Kale Week: Tahini Kale Chip Recipe and Dehydrator review

And so, Kale week continues! We started this event with a fun recipe for Sweet Onion Balsamic dried Kale Chips, and then I shared a review for pre-made kale chips, in case you didn’t want to bother making your own. And now, to wrap things up, I’m including a Tahini un-cheese, nut-free Kale Chip Recipe for you to enjoy. I’m also hosting a fun Mr. Linky with links to other Gluten-free kale recipes. To join, just click the link at the bottom of this post. Rules? Where we’re going we don’t need rules- except, well, you have to link a kale RECIPE* and add a link to this post on YOUR post. So I guess there are rules. Oops. Maybe I need to pick my quotations more carefully.

Ok, you got me. I’m a rule-girl, but only because I want this post and Mr. Linky to celebrate the joy that is kale. Old posts are ok, and multiple posts are ok; just add a link to this post to your post!

*No reviews or unrelated links please. If you have a kale product review comment on my Kale chip post and I’ll add you.

Speaking of kale, one of my favorite ways to prepare it is in the dehydrator. People ask me all the time which dehydrator I use. Let me introduce you to my friend, Mr. Nesco.**

I have the Nesco 700-Watt Round Food Dehydrator. The DH bought it for me for my birthday two years ago, as we were expecting Baby Yum. Shortly thereafter we moved and then had Baby Yum and I was far too busy and, I might add, intimidated by said device, to use it. It lived in our storage shed for quite some time, nestled in with our suitcases and holiday decorations. Oops. The DH was not happy with me, to say the least. I knew I would use it someday, though. I just needed to get over my reluctance to read the manual and figure out how the thing worked. But when I finally did get the courage to use the thing (two years later), I couldn’t figure out what had taken me so long. The dehydrator couldn’t be simpler. You pick your dehydrating temperature, put your food in the racks and plug it in. Take food out when it has achieved the desired texture. Cleaning the racks is a bit of a pain. My dishwasher is always far too busy to use for dehydrator racks, so I have to do them by hand, which I hate. I don’t trust my sink to be clean enough for food that won’t be superheated, so I take them to our shower and hose them down there. Not ideal. I’m thinking of having the DH put in an additional utility sink in our garage where I can do special hand wash. Now that would be useful.

So, I have the round Nesco and like it. But, truth be told, if I’d shopped a little later, I would have bought the Square-Shaped Nesco after it came out on Amazon. Square is a nicer shape for raw flatbreads, like you can make with recipes from the I am Grateful cookbook, and you can line it with parchment paper more easily. You can line the round one with parchment, but cutting it to shape is a nuisance. If you read the reviews on Amazon (click on the pictures of the respective dehydrator) people like the square one as much as (or more) than the round one. Both have very positive reviews, though. One more plus of the square dehydrator is that you can get more on the square trays than the round trays. *yippee* Unfortunately I guess I’ll be using a round one until it bites the dust. Guess I’ll have to use it a lot to speed up the process!

**I didn’t get anything free for writing this, more’s the pity. I just thought I’d talk about it here rather than trying to cram a good response in 140 characters on Twitter. ;)

I shared this post with Gluten-free Wednesday.

Gluten-free Kale Recipe Carnival:

Tahini un-cheesey Dehydrated Kale Chip Recipe
1/2 large bunch of kale or 1 small bunch of kale, deveined.

1/4 cup tahini
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
2 tsp coconut aminos or gluten-free tamari
1 tsp. liquid mustard
2 tbsp. diced sweet peppers (yellow, red or orange)- I used two mini sweet peppers
Enough water to form a smooth sauce that can be drizzled

Special equipment: dehydrator, food processor or sturdy blender

Rinse your kale and then spin dry in a salad spinner or press dry between clean towels.

Combine sauce ingredients in a food processor or blender and combine until everything is smooth. Add water as needed so that the sauce can be drizzled or poured.

Put your kale leaves in a medium or large bowl and drizzle with the sauce, massaging into the leaves. Put the seasoned kale on two or three racks of a dehydrator and dehydrate at 115F for around four hours or until you have completely dry, crunchy chips.

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19 Responses to “Kale Week: Tahini Kale Chip Recipe and Dehydrator review”

  1. I love the idea of a square dehydrator. I have a big, clunky, round one that I am now going to have to get out to make kale chips. I’ve just started making them in the oven, but would love to see how the dehydrator works. I linked to all my kale recipes. There is lasagna, smoothies, potato cakes, and lentils and kale.

  2. I just recently got a dehydrator (an Excalibur, which is square) and I love it! I’ve only made kale chips once, but I just bought more dinosaur kale for more kale chips. I linked up my kale salad recipe. Sadly, my blog does not represent just how much I really eat kale. One of my favorite veggies.

  3. Mm mmm mmm! My favorite vegetable. I just made something amazing the other night by sauteeing diced chicken breasts, kale, cannelini & butter beans, onions, garlic, red bell pepper and a can of pureed tomatoes w/ some white wine added. Amazing and so good on the brown rice couscous.

