Happy Easter 2011 from the Book of Yum

This year wasn’t Baby Yum’s first Easter, but it felt a bit like one because it was the first time she could truly participate in holiday festivities. We went to community Easter Egg Hunts, colored Easter eggs and decorated them, and had an Easter Egg hunt at home in our backyard for her. I enjoyed every minute of it, and I think she did too. Here are some images of our eggs, made from turmeric, cabbage (I think it was radicchio, actually- I recommend red cabbage), and beets, white wine vinegar and water. They are pretty and I think making the dye yourself is not only a lot more fun than using the tablets in the egg coloring kits, but a lot healthier too, especially if you plan on eating the eggs after the decorating fun.

Naturally Dyed Easter Egg
1 quart water +2 tbsp white vinegar

Color Elements:
Blue: Red Cabbage, 4 cups
Yellow: 3 tbsp turmeric

You Can also try the following color elements:
4 cups onion skins (12 onions)
4 cups chopped Beets
1 quart strong coffee, no water

To make each dye, bring water, vinegar, and color element to a boil, lower the heat, simmer 30 min and strain dye. You can boil eggs with dye or cold dip, for 5 seconds up to overnight, and dry on wire wrap. For Turmeric, you can just add the powder to hot water without boiling it.

Deep yellow- soak eggs in turmeric for a long time
Teal- Soak eggs in turmeric solution for 30 minutes and then cabbage soak for 5 seconds.
Bright Blue- Soak eggs in cabbage solution overnight (or just for a long time)

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