage butter sauce and pecans
Greens and Grape Salad with Creamy Cabernet Dressing

Baked goods of the week:
Yummy bread, Chai grape Focaccia, Maple Brandy Apples

mpm5bmp.jpg cornmuffins.jpg

Coming Soon: Posts On the Drawing Board

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10 Responses to “Gluten Free Menu Swap: Menu of the Week”

  1. Sea, every night looks so good! I’m coming over to your house this week =) I hope all of these are going to be in a post eventually.

  2. looks really delicious this week. I love chickpeas. And grape foccacia sound really intriguing!

  3. This really does sound amazing! I would love to know how to make a spaghetti cheese bite!

  4. Your menu is full of things I’ve never heard of, I bet they’re great!

  5. Oh wow, homemade pumpkin ravioli? That sounds AMAZING!

  6. Ooh. Pumpkin Ravioli?? How do you do that? Would love the recipe if you could share it. The rest looks pretty yummy, too!

  7. This all sounds yummy! …Polenta soup, that sounds interesting. I like polenta, but never get it… may have to get some VERY soon!

  8. Hi Mary Frances- I usually post the best recipes of the week, so we’ll see how it goes. ;) Sometimes it’s a problem when I have too many good meals in a week- then I end up getting behind in my posting! haha… Come on over for dinner!

    Hi Miles, Thanks! The chickpea socca is made from chickpea flour and it’s really delicious. I’m eager to try this new topping idea. The grape focaccia does sound interesting- I’m curious about how it will turn out myself. Grapes are in season big time right now, so I want to take advantage of them.

    Hi Mamasutra, I will probably be posting the spaghetti cheese bite- it looks like a cool recipe!

    Hi Natalie- thanks! I hope they turn out and I manage to make them all.

    Hi KC- Yep, I’ve been in a serious homemade pasta mood. And since it’s pumpkin season…

    Hi Omery’s W- The filling is pumpkin and then the pasta is made from gluten free flours. It can be adapted if you are not gluten free. Should be tasty and seasonal!

    Hi mom C- Polenta is good stuff! I hope the soup turns out well. :)


  9. where did you get the recipe for Tuesday?

  10. Hi Stacey-
    The recipe for green beans will be a variation on my recipe for chinese peas. I’ll modify the Mabodofu recipe from one of my Chinese cookbooks to be gluten free and vegetarian. :)


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