Happy Halloween: Pumpkin, Flying Bat, and Scaredy Cat Ra

ra3.jpgRa, the executive editor of Book of Yum, would like to wish you a very Happy Halloween. He tried on a variety of costumes, including a fearsome BAT visage and, in line with his orange fur which lends itself nicely to posing as a roly poly pumpkin, a kitty Jack-O-Lantern. But holding that yawn… I mean, bat snarl… just took too much effort. And while the pumpkin thing was cute, he didn’t want you all to think he was just a couch appendage, even if he DOES spend 90% of his life napping on said couch. So, he decided to “dress up” as a sweet, innocent SCAREDY CAT for his costume this year. Pretty good costume, don’t you think?

ra2.jpg ra1.jpg

To get you in the mood, here are some
Gluten Free Pumpkin Recipes from Gluten Free Blog
A Gluten Free Chocolate Pumpkin Cake Recipe from Gluten Free Mommy

Worried about your gluten free goblins Trick Or Treating?
Try this Gluten Free Candy List for 2007 brought to you by the Yahoo SillyYaks Group.

Have a safe and delicious gluten-free Halloween!

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9 Responses to “Happy Halloween: Pumpkin, Flying Bat, and Scaredy Cat Ra”

  1. this is too funny Sea!! I love it!!! My cats are my treasures… They are such good company! I’m so glad my hubbie is a cat lover! I’m planning on trying GF Mommy’s cake sometime soon! It sounds so delicious!! Cute cute cute post!!!

  2. What a cute cat! Aww, I love it!

  3. Your kitty is EXTREMELY cute.

  4. FUN post, Sea. =)

    Thanks for the links and the levity.

    Perfect way to break away from the door bell for a bit. =)

  5. Awwwwww! Such a cute cat!
    The links are good too!

  6. Thank you guys! Yes, he’s my sweet baby and I love him to pieces. My other cat is a cutie pie too- maybe next year he can be the star of Halloween. ;) Happy holidays, all!


  7. LOVE the ravioli recipes. I was just looking at my pasta roller and thinking, sadly, that I should give it away since I’d never use it again. Now I think I”ll wash it up and make some gf pasta this weekend! Of course, washing it…might have to boil it or something to be safe?

  8. Hi Gaile,
    Thanks! If you have a metal pasta maker, I’m afraid it’s probably a lost cause- they are prone to rusting and so if you wash it there might be issues. On the plus side, you can fairly easily find a pasta machine for around $20 as long as you don’t want a mixer attachment.


  9. Sea, First of all, thank you for visiting my blog. Secondly, this shud be yr DMBLGiT entry :D. Hes cute, original, aesthetically pleasing.. What else you want?
    You should have guessed by now, I am a *cat fanatic*.

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