Gluten Free Menu Swap: Menu Plan Monday


The Theme Ingredient for this week’s Gluten Free Menu Swap is… GREENS! and is hosted over at Gluten Free Cooking School.

potatochickpeacurrysamos.jpgMonday: Southern
Fried Green Heirloom Tomatoes
BBQ’d tofu
Slow Cooked Southern Greens
Corn Muffins
Vegetarian Gravy

Tuesday: Mexican
Fried Corn Tacos with bean filling, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese

Wednesday: Indian
Vegetable Pakora
Basmati Rice Pilaf

Thursday: Chinese
Gluten Free Vegetarian Potstickers
with rice
and dipping sauce

Friday: Korean
Dolsot Bibim Bap/ Bibbinba (Korean/Japanese) stone pot rice bowl with 4 kinds of sesame veggies including greens and egg
Simmered Chili Pot Tofu

Baked Goods of the week: Yummy Four Flour Bean Bread, Cherry Cake and Cranberry Tarts OR Cranberry Scones (decisions, decisions)

Posts on the Drawing Board:

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Gluten Free English Tea: Cranberry scones with Devonshire cream
Gluten-Free Travel in Europe: Making Gluten-Free Plans in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Austria
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Bette Hagman Memorial Project Update: Illness and grad student deadlines seriously delayed my completion of the Bette Hagman Memorial Project. But, at long last, the memorial booklet composed of blogger and fans’ tribute to Bette in both pictorial and prose form was compiled, decorated, and MAILED this last weekend. I have each page scanned so I will eventually create a virtual Memorial Booklet online so you can flip through the same book we sent Bette Hagman’s daughter Karol. Thank you to all who participated, and my apologies for the delay.

Local San Francisco News: Shauna the Gluten-Free Girl will be appearing at Crave Bakery in San Francisco on November 8th at 7:30 pm, and at Mariposa Bakery on Saturday November 10 at 1pm. She’s also having a swanky cocktail party at the Cav Wine Bar in San Francisco on Monday November 12th.

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5 Responses to “Gluten Free Menu Swap: Menu Plan Monday”

  1. I LOVED your themed dinner night idea!! A beautiful, well organized meal plan!

  2. Great minds think alike, I have scones coming up this week too… :) Scones and tacos. Quite a combo!! :)

  3. Nice menu and such a good variety!


  4. You always have the NEATEST menus Sea!! I’m jealous your family is so willing to try new and international dishes! I have to admit that your southern menu sounds really good to me!! Yum!! How do you make barbecued tofu?

  5. oo, i can’t wait to see your pakora and potsticker recipes! And this tofu looks awesome! I did a lot with barbecue sauce this summer, and discovered that making my own was sooo much yummier. now I have a new one to try! as always, thank you!

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