Gluten Free Menu Swap: Menu of the Week

crispytacos.jpgOk- I admit it, last week didn’t go exactly as planned. I got struck with a horrid earache- went to the doctor (very rare for me) and ended up spending the last part of the week flat on my couch in total misery. So, um, some of these menu items may look a little familiar. Sorry!

It’s too bad some of these menu items were carried over from last week, ’cause I’m actually participating in Gluten Free Mommy’s Gluten-Free Menu Swap as well as Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday. What a busy little menu! Check out both of these fabulous sites and all the menus connected to them- love all those creative menu ideas floating in the blogosphere.

Monday: Mediterranean
Spinach Pie

Tuesday: Thai
Veggie Pad Thai with fresh basil, aw yeah!

Wednesday: Vegan
Curried Sweet Potato Soup
Rice pilaf

Thursday: Mexican
Grilled veggie quesadilla with smoky chipotle sauce and mustard

Baked goods of the week:
brownies and homemade GF sesame bread served with basil dipping oil

Coming Soon: Posts On the Drawing Board

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Whole Foods Product Reviews



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7 Responses to “Gluten Free Menu Swap: Menu of the Week”

  1. ooh, you always have the best meal plan!! Delicious!

  2. Amazing looking menu! Do you have a recipe for veggie pad thai?

  3. Your sesame bread with basil dipping oil sounds great!

  4. It seems we will be be eating the same lunch today!
    I hope you are well enough this week to enjoy your lovely meals.

  5. [...] Seamaiden’s Gluten Free Menu at Book of Yum She is making a Veggie Pad Thai with fresh basil. [...]

  6. i can’t wait for your spinach pie recipe!! that’s about the only way my husband will eat it!! I know what you mean about getting of your weekly plan… sometimes it just happens! I hope you feel much better this week!!

  7. Mmmmmm! That looks like a spectacular menu!


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