    Some kale favorites

    http://glutenfreebay.blogspot.com/2007/01/polenta-lasagna-with-feta-and-kale.html (i posted this on food.com and it got fantastic reviews. it’s addictive. i serve it at parties, people can’t get enough)


    http://glutenfreebay.blogspot.com/2007/11/kale-ricotta-stuffed-giant-shells-and.html (so popular in my family, as shells and also as ziti. great way to hide vegs from kids!)

    http://glutenfreebay.blogspot.com/2006/10/eggs-kale-parmesan.html (This is killer. can’t believe i haven’t made it in so long)

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  5. One of my most favorite recipes for kale, aside from chips is Kale Butter in the Engine Type 2 Diet by Rip Esseltyn. I’d say it’s a dip really or spread as I put in on my Van’s GFVegan waffles for breakfast in the morning, or with carrot/celery sticks. It’s so easy and it rocks! He’s got some very easy and great recipes in his plant-based cookbook.

  6. Can you believe I just bought my son that Nesco round dehydrator, but I don’t have one yet? He’s loving it. I bought it because Kelly (Spunky Coconut) recommended it, plus the other reviews were great and $59 is a great price. I didn’t know about the square version though. Hmmm, that might be the one I get!

    I linked up a smoothie. That is my #1 way to use kale. Most of the time I don’t have a recipe. I just like throwing big leaves of kale in with things like a banana, pears, coconut water, spinach, etc. Great roundup, Sea! Like I said before, I love the idea of sweet onion kale chips. :-)


  7. How I adore kale!! :D I know you said “no rules,” but can we use older, already posted recipes? And can we add more than one? I see “kale” and get very excited. ;)

    And your kale chips look divine!! I tend to make mine in my oven these days (I can set it at 115 F), but your dehydrator is way cool (or should that be “barely warm”?). Glad it’s working out.

    Oh–and is twitter 250 characters now???

  8. Hi Wendy- Great, thank you!

    Alta- I know what you mean. I was surprised at how few kale recipes I had on my blog, too. The Excalibur looks interesting. I considered it when I bought mine. Maybe someday I’ll try it!

    Tovah- All those recipes sound great. I’m enjoying seeing everyone’s recipes. This will give me lots of ideas for using the kale in my fridge!

    Marty- Interesting. I hadn’t heard of that cookbook; I’ll have to check it out.

    Shirley- Yes, the Nesco is really reasonably priced. Probably why I went with it back then. (I picked it out and then the DH “ordered” it, haha.) I haven’t tried Kale smoothies but it sounds like a good way to get greens into the diet easily.

    Ricky- Older, already posted recipes are perfect! Just add a link to this post to those old posts, please. Add as many as you like! The point is to collect a bunch of great kale recipes in one place, and the more the merrier.

    Thanks for the reminder about Twitter *cough cough*- I’ve never been numerically inclined. I fixed that, uh, typo. ;)


  9. Great, thanks, Sea! I just added a link. :)

  10. Great review! I’ve had my eye on that square dehydrator for a couple months now, just saving the money for it. #1 on my list of things to make in it is kale chips :)

  11. Mr Nesco lives here too – the round one. I use it for dehydrating cherries, plums (although we’ve since gotten rid of the ill plum tree w/ a new peach tree), and also made great fruit leather with pear and apple purees. My dried roma tomatoes appeared to come out ok but I found some of them molding in the fridge a few weeks later so I must not have dried them enough.

    I’ve read about kale chip recipes but have yet to try one. We’ve been getting kale weekly in our CSA share but I usually just boil it and then chop and season w/ garlic, butter, salt & pepper. My favorite recipe so far is the Chicago Stuffed Pizza I made w/ 2 bunches of kale. My blog talks about the 1st attempt but my 2nd attempt used a lot more cheese, skipped the sausage and was heavenly.


    Another yummy recipe is braised leeks & kale w/ parmesan. Really decadent!

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  13. I have a bottom-tier dehydrator from Goodwill that I’ve never used. I’m gearing up to try it out, though! I don’t know if it will be super frustrating because of the various things that make it bottom-tier quality – I’m hoping since it’s my first time dehydrating I won’t know the difference!

    I wanted to add a kale recipe to your round-up, but I keep getting an error page from the Linky process. I’ll try to remember to try again tomorrow!

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  16. [...] recipe has been added to roundup of kale recipes over at Book of Yum, one of my favorite GF (mostly) vegan [...]

  17. Have not tried to dehydrate my favorite Lacinato kale (dinosaur) in my Excalibur, but use dino kale for a ‘green drink’ with 3 large leaves, 1 fuji apple (cored), 1/2″ piece of peeled ginger root, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp Vit C crystals, 1/8 tsp turmeric and 1/2 cup water in a blender and then strained thru a nut milk mesh bag or I use a Green Star juicer adding the water later. I buy only organic Lacinato kale, peel the apples if not organic and have never tried curly kale.

  18. Wonderful to find so many KALE fans.

  19. [...] to try?  The big round up of kale love on Book of Yum:  Almond Butter Sauce Kale Chips, Vegan Un-Cheese Tahini Kale Chips, and Raw Balsamic Onion Kale Chips (yes, please!).  I can’t [...]

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