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Gluten-Free Prepared Pizza Review: Rustic Crust Wheat-Free Gluten-Free Pizza Review

Posted By yum On August 18, 2008 @ 9:27 pm In Ca, California, Dairy Free, Gluten Free Product Review, Pizza, yum of the week | 15 Comments


Windmill Market
301 The Alameda
San Juan Bautista, Ca. 95045

One of my favorite things to do is to scout out health food or gourmet food stores for new gluten-free products. You never know what you’ll find on a strange shelf, hidden among the gluten-filled goods. I’ve found some of my favorite gluten-free products on these grocery store explorations. Yesterday DH and I decided to drive South of Gilroy, California to go for a hike. On our way back we were hungry, and rather than braving an unknown restaurant, we decided to stop in the adorable Windmill Market in San Juan Bautista, California. I didn’t have very high expectations, to be honest, but the exterior was cute and somehow I had a feeling that there might be something worthwhile inside. Imagine my delight when first thing in the door I found a gluten-free Mariposa brownie bar lurking in with their baked goods. As we went through the store, I kept finding more gluten-free goodies. They had a good selection of gluten-free baking mixes like Pamela’s Pancake Mix and Cake mixes, as well as a stellar selection of Bumble Energy Bars and Larabars. I almost cried in the freezer case when I found gluten-free Kinnikinnick vanilla donuts, gluten-free Azna Cinnamon Rolls, and even a gluten-free artisanal bread. [2]However, the real star of the trip for me was the new Gluten-free Napoli Herb Old World Rustic Crust, in a sealed plastic bag in the Italian food section. It wasn’t frozen, it wasn’t refrigerated- and it actually looked like a gluten crust. This all-natural, dairy-free crust had the following description…

We hand-knead fresh parsley, basil and roasted garlic into our artisanal dough to deliver perfectly blended flavor in every bite.

I was given pause by the fact that they also make a gluten-based crust, but i resolved to check online to see if I could find out anything about their manufacturing process. I crossed my fingers and bought the crust. My bet paid off. When I checked the Rustic Crust web page [3] it blankly states that the gluten-free crust is “made in the USA in a gluten free facility.” Music to my ears. Anyway, I made off with my crust and used it the very next day in a delicious Marguerita Pizza. (Topped with some organic, heirloom Tigerella tomatoes grown on my very own balcony, I might add. YUM!)

DH’s verdict? “Hey, this is as good as pre-made gluten-crust!” Yup. It was a hit. I liked it a lot myself- and thought that it was one of the few pre-made gluten-free crusts that I would actually buy again, if I can find it closer to our area. Tasty and so easy! If your local store [4] doesn’t carry it you can also buy it through them directly [5], if you don’t mind paying shipping. These dairy-free crusts are a real find, and I’ll definitely seek them out in my local stores. (C’mon Whole Foods, don’t let me down!) The only catch is- they do contain soy flour AND soy oil so are not suitable for those with soy intolerance. If you can do soy, though, they are tasty little crusts and I highly recommend them! *Update: This formula also contains EGGS, but apparently they are working on an egg-free version, so stay tuned. :) (See comments for more info on this.)

Is it me or has there been an explosion of new, high-quality gluten-free products on the market lately? I’ve found so many new products lately I’m stuck in perpetual happy-dancing mode. What is YOUR favorite gluten-free product find? Share in the comments!

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