Menu of the Week

calciyumsalad.jpgMonday: Vegan
Dairy Free Soy Free Vegan Spinach Pie (for Karina)
Heirloom Tomato Tasting Platter

Tuesday: Vegetarian Cajun
Vegetarian Gumbo with Spicy Corn Muffins (BH)

Homemade idli (fermented rice cakes) and organic tomato chutney
Sambhar Soup

Thursday: Japanese
Fried Tofu balls, kabocha salad, Onigiri

Friday-Tuesday ROAD TRIP!

Baked Goods: Raspberry Cheesecake with pecan cookie crust, Biscotti


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3 Responses to “Menu of the Week”

  1. Those fried tofu balls sound delish! And I still have to try the Vegan Spinach pie. The kids won’t eat it for sure, but I think it sounds devine. Have a fun and safe road trip!

  2. ohh, cheesecake this week. Everything looks so delicious!!

  3. Hi ChupieandJsmama! Thanks for coming by. The spinach pie was yummy- I’ll be posting a recipe soon.

    Hi And Miles To Go… Yup, I see cheesecake in my future. I’m wondering if it’s possible to freeze cheesecake though- don’t think DH and I can polish off a whole one all by ourselves.


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