Gluten-free Vegan Indian Quinoa Vegetable Pulao

Many of you will have seen my earlier recipe where I discovered quinoa is wonderful in Indian rice recipes. That easy-to-transport Indian quinoa recipe is still a winner in my book, and I make it regularly. But it occurred to me that if quinoa translates so well in that Indian rice recipe, it would be likely to be the perfect ingredient for others as well. Today I found myself with time on my hands, and nerves to calm. We’re trying to buy a house, you see, and house purchases are so full of ups and downs it seems you need the tranquility of a Zen monk to traverse them with equanimity. I never claimed to be calm, patient, or tranquil, and so I’ve found the whole process extremely trying. Anyway. So, there I was, twitching, looking for a cooking project. I also had something of a yen for Indian food, if you’ll pardon the mixed imagery. I did a search for one of my favorite Indian culinary goddesses, Manjula, in order to find her very yummy toor dal recipe. While I was there, I thought I might check out some of her rice recipes to see if she had any ideas that I could use for a new quinoa dish. Being the amazing chef she is, I found ideas aplenty, and ended up creating this riff on her Vegetarian Rice Pulao Recipe. I don’t usually like watching videos for the recipes, but Manjula makes me feel like a favorite (Indian) auntie is sharing her culinary secrets with me and I just adore her and her delicious recipes too. I hope you enjoy getting to know Manjula, and you enjoy this quinoa recipe that was inspired by her as well.

This post is an entry for Gluten-free Wednesdays and Meatless Mondays

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Gluten Free Vegan Indian Quinoa Vegetable Pulao Recipe
1 cup raw quinoa rice, cooked in rice cooker with 2 cups water

3 tablespoons of canola and/or mustard oil
2 teaspoon cumin seeds, divided
1 medium size diced potato, sweet potato, jicama, or rutabaga (or leave out)
1 large carrot, cut into a large dice
1 cup chopped cauliflower florets
1 cup frozen green peas
2 tsp- 1 tbsp. thin slices of semi-spicy chilies
1 tablespoon chopped ginger
1 teaspoon salt

1-2 tablespoon oil
2 bay leaves
1/2 cinnamon stick
2 cloves
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 tsp. turmeric

1/2 fresh lemon or lime
1 medium tomato, chopped and sprinkled with salt (optional)
fresh cilantro, for garnish

Heat oil in your wok on high to medium-high. (My stove is really hot, so I have to turn it down to medium/medium high to avoid burning.) When hot, add 1 tsp of your cumin seeds and let them start to pop. Add your potato (or potato substitute) and mix into the cumin, letting it brown slightly. Add your carrot and follow with your cauliflower florets. Mix together and let surface of florets begin to brown. Add your peas, mix, and then add chilies and ginger. Sprinkle generously with salt and let brown further. When it seems almost done (think al dente), make a well in the middle of the wok and add at least a tablespoon more of oil. When it is hot add your bay leaves, cinnamon stick, remaining teaspoon of cumin seed, and cloves. Let them sizzle and then add your quinoa, mixing in thoroughly and sprinkling with additional salt. Let flavors permeate the dish. Add your turmeric and fold into the quinoa. Turn off heat and let dish sit for a few minutes. To serve, squeeze lemon or lime juice onto the pulao, and garnish with tomato and cilantro.

Serve with a delish dal!

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10 Responses to “Gluten-free Vegan Indian Quinoa Vegetable Pulao”

  1. Sea, that looks delicious. I love all the colors and flavors in it. Thanks for joining Gluten-Free Wednesdays this week.

  2. What a fabulous take on pulau! I’ve had it with rice but would never have thought to use quinoa. . . must give this a try!

  3. Oh, wow, that looks good. I wish I could say that cooking calmed my nerves. Dinner time has been a little crazy. My kids and I are still trying to adjust to the new school year, homework, and after-school activities. When I do calm down, I’m going to have to give this a try.

  4. I have been so drawn to Indian cooking the past few years and I think it is partly that calming process of cooking the various spices first and the whole ‘ritual’ aspect of the cooking. There is also that lovely auntie effect that I first experienced with the extras on Bend it Like Beckham when Gurinder Chadha cooks with her mom and aunties. Your quinoa twist to the recipe sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing the video link. I do love to watch people cooking in real home kitchens. Stay calm.

  5. I love fresh vegetables with quinoa! Adding a little cumin and cilantro is perfect.

  6. Nothing beats a good Indian-style meal. I think it’s all the strong flavors that keeps me coming back for more. This recipe looks amazing. Thanks for sharing. I’m definitely going to be trying this one out. :-)

  7. T his is a wonderful dish with color, flavor and texture. Thanks for sharing it with us on My Meatless Mondays.

  8. Oh YUM is putting it lightly – this looks awesome! :-)

  9. This recipe has been highlighted as one of the year’s best contributions.

  10. This looks yummy! It’s off to a slow start, but you should consider sharing this further on the Decidedly Healthy or Horridly Decadent Saturday Picture Linky

    Older posts that fit the theme are welcome.

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