I’ve Been Tagged by GlutenFreeKatie

Oh no! I totally forgot about that meme thing!

How embarrassing! Katie from GlutenFreeKatie tagged me for this meme all the way back in February. And… I have been so busy that I didn’t get to it until May. (And, let’s be honest, I’m just barely squeaking in at the end of May.) I thought it was sweet of her to think of me, so I’m going to swallow my shame and complete the darned thing. Here Goes. Oh, by the way, I did one of these before- a meme called 8 random facts. Since this is a “seven things” meme it should be that much easier, right? Right? Oh dear.

This is the rule of 7:
1. i must link the tagger to my blog and list the rules;
2. i must share 7 weird bits about myself
3. 7 new bloggerites must be tagged and must be made aware with a comment in their blog.

Hmmm… seven weird things about me. Let’s see how eclectic I can be with this.

1. I’m a language junkie. I have studied Spanish, Japanese (modern, classical, and a form using all Chinese characters called Kanbun), Chinese (modern Mandarin and classical), and reading French. Before you get too impressed, let me just say that Japanese is the only language that I can use in interesting or useful ways. Pretty much the only thing I can do with my Spanish is ask how someone is and where the kitchen is. muy mal, no? If I had time I’d love to pick up a bit of Korean, and I’d also like to do a refresher in Chinese. It’s been a long, long time since I took it in college.

2. I’m a sucker for romantic comedies and Star Trek and/or sci-fi. Surprised?

3. My favorite thing to do in college was dance all night and eat coffee ice cream. Yup, I was a wild child.

4. I’m an academic, or working on being one, anyway. I’ve just finished my coursework in a PhD program and am just about to start studying for exams until my eyeballs bleed. Oh, good times ahead. I am in a religious studies department and I focus on modern/contemporary Japanese religion and I am interested in rituals. Weird enough for you? haha.

5. I have a thing for boys with goatees. I think it all goes back to my days at an uber-liberal arts college in the rainy Northwest. If by chance he’s holding an espresso in one hand and a volume of Kant in the other hand, then it’s all over. If you hadn’t noticed, the DH has a goatee. ;)

6. Seven is a lot, isn’t it?
6. My thumb isn’t especially green, but I love to grow organic heirloom tomatoes on my balcony every summer. I name all the plants and yes, have been known to talk to them (but only if they look mopey). Scared yet?

7. I hate jazz music, tap dancing, and clowns. Is that wrong? I really did give all three a fair shot. Please don’t ever take me to a show featuring clowns tap dancing to jazz music unless you want to see me go absolutely bonkers.

Ooh, and now I get to pick people to participate in this here meme:

1. Manda at Asparagus Thin
2. Jacki at Cooking Illustrated
3. The Good Eatah at the same
4. Cheryl with Gluten Free Goodness AT GFandHealthy.com
5. The Gluti Girls
6. Becky at Radish Boy
7. Thomas at GFCF Experience

Dear bloggers,
If you don’t have time to participate, no worries. I deliberately picked some GF blogs that I have only recently discovered in the hopes of getting to know some new (to me) bloggers better. Well, except for you, Thomas. I’ve known you for a while now but would still enjoy reading your meme. I hope to read all of your fun, weird facts soon!

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6 Responses to “I’ve Been Tagged by GlutenFreeKatie”

  1. I feel like I SHOULD like jazz music but I just don’t. I do love boys with goatees though….


    ps – the new look is fabulous!

  2. I talk (and sing) to my plants too, but only one has a name this year. Thanks for the tag, I’ll have to start thinking!

  3. oh, and the name of my blog is gluten free goodness =)

  4. I miss the eggplants, but I do like the tomato look!

    I’m interested in how many people with some interest in/connection to Japan end up with GF blogs (or at least blog with an awareness to GF issues). The Science Teacher studied in Japan several times, and my appreciation of Japanese food comes from him. In any case, I always especially enjoy your east asian-inspired dishes!

    I’m a language junkie myself, though my taste tends to the Slavics. Thanks for sharing!

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