Help, Dear Readers! Our First Poll…

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One enjoyable aspect of having a food blog is having the opportunity to enter blog events. If you have a food blog and would like to meet some new people and hopefully get some new readers, there’s almost nothing better than participating in (or hosting) a blog event. Most blog events don’t really come with prizes, or fame- just the opportunity for others to see your work. One exception is the regular event, “Does My Blog Look Good in This,” or DMBLGIT for short. There’s no money in it, of course. But if you take a really, really pretty picture, you just might get a cute little virtual award that you can place on your site. It’s silly, of course- but I’ve met some really great people and stumbled across some great new blogs by taking part in some of these things. Right now DMBLGIT is calling for October entries. In the past I’ve just picked my personal favorite photo and entered it. But this month I am plagued with indecision. Won’t you, won’t you, help me select one? Please post the number of your favorite photo in the comments, and I’ll enter whichever one wins the most votes. I’m considering entering one of the photos above. Hover your mouse over the photo for its number, or count from the top left corner from 1-5. If there’s some other photo you like even better that I posted in the month of October, comment on that post and I’ll add it to this list. I just thought it would be fun to make this a group project, and I love comments… hint hint!

The judges are looking at the following elements:
Aesthetics- meaning composition, food styling, lighting, focus, etc.
Edibility- meaning “Does the photo make us want to die to try and eat the food?”
Originality- the photograph that catches our attention and makes us want to say “Wow!” because it displays something we might not have seen before
Overall Winner- the photograph encompasses all of the three previous categories: the best in Aesthetics, Edibility and Originality.

Also, it would be fun if those of you with your own blogs entered as well- we could do a gluten-free sweep and show people gluten-free food can be just as beautiful as gluten-filled food! Let’s hear it for gluten-free solidarity! Yeah! (or Wheat-Free/Vegetarian/blogger solidarity! I’m not picky.)

PS I promise the next post will contain RECIPES! I’ve been a bit distracted with preparation for a presentation, sorry guys…

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9 Responses to “Help, Dear Readers! Our First Poll…”

  1. You astound me with how much work goes into this blog. Clearly you put the same amount of effort into everything you do, which is amazing given how hard you work at our schoolin’. My vote goes to photo one. In part because it’s awesome but also because you seem to be getting a glare off the white plates in some of the others. Number three would be my runner up.

  2. I’m voting for number five because I love the leaves in the background. The cute little fish are tempting though and I do believe we’ll be having them soon.

  3. Bah! I’m hungry just looking at those pictures, Sea!
    Ok.. I agree with ALL of Fat Louie’s comments completely – as well as the votes. I really like the blue plate contrasts – gorgeous!

  4. My vote goes for number five, because I like the slightly sideways angle on the photo, but also because I like the white plates (I know, you can’t please everyone!) and I want to eat it … now, please.

  5. Let me reiterate, in case the glaring plates was too strong, that I think the first photo is awesome and all the food looks great. Shutting up now.

  6. Has to be number 1!!! They all look great, but the first image just looks absolutely lovely.

  7. heh heh, no worries F. Louie. The challenge with the “fish stick” photo was making all the food elements show up as crisp and distinct. To do that, the plates ended up quite white. I just liked the fishies. ;)

    Funny thing- #1 isn’t my favorite. I do love that blue plate- it photographs beautifully, but to my mind the turnovers themselves don’t look quite as toothsome as they could. I do like the color combination (cranberry and sapphire). I’m rooting for 3 or 5, but it’s in your guys’ hands! haha.


  8. OR, you may want to consider your ravioli shot… that picture just about made me drool :)

  9. Hi Jess! Thanks for the comments AND your vote. heh heh.

    I like the ravioli shot too, but for DMBLGIT they run the contest a month AFTER the post, so for this run, only photos I took in October are eligible. I will definitely consider the ravioli for next month’s contest, though. Thanks!

    I’m gonna get vain here, you guys! *blush*


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