Leftovers Made Yummy: Indian Cauliflower Turnovers


In my last post, I told you about the cauliflower curry dish that I made from a Moosewood cookbook that was fair, but not something I’d make again. cauliflowerknishestall.jpgWhen I cook, I tend to make enough for lots of leftovers- I like to use my leftovers for breakfast, lunch, or possibly freeze them for a future dinner. I didn’t think cauliflower would freeze well, but I was not inspired to eat several pounds of cauliflower curry with rice for the next couple of meals. So, I decided to go sneaky and reincarnate my recipe for potato samosa into a recipe for a Cauliflower Samosa! I used my cauliflower curry recipe as filling for the samosas, and enjoyed a tasty, easy brunch. The crust took my mind away from the cauliflower, and unlike recipes with watery or cheese based filling, the dry cauliflower curry didn’t stress out the dough and it all stayed nicely in its little dough pocket. Yay! I do so love chebe as a savory pastry- but I see it in my future as the base for a sweet apple pie turnover as well… Coming soon to a blog near you…

indianmeal2.jpg indianmeal.jpg

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