Leftovers Made Yummy: Indian Cauliflower Turnovers


In my last post, I told you about the cauliflower curry dish that I made from a Moosewood cookbook that was fair, but not something I’d make again. cauliflowerknishestall.jpgWhen I cook, I tend to make enough for lots of leftovers- I like to use my leftovers for breakfast, lunch, or possibly freeze them for a future dinner. I didn’t think cauliflower would freeze well, but I was not inspired to eat several pounds of cauliflower curry with rice for the next couple of meals. So, I decided to go sneaky and reincarnate my recipe for potato samosa into a recipe for a Cauliflower Samosa! I used my cauliflower curry recipe as filling for the samosas, and enjoyed a tasty, easy brunch. The crust took my mind away from the cauliflower, and unlike recipes with watery or cheese based filling, the dry cauliflower curry didn’t stress out the dough and it all stayed nicely in its little dough pocket. Yay! I do so love chebe as a savory pastry- but I see it in my future as the base for a sweet apple pie turnover as well… Coming soon to a blog near you…

indianmeal2.jpg indianmeal.jpg

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  1. [...] You will note that homemade gluten free crackers rate a 6 on the scale, two points above my point of resistance. Pie crust is generally a 4. Well, luckily, I find Chebe dough so easy to work with that when I make recipes using it, I have to knock things down a point or so on the scale. I will cheerfully roll out dough for perogies/ knishes out of Chebe like nobody’s business, because it’s extremely supple and forgiving dough that is practically fun to work with. It’s even a weekday dish, rather than just a weekend, because I find it so easy to work with. But you won’t find me making pie out of normal pie crust on the weekday, no sir. It’s just too much hassle! Given this, yesterday when I felt the urge to bake, I found myself doing one of the more unlikely baking projects- making Chebe goldfish crackers! I make crackers extremely rarely, but they are worth the effort when I finally do it. My favorites are Rebecca Reilly’s gluten free graham crackers and Bette Hagman’s various crackers, but don’t ask me the last time I made them. Anyway, I kept hearing people say they made crackers out of chebe, and I was finally so curious I had to try it for myself. I took a recipe from Chebe’s recipe page and adapted it slightly, adding garlic powder for additional flavor, and dusting the baking tin with cornmeal for additional crunch and to make it easier to remove the crackers from the pan. They were surprisingly easy to make, and my fish cookie cutter worked very well, although it created more of a “whale” sized cracker rather than a little fish sized cracker. (I can’t imagine making hundreds of little fish crackers, I think I’d go buggy!) I only made up half of the recipe, and the other half of the dough is reserved in my refrigerator (I have an idea about tart cups, hmmm…), but I had a very nice little stack of crackers when I was done. The crackers themselves were very tasty, with the characteristic tapioca chebe flavor and good crunch and flavor. Like most Chebe products, unless you bake them until really crispy, they would be best reheated in the oven like (unlike chebe pizza or knishes). So, if you’re feeling slightly ambitious in the kitchen and want some cheesy gluten free crackers with more personality than little bland circles, why not make your own fish or whale shaped crackers? Or, how about seasonal crackers- I think pumpkin, bats, goblins and ghost crackers would be pretty darned cute, myself. [...]

